Video – Facial bleach beauty recipe with potato

You may think, why one should take natural bleach at home? why not at saloons?
Every one desire to have a fair complexion,look smart and beautiful mostly at the time of party.This facial bleach gives your skin an instent glow, to do all this we rush into the saloons quite often and apply he chemical agents to our skin which can damage our skin. And the effect of the bleach will not last for a long time, its just a temporary.

So,why cant we use the natural home remedies gifted us by the nature?
Potato are considered as the natural bleaching agents,it brights your skin tone and also helps to remove the acne and scars on our skin.
So try this at home for effective results,
Take the potato and mesh the potato into fine paste with the help of blender. Mix the 1 tbsp of meshed potato and 1 tbsp of lemon juice