Trending Clothing Styles 2018

2018 was all about the raving 90’s comeback with girls strutting causally in punk and gothic looks, talking about the chokers that made a HUGE statement followed by the Nicole Kidman inspired slip dresses and everything stripes. Right from the suede dresses to mules and pleated silhouettes, last year, we saw a hue of solid colors with details ruling the fashion runway. Celebrities adorning the trends right with billowy blouses and high waisted denims, we’re crushing at these looks and more. Come, check out some of our favorite trends that were BIG in 2018.

Slay in Stripes

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Nautical stripe maxi dresses, skater skirts, blouses, crop tops and such were quite rage early last year. The quintessential piece of clothing in your closet never goes stale and out of vogue. The versatility of stripe dresses compliment with any size and shape, accessories and looks. It qualifies the Must-Have clothing for your wardrobe this season too.

Break-free in Billowy Blouses

The 90’s glam was quite a bomb and this time again, girls made a statement in billowy flap blouses from college to work to soirees alike. We totally loved the essence of fashion aesthetic that it exuded especially the instant quirky look it adds to a basic #OOTD. The best way to wear billowy blouses is with a pair of culottes or a smart pencil skirt accentuating your curves for a nice fitted look.

Slip Trip

Be a tease in the scintillating slip dress inspired by the oh-so-gorgeous supermodel Kate Moss back in the 90’s. Oh yes, the skin show that caught many a eye, we are surely playing our fashion game on with a slip dress to beat the scorching heat. You can always team it up with a basic T-shirt or box shirt for a cool Rockstar appeal.

Tryst with Suede

Suedes are back with a bang and we’re totally crushing at this trend. From suede bags to wallets to dresses and oxfords, name it and you’ll have it. A silhouette so smooth and easy-going, it will not hurt you on those laidback Monday mornings. It has an instant appeal and ensures you are having a gala time.

Mule be so cool

One of the swoon-worthy trends in the market, mules re every girl’s best friend. Why you’d ask? The versatile pair of footwear that goes perfectly with all your outfits and bonus- no blisters or unfortunate bites. Save yourself from the hassle of pumps and stilettos and invest in this trendy piece of fashionable footwear.

Metallic Mystery

Are you one of those who love to indulge in all things metallic, right from the statement metallic dress to footwear or even your headband. We’re in love with the hues that define futuristic vibe and surprise us with a subtle hint of hotness. If avantgarde is your style and experimentation your alter ego, metallic got a back on you.

Pleat Everything

There’s nothing better than a pleated robe for a day out, I’d say to myself back in school, but you know what they are back. Pleats are a perfect way to express your femininity without going OTT. Pastels and pleats are just an irresistible combination. Team them with layered necklace or statement danglers for a rosy look.

Bomber Game On

The most seasoned piece of clothing is a bomber jacket that never hurts. We saw an array of silk bombers ruling the rebels wardrobe. While the trend screams a cool swag quotient, 2017 saw a drastic change in the visual appeal of bombers. Silk embroidered with detailing- OMG talk about major crush goals, your bomber is her to solve those.

Gingham Goals

The iconic signature checkered pattern look that might give you the flannel feel but wait, Gingham is a Tokyo inspired trend that garnered attention during the late 80’s as a street-style garment. Today, you might spot even elite crowd dressed up in gingham for it’s fashionably cool and stylishly sane.

Sparkles and Sequins

Go, be a life of a party with this festive addition of sequins and embellished sparkles on your outfit. After all, a little sparkle never hurts anyone? Add that drama with your winged liner, bold pout and sequin dress to bring back that disco 90’s look in its true spirit.