What is vampire facelift? Procedure, advantages, disadvantages

No one is perfect in this world with regards to their facial structure and shape. Some may have blunt nose whereas others have very broad lips.

General people lead their entire life with the facial structure which they have acquired from their birth. But, the well known celebrities or people engaged in show business must look perfect in all angles.

Vampire face lift can be one of the best ways to make their face look better in appearance. If you go for the simple cosmetic surgery, it will only remove excess skin from your face and create a younger look.

But, the vampire facelift will give you more than this. If you have imperfect shape of any parts of your face, Vampire face life can be the solution.

You must have heard about the plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery through which your face gets more attractive. You must have seen your favorite film star getting sharp nose and perfect facial shape.

But, if you can see their actual face before they have come to the industry, you will just disbelief yourself. Yes, they were so unattractive that even you can criticize them.

Some had a very flat nose whereas other has un-distinct chin etc. The surgery and cosmetics have created magic on their face. Vampire face life is also one of such process. In this process you get restoration of your facial shape and give you a perfect skin texture.

What is a vampire face lift?

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A cosmetic procedure is available to patients who want to surgically reposition the facial tissues that have loosened over time. The Vampire Facelift uses injections of the patient’s own blood through a technology known as Selphyl.

How the vampire face lift works

The Vampire Facelift is an in-office procedure and is now available at aesthetic surgery and cosmetic surgery centers around the country. This procedure involves extracting blood from your arm and then spinning the blood sample in a centrifuge to separate the platelets.

The blood cells are then re-injected into the skin with a very fine needle, and only injected into the areas that need to be filled out or restored. These injections are performed in conjunction with fat injections to create a smooth, rounder and plumper appearance.

During the procedure of Vampire face lift, Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers is used which helps in lifting the skin from the bone and gives your skin a good shape with youthful look. But the disadvantage associated with HA fillers is the fact that, it will cause harm to your eyes.

Again this HA filler would chase the wrinkle that is associated with your face and create a different shape of your face which might look quite different to the existing shape of a person. The face shape can be formed in such a way that it can appear foreign to the planet.

Vampire face lift is much more advanced as compared to other procedure of rejuvenating your face. It has 3 way advantages:

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  • Improvement in skin texture and tone
  • Restoration of facial shape
  • Growing out new and younger tissue

Steps in vampire face lift procedure

Step 1

The physician dealing with the Vampire facelift procedure will use Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers at the first stage.

This helps to sculpt a young appearing face without affecting the natural layout of the individual. The expert concerned with Vampire face lift procedure will always keep in mind about the mathematics of facial structure and beauty.

They need to do lots of homework and research for each face lift procedure so that unnatural shape is not developed.

Even the cosmetic surgeons are not very sound in using HA fillers not are they allowed to used as it is a part of intellectual property trademark Vampire face lifts.

Step 2

The physician would take 2 teaspoon of blood from and then uses the centrifuge to isolate the platelets from the blood.  The platelets are activated and consider the 8 growth factors that would use to heal the tissue that has been injured.

Step 3

The third step will be injecting the face factors back to the woman’s face with the help of the numbing cream and a very think needle so that there will be no pain at all.

As soon as injection takes place, the multipotent stem cells are once again activated. The bearer would get a wonderful face lift with new and young facial structure.

Advantages of the vampire face lift

  • A better alternative to neurotoxin (Botox) and other injections in cosmetic surgeries.
  • Injections of the blood mixture cause no bruising as it is a thin, watery fluid.
  • No allergy testing  is required as the substance is the own person’s blood. Selphyl lasts an average of 15 months before having to acquire a repeat procedure.
  • More affordable than facelift surgery – typically costs [$900 to $1,500 ][D1] per treatment.
  • This procedure can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures.
  • It is a relatively painless procedure compared to other cosmetic surgeries or procedures.
  • No downtime and no side effects.
  • People undergoing this procedure can expect improve skin tone, clarity and volume.
  • This procedure is non-invasive and is similar to line plumpers, such as Radiesse.

Disadvantages of the vampire face lift

  • As  the treatment relies on the person’s own blood cells to lift the skin for this procedure, it will not add volume where there wasn’t volume earlier It will only add volume to areas that had previously had volume.
  • This  procedure is not supported by objective data or national clinical trials.
  • Most plastic surgeons don’t believe in using this procedure.
  • Unsure whether Selphyl has received FDA approval for facial rejuvenation.

How to get the glowing skin

  • There will be some bruising and redness in the injected area.
  • The Vampire Face-lift takes several weeks to see results.
  • The excess fluid is gone in 24 hours approximately but the fibrin matrix takes several weeks to build up.
  • People undergoing this procedure may be unsatisfied as the results may not be that great compared to traditional fillers that provide more efficient results.

Who can be advised to go in for a vampire face lift?

Selphyl is not the ideal treatment for all types of wrinkles. There is not enough product to use the injections on a full face. It is generally better for volumizing thin areas that have more delicate lines.

The Vampire Facelift is also better for individuals with “crepey” skin or skin that has been affected by natural aging.The Vampire Facelift uses the process in which Selphyl is injected and is FDA approved.

The injections not only can be used to smooth wrinkles on the face but can also be used on other areas of the body with decreased volume or wrinkles. The Technology that is used behind the Vampire Facelift isn’t new.

Physicians have been using one’s own plasma to aid in bone healing after spinal injuries and to help heal soft tissue after plastic surgery. Like any type of medical procedure, it’s important to conduct a proper research to see if it’s right for your body and skin type

Benefits of vampire face lifts

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  • It stimulates collagen production
  • Removes face wrinkles
  • Makes your skin soft
  • Rejuvenation of complexion
  • Lessening skin folds
  • Removes sagging skin
  • It is a painless process
  • Developing clarity of skin
  • Cheaper than surgery
  • No side effects
  • Skin becomes tighter
  • Removes scar marks and spots
  • Fights with the factors of aging
  • Improvement in the blood flow
  • Developing better quality of skin

De merits of vampire face lifts

  • This procedure may affect your eye
  • You may get redness on the area of your face where injection has been pushed
  • Some of the expert plastic surgeons feels this technique is not effective
  • It takes long time say around months to show the result
  • As compared to traditional fillers, this procedure may not be very effective
  • According to the national clinical trials as well as objective data, this procedure of Vampire face lifts is not at all supportable
  • Your body gets the excess fluid extracted from your body within the 24 hours of the Vampire facelifts procedure. Many people are also not satisfied with the procedure.

Procedure of vampire face lift

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The process of Vampire face lift deals with 3 steps. In one step HA fillers will be injected to the individual so that a beautiful face shape is created. The next step will be isolation of growth factor by the expert or the physician right from the blood of patient.

The third step will include an observation at first, Such that, it will be found out whether the growth factor has go inside the face. Once the answer is yes, activation of multipotent stem cells takes place. Then it will be activated with the initiation of growing new tissues.

Advantage of vampire face lift

People with Vampire facelift procedure has actually received benefit out of the procedure. For ladies it is really wonderful as this can make you look very attractive and glamorous. The process has actually benefited the television stars with the breaking news for media.

Also it has the advantages of erasing the wrinkles and dark spots that comes due to aging. It is much advanced than any other form of surgery may it be cosmetic or plastic.


The biggest disadvantage of Vampire facelift procedure is its cost. Yes, it is really expensive to be afforded by general people. Only the celebrities and film actresses can afford.

Also if you belong to rich and influential family, the procedure can be availed. But, there is no chance for middle or lower middle class family.