How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

Have you delivered your first baby just a few days back? Well, first of all, congratulations. Perhaps, right now you are here, not because you want some tips off to take care of your newborn. It’s because, just after your bundle of joy has arrived, your hair is falling out like heck.

Isn’t it? Relax; there is no need to worry about. Some people think that the sudden outbreak is because of the side effects of the medicines you had during your pregnancy. However, this not the main reason behind the same. How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy?

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Reasons for postpartum hair loss. This condition is medically known as Telogen Effluvium (postpartum hair loss). To add to your knowledge, it is a natural phenomenon and as many as 50 percent of women suffer from it. You might be thinking – why? Well, blame the entire thing on your hormones. During pregnancy, they go high and prevent your silky strands from falling down, leaving them luscious and thick as never.

Once your baby has stepped into this world, these hormones retain their pre-pregnancy amounts and make your hair fall all at once. However, where are problems, there are solutions too. Are you losing hair after giving birth? Here are some easy remedies that will help you prevent hair loss after pregnancy.

Avoid hairstyles that demand your hair to be pulled

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How to stop the hair falling out after pregnancy? Let your hair flow loosely. Avoid hairstyles like ponytails and braids. Tight hairdos can stretch your hair, making them come out. Cornrows, weaves or tight rollers that pull or stretch your hair can cause stress and trauma to your scalp. Your hair is likely to fall if your hair is excessively pulled, even without telogen effluvium. Excessive heat can also lead to hair fall. So, after showers you should let your strands dry on their own. Avoid hair dryers, curling or straightening iron. Moreover, you should dye your hair, until hair fall comes in control.

Maintain a healthy diet to prevent postpartum hair fall

How to control hair fall in new moms? After childbirth, there comes another phase – nursing. Therefore, your body needs good amount of nutrition in order to stay fit. Including fruits and vegetables that contain flavonoids and antioxidants in your daily diet can help you protect your hair follicles and encourage increased hair growth. This can put an end to hair loss. Plenty of women postpartum focus on losing weight and less. However, it’s not the time for this; instead they should be on a healthy diet.

Take vitamin supplements to prevent hair loss

Are you having excessive hair shedding after pregnancy? Take enough vitamin supplements to stop hair loss immediately. Vitamins E, C and B complex help improve the quality and strength of your hair. Extra supplements and foods that contain such nutrients are perfect to prevent hair loss. However, when it comes to taking supplements that are available over the counters, it’s better to seek medical help.

Select mild shampoos to control hair loss after pregnancy

Use mild shampoos to get rid of hair loss after pregnancy? You should always select a shampoo that contains quality ingredients, like silica and biotin. These ingredients improve the health of your hair and encourage hair growth by stimulating follicle growth. Don’t your harsh cleansers.


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Use suitable comb to reduce hair fall after pregnancy

How to stop hair loss due to dandruff

Use suitable comb to reduce hair shedding after giving birth. Always comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to reduce the amount of stress to your hair that prevents hair fall. Excessive pulling or stretching your hair can make them fall at an increased rate.

Avoid hair styling tools to stop hair loss after pregnancy

Dont use hair styling tools if you have excessive hair loss / hair fall after pregnancy. Decrease the use of heated hair styling tools like curling irons, hot rollers, flat irons and blow dryers. Such tools may increase hair loss. Always style your hair naturally. In case, you have to go to a party and there is no other option than using styling tools, then make sure to give a cool shot just after heating.

Get a nice haircut to deal with postpartum hair loss

How to stop and reduce hair fall after pregnancy? Always trim the split ends. Split end is a sign of damaged and unhealthy hair. When your hair is not healthy, it tends to fall in large numbers. You can also get a short and manageable haircut. Long hair puts more pressure to your hair follicles. As a result of which, your hair tends to come out easily and frequently. In this way, you can get healthier and beautiful locks.

Always try to avoid stress

This is the best way to prevent hair loss. It is quite understandable that nursing and caring your new born can increase the level of stress in your life. However, you should avoid it as much as possible. Stress can increase hair fall to a great extent.

Home remedies to reduce hair fall or prevent hair loss after pregnancy

How Egg white prevents hair loss or hair fall after pregnancy?

Best tips for hair loss prevention

Is Egg white really helps to prevent hair loss? How to use egg white for hair regrowth? Egg white is the best hair pack to get back your strong conditioned hair. Prepare hair pack by blending one egg white and two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this pack to your hair and leave it around 30 minutes. Rinse them off with lukewarm or cold water. The egg is rich in protein and helps to strengthen and soften your hair and also controls hair fall.

How to use Amla to stop hair fall and aid hair growth after pregnancy?

How to control hair fall with amla or Indian gooseberry? Amla is the best home remedy that can give nourishing to your hair. The Indian gooseberry or amla is rich in tonic and you can directly add it into your diet in the form of juice. OR you can boil them with oil that it can turn black and afterwards can massage hair with the same oil. It gives more protection to your hair from hair fall and environmental changes.

Curd for hair loss and hair fall

How to use curd for reducing hair loss? Curd is the instant best home remedy which can be easily available in the kitchen. Curd is rich in tonics and helps you in assisting excessive hair fall.  It can simultaneously improve your hair fall as well. Curd is the best conditioner for hair and just simply applying curd to hair protect you from hair fall. Apply curd on scalp and leave it for about 10 minutes. If you want, you can add yogurt into your diet to enhance the nutritional value of your diet.

How does Coconut helps to prevent hair fall or hair loss?

How to prevent or stop hair loss after pregnancy? Coconut is very famous for hair problems. Use coconut milk on scalp that helps to reduce your hair fall. It also helps to burn the hard shell of coconut to ashes. Preserve these ashes into a jar and then add them every time to the oil while massaging it into your scalp. Regularly use this for hair fall and even make them darker, shinier and full of volume.

How to stop hair fall using Fenugreek seeds?

Get rid of hair loss quickly after pregnancy with fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds are small and are easily available in the herb that can do many wonders for your hair. You just soak fenugreek seeds in water at night. Apply the strained water on your scalp in the next day. Leave it for about 1-2 hours. It keeps your hair healthy and treats dandruff. Repeat it once or twice a week. Alternatively, prepare a paste of roasted methi and then apply them to your scalp and then add them in your oil. Then, heat it to lukewarm level. This helps to cure hair fall and is very effective for centuries.

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