What your hair wants to get feed? Foods for your hair

People need to consume food to become healthy and energetic. Similarly, your hair also needs some healthy treatment procedure. Many women complain about rough and dull hair. This is due to lack of care for hair. Proper oiling before shampoo, protein concentration, removal of dandruff etc are required to keep your healthy throughout the week. People spend ample money visiting saloon and treating the damaged hair. But, there is some natural way of feeding your hair so that it remains healthy and attractive. If you are viewing silky and smooth hair of an individual, it is always not the result of expensive cosmetic products in the market. There is natural way of feeding your hair so that it gets enough nutrition.

People wishes to get beautiful and lustrous hair throughout their lives. But, not everyone have the pleasure to get such an attractive hair. This can be due to lack of healthy food to hair. Just the way we consume food and grow, our hair also need food with nourishment. Let us discuss about some of the food that our hair actually needs to grow and stay healthy. You don’t need to buy expensive products from the market in order to feed your hair, rather very common and general ingredients are available at home that provides best treatment for hair.

Following are the healthy food which is needed for hair health

Egg and dal

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Indian kitchen has many ingredients that help in making hair healthy and shinny. Egg and dal contains proteins. Since our hair also need protein like our body, combination of Indian cereals such as sprouts and dal are very essential for its health. You can make a hair pack with 1 egg and few sprouted beans. Blend it well in a mixer and get a paste out of it. Apply it very well on your hair from the toot till the tip. Keep it till it dries and wash it away.

Almond and walnut

Like your body, hair also requires good amount of Vitamin E.  This will help eradicating the effect of oxidants in your hair and increase the proper flow of blood circulation. The free radicals present in your body are also responsible for the damage of your hair. Thus, a wonderful combination of Walnut and Almond will be better for getting healthy hair rich in Vitamin E. Here the compound will be automatically balanced which has been seeking for the electron. You can make a paste of Almond and Walnut and mix it with Olive oil. Now apply it in each and every part of your hair till it becomes covered with the ingredients. You need to massage your scalp really well so that it effectively protects the split ends. Vitamin E will help your hair to get free from damage with no breakage of split ends.

Guava and lemon

Lemon has always been proved as a wonderful ingredient to protect your hair from dandruff. Since it contains Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, it will help in growing your hair stronger and thicker. If you are having a problem of slow growth of hair, chana available in Indian kitchen will be a wonderful product. You can also make a paste out of raw guava and Lemon. Apply it on your hair and get relieved from unhealthy hair.

Coconut water

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You must have used coconut oil in your hair so that it gets proper nourishment. The toxin present in your hair granules can be easily removed with the help of coconut water. You can wash hair with coconut water to make it healthier with shinny and soft appearance.

Food for hair to feed

Yogurt as hair food

You must have known about variety of benefits of yogurt. Even for hair it is very good. This is like a food to your hair which contains protein and is essential for building blocks. If you can use Greek yogurt that will be much better as it helps in circulating blood flow in a positive way. As a result you get healthy hair with proper growth.  This is also great solution for hair fall and thinning of hair.

Cereals prevent hair loss

If you are suffering from the trouble of hair loss, the cereals that are rich in iron will be the food your hair would require. For this, you must consume the food such as soyabean, lentils, and cereal grains regularly in your meals. This will provide nourishment to your hair and your hair will start getting stable. Your hair will look really healthy and attractive.

Sweet potatoes to remove dullness

Most of the people overlook the benefits of sweet potatoes; rather they are totally not aware of the benefits of sweet potatoes. It has vitamin A and beta carotene that will make your hair look beautiful. Dullness and friskiness of your hair will be totally removed with this remedy. This is a wonderful food for all those individuals who are suffering from the problem of dry hair. Since the natural oil is lost due to dullness and dry hair, the oily fluids named as sebum will be replenished.