How to avoid causing diarrhea in newborns?

New born babies are quite susceptible to the outer world. They might be affected by some or the other diseases or physical conditions. Some kids may suffer from common cold frequently whereas others have problems with loose motion. Parents become over cautious when the new born babies suffer from such problems. But with a little care, this problem can be easily solved. It is important to know the steps involved when your baby is suffering from diarrhea. Again if it is reflected towards severe range, you must seek professional help. With the help of the experts, new parents can easily calm down and be satisfied with treatment of their new born.

Steps considered avoiding diarrhea in babies

Avoid jumping to a conclusion

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You must understand that always a loose motion or a watery bowel movement in a child does not mean that the child is suffering from diarrhea. This can be a reason of temporary change in the food habit of a baby. Whenever you try to convert his diet from formula milk to solid food, there is a tendency among the babies to have pass watery stool during such situation. You need to watch the baby for a period of 24 hours. Even if the watery stool continues, you must show to a child specialist.

Keep a note on recent changes in feeding a baby

It will be quite likely for a baby to suffer from diarrhea once he changes his diet from breast feeding to that of formula milk that is available in the market. Not all babies have same type of immune system. Thus, you baby might not be in a state of adopting with the new food. This will give rise to diarrhea in a baby. This might affect the baby for some point of time. But gradually he will be adapted to the change and easily get into the habit of consuming food other than breast milk.

Formula in slower pace

If you think your baby is suffering from diarrhea, you must not force your baby to consume formula milk instantly. Rather, you can provide a combination of formula with the breast milk and slowly ask your baby to consume. Try this in one or two spoon. If your baby is having no problem with it, you can easily carry on with this food formula. You may consult doctor if this does not work even.

Is it a diarrhea due to illness?

Sometimes, diarrhea in a baby can also be side effect of one or the other illness. Sometimes due to common cold, your baby may be affected by diarrhea. You can also go for a close watch towards your baby and find out whether he has developed any sign of illness. Also the babies with really weak and underdeveloped digestive system can develop such symptoms. You must show the child specialist and find out the real cause behind the loose motion or watery bowel.

Irritation and soreness

Since babies cannot speak, they may cry whenever they are facing an irritation condition or discomfort. It you have not cleared urine or stool for a long time in your baby, your baby will really feel irritated. Soreness in your babies’ bottom can be one of the important causes of diarrhea. You must be really attentive to prevent your baby from such situation. If you are using a cleanser that does not suites your baby, it is the time to make an immediate change. Consult with your doctor and take those products that will suite his sensitive skin.

Noting mother’s diet

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If you baby is suffering from diarrhea, you must have a note on the mother’s diet as the baby is indirectly consuming mother’s diet in the form of breast milk. If the mother consumes something unhygienic, it is really going to affect your baby. The temporary bout of the mother can be due to indigestive diet of the nursing mother. It is important for every mother to have a diet schedule when she is going to feed her baby with the breast milk.

Mother must change her diet when she watches her baby suffering from diarrhea. These are some of the precautionary measure taken by every mother to free their baby from diarrhea.