Healthy vegetables for healthy hair growth

In order to have healthy hair growth it is essential to take the foods that support hair health and hair growth. When it comes to healthy eating for your hairs nothing can be better than the veggies. For natural healthy hair growth our body needs a number of vitamins and minerals apart from proteins. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Biotin, Folic acid, Iron, Zinc and Selenium are vital elements for healthy hair growth and you can get all of these nutrients from vegetables. So, if you are suffering from unhealthy hair or hair growth issues or hair fall, including the right vegetables in the right amount in your daily diet along with adequate quantity of protein can be most effective. The vegetables that are rich in vital nutrients and can promote healthy hair growth include

Swiss chard

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Well these leafy vegetables are not very popular, but if you are looking to include healthy vegetables in your diet to boost hair growth you can hardly have anything better than Swiss Chard. These leaves have as much as 22% iron along with high amount of Vitamin A, C, B-6 and Magnesium and make an ideal food for healthy hair growth.


Spinach is another excellent source of iron. It has 20% iron of its weight, Spinach is very rich in Vitamin A and has 46% Vitamin C. It also has high content of Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium, hence must be included into your daily diet in adequate quantity to give your hairs a boost of health. Spinach is also rich in Biotin which is essential for hairhealth and growth.


Lettuce is a very good source of Biotin, Iron, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential for a healthy body and proper hair growth. So, if you are aiming to have healthy hair growth including lettuce in your daily diet in proper quantity is a must.


Kale contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K in high amounts. It is also rich in Iron, other minerals and fatty acids and can be an ideal source of all the nutrients needed forhealthy hair growth.

Beet greens

The leaves that we usually discard from the beetroots are one of the richest sources of nutrition. They have as much as 15% of iron of their weight and can be very good for hair health and growth.


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The list of vegetables that can boost hair growth cannot be complete without Asparagus. Asparagus has 12% iron of its own weight and can be an ideal source of iron.


Broccoli has a very high Vitamin C content along with good amount of Vitamin A and moderate amount of Iron. It is also rich in Vitamin B6 and Magnesium and hence is very good for healthy hair growth.


Vitamin A is important for healthy hair growth and here comes the best source of Vitamin A, carrot. Along with maximum Vitamin A it also offers Vitamin C, B6, Iron and Magnesium which are good for hair health and growth. Carrot is rich in Biotin which promotes hair growth.

Green banana

Green bananas are a rich source of iron. Along with iron they also offer Vitamin C.


Cabbage is a great source of Vitamin C along with iron and Vitamin B6. It also gives Vitamin K, folate and copper to the body.


Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. They also offer Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Iron and Biotin.


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You can get maximum amount of Vitamin C from capsicum. Along with Vitamin C, it also offers Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin B6, magnesium and minimum amount of protein. Capsicums are highly helpful for healthy hair growth.

Red bell pepper

This colorful vegetable has high carotenoids along with a good dose of Vitamin C, E, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium and molybdenum. This vegetable can be very helpful for healthy hair growth when taken regularly in sufficient amount.


A great source of Vitamin A, C, K, B6, Folate, Niacin and a bunch of minerals including copper and magnesium. It is a healthy vegetable that can facilitate healthy hair growth.


Due to rich Vitamin C, Folate and Niacin content along with Protein and a number of other essential trace elements Cauliflower is good for healthy hair growth.