Dhanteras – What to buy, timing for puja and decoration ideas

There are various legends that ignited the celebrations of Dhanteras. According to one story, the son of King Hima was professed to die on the fourth day after his wedding, by a snake bite. When they prophecy was heard by his wife, she did not let him sleep that night and heaped all her ornaments in front of the door. She started singing songs to prevent the predicted act. Lord Yama reached their doorstep in a form of a snake, and he got dazzled by the ornaments and couldn’t glide inside. He was blinded with the shine and he kept listening to the songs she sang. By the morning, he went away and she could save her husband for dying. This is the most important reason why people indulge into buying gold during Dhanteras. We will now list down all that you should buy during Dhanteras.

Physical gold

The most important and common buy on this day is physical gold. This is traditionally practiced, and our nation gets busiest to purchasing gold on this day. You should buy gold from hallmarked ornament shops in forms of coins and bars. Coins and bars are the most common purchases, and people have lesser attraction towards buying jewelry on this day.

Gold EFTs

People opt for gold EFTs during this auspicious time of Dhanteras, Diwali or Akshay Tritiya. In this caase, the returns are linked with the domestic price range of physical gold but investors are free from the trouble of buying and keeping the asset in physical form. This has been gaining grounds among several people who do not like to keep physical gold at home. The EFTs is an investment towards the precious material, on the stock exchange platform and is carried out in an electronic mode. People who are not on keen purchasing physical gold should make an investment in gold EFTs.


There are more precious metals apart from gold and you can choose silver as an alternative. People seldom opt for diamonds or platinum, but silver is another metal if you don’t want to splurge too much. Silver is sold a lot more than gold is, as it is affordable for everyone. Silver was used as token purchases in Hindi mythology, so its significance is quite high. During Lakshmi Puja, we mostly buy silver coins and they are often gifted during Dhanteras. Opt for this metal for an economic purchase which suffices your requirement and makes you happy.

Steel utensils

For people who neither want nor can purchase the precious metals, can opt to purchase steel utensils. These commodities will still give you every right to celebrate and you will fulfill your requirements on celebrating Dhanteras. A lot of people buy silver utensils, but they tend to be quite expensive. None-the-less, this is a pocket friendly commodity that will make you content.


Finally, buying appliances on Dhanteras is also a common practice. You might have noticed that several offline and online retailing provides heavy discounts on appliances during this period of time, and this is solely because it is a common time to indulge in new appliances. People buy electrical goods during Dhanteras, which often alternates their purchase from silver or gold.

There is more craze on buying electronic goods than jewelry at this time. People try to buy a new commodity, be it television sets, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machine or small things like toasters, mixers or grillers, etc. There are also heavy discounts on laptops, PCs and mobile phones, which tempts you to go for a changeover.

Dhanteras timing 2016

Dhanteras is celebrates two days before Diwali and it has a specific timing or muhurat for carrying out the rituals. The date for Dhanteras 2016 is on the 28th of October and the right time for Lakshmi puja and Ganesh puja falls between 7:11 p.m. to 8:25 p.m. The entire duration would be for around 74 minutes.

Dhanteras decoration ideas

Diwali times bring in the most important occasion when we get our houses nicely cleaned and decorated. Now, we will move onto discussing some of the finest decoration ideas for Dhanteras.

Candeberg 12 Flameless LED Tealight Candles

candeberg-12-flameless-led-tealight-candles[Buy it online]

These are unique and attractive LED candles, which look really pretty if you use them as home décor. It will not glow as bright as your original diyas will, but it will brighten up one section of your room and give it a distinctive look. There are several products to buy at the markets or even online, but getting something different than all you can easily get, is surely a much better idea to give your home a unique look. The tealight candles are meticulously picked and tested, so that it is made of good quality and is durable.

Decorated Brass Elephant Statue for Coffee Table Mantlepiece

Decorated Brass Elephant Statue for Coffee Table Mantlepiece[Buy it online]

We all tend to do slightly overboard when it comes to buying Diwali time goodies. This is a nice elephant mantelpiece which can be added to your coffee table, and enhance the look of it. This is a brass material which looks attractive and gives an ethnic feel.

Setof 4 – Indian Brass Oil Puja Lamp

setof-4-indian-brass-oil-puja-lamp[Buy it online]

There is no joy of festivity without our pujas and religious rituals. People must add adequate stress on purchasing products related to their puja, and it goes without saying that it is the most important aspect of the celebrations. Diwali doesn’t go without oil lamps and you cannot have something as good as the brass oil lamps with safety and reasonable rate. Add these lamps to cart and decorate every corner of your home with happiness!

Royalty Lane Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp

royalty-lane-handmade-indian-brass-oil-lamp[Buy it online]

If you are looking for the main lamp which you want to keep in the middle and decorate all the other around this one, you must get something like this. This product will serve you will the best flame and brighten up the entire area. It is around 2.2 inches long and fit in perfectly irrespective of the idol size. This is a special handmade brass lamp which will make your work easier and reliable.

Big Homes Handmade Colorful Plastic Acrylic Toran

Plastic Toran[Buy it online]

Torans are wall hangings which are used in Indian houses. They are usually kept at all times, but Diwali gives you an excuse to add something slightly more beautiful and exclusive. We have a pretty toran design which can be used for your pujas this year. It looks bright and neat, and will surely make your puja place look a little more interesting than times before.