Video – Home remedy to cure indigestion

Indigestion has become a very irritating condition of our body due to which we can feel like acidity, formation of gas and other discomfort in bowel movement. People have medicine box with them that include medicine for acidity or gas formation as mandate.

But, having too much of medicine is also not good for health. You need to concentrate on the curing equipments that is free from the side effects.

Yes, the natural ingredients, spices and herbs are really amazing in curing such condition of your body. Let us find out the remedies that will cure indigestion.

How to treat indigestion with lemon and ginger


Mix the 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of ginger juice and 1 tbsp of honey in the warm water. Mix all of them with tablespoon. Drink the warm water now gives the relief from the indigestion.

Preventive tips to indigestion

  • Do not take the heavy meals at a time. Take the meals in small quantities.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the taste of the food. Do not swallow the food.
  • Avoid the foods contains the heavy acids.
  • Reduce the consumption of the alcohol.
  • Stress is also one of the causes for the ingestion. By changing the lifestyle gives the stress free life.
  • Avoid the tight fit clothes they press the stomach and become the barrier for the digestive system.
  • Do not lie down immediately after the meals.
  • Take the dinner 3 hours prior to go to bed.

Home remedies to eradicate indigestion

The video will show you how ginger helps in keeping you away from the problem of indigestion. You can now use ginger to treat indigestion in number of ways. Let us find out each ways in this article.

Ginger as capsule

You can get ginger capsule in ayurvedic stores which can be purchased and consumed to stay away from the issue of indigestion. You can speak to the specialist in-charge for the proper dosage in this regard.

Ginger as spice

Peppermint juice for indigestion problem

Ginger is a wonderful spice that is used in Indian kitchen to make the food tastier and remove variety of diseases that is spread by microorganisms. Now it has been proved that ginger works in a wonderful way to treat indigestion and stomach upset situation.

You need to cut few slice of ginger after peeling its skin and chew it randomly by touching salt over it. Swallow the juice and you will get relief from indigestion,

Ginger as tea

You can now prepare tea with ginger root. Even if you are not suffering from stomach upset or indigestion, ginger tea will give you a wonderful flavor as a result your mood get boosted and you stay energetic. Now, if you want to prepare tea to cure indigestion, just boil water with ginger root.

Now once the color changes to light brown color separates it and drink the tea. You will really feel relieved with this wonderful ginger tea. While you are preparing tea to beat indigestion, do not add sugar.