Yellow purse – say no to bright color purchase

People buy purses with different designs and colors. Some ladies have the fascination of buying purse, thus they also go for purses of different colors so that those goes with their dresses. Since people could not think that purses can also get associated with major health issues, they vigorously buy purses according to latest design and color differentiation. But, recently a new report has been established according to which choosing an important purse will be important.

A test have been conducted by the center for environmental health in Oakland CA. The experts have tested around 300 purses from the brick and mortar retailers numbered to 21 which is placed in San Francisco Bay. These online retailers also include The result showed inclusion of lead in around 43 handbags and purses per 300 million. Even more experiments was conducted and found that more upscale brand has the same result. It was also found that a purse that cost $200 belonging to Tory burch has 58,700 ppm of lead. This means that, led particles found were more than 195 times higher than the set standard.

Lead is a metal which is prohibited to be used in the children products. Also, there is a restriction that the purse paint of lead cannot exceed 600ppm. But, law related to use of led in consumer goods which is used by adults is not very strong. But, different problems have been observed in the purses made up from plastics, vinyl and faux leather which are painted with bright colors.  The above view was published on the basis of Centre for environmental health communication director, Charles Marguli’s statement.

You may also see the label of Eco friendly or Vegan on those purses which creates doubly disturbing sequence. According to the label, people come to know that theses bags are not made from animal leather and thus cannot contain lead or harmful ingredients.

In the year 2009, similar test was conducted where same level of lead was found in 300 purses. This time the purse was collected from 40 leading retailers in the market. This round of teats was conducted to ensure that the researchers have really found out right result previously. Margulis also wanted to see whether the industries have created some alterations with the lead volume. He said, there has been slight improvement in the lead content of the purse. Even the purse maker are seen to make notable progress. Even then, he had an opinion that the particular industry can improve.

Impact of led in reusable shopping bag

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You should not take lead lightly when it comes to health issues. The organizations dealing with medical services in the world has admitted that lead is not safe when it related to health issues. Since, it comes within the category of toxic metals which not only effect neurological development in children but also have many other negative effects.  Even the fatty tissues in adults which are built up in adults leads to serious problem in future such as Alzheimer’s, kidney failure, high blood pressure etc.  According to some of the scientists, this can even link to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Shopping tips to avoid lead

Go for canvas for real leather

The lead test has been conducted in even the real leather bag but negative result was shown. It means that, lead was rarely found in the purses that are made up of real leather.  The problem exists in the purses and wallets that are made from plastic, polyurethane or vinyl.  According to Margulis, people willing to avoid animal leather completely must go for canvas bags. Today, you can find many stylish bags made from canvas.

Avoid bright color purses especially yellow

It will be good to avoid the purses that are bright in color as lead acts as a stabilizer the brightness of those purses which are really bright in color. You must avoid buying the purses which are from the family of yellow and red. You can always go for the purses and wallets that are black and brown in color as lead content is rarely seen in those color purses. You might feel these colors to be a reason to flaunt, but these will not give rise to health issues.  If you go for bright colors, the lead attack will give rise to memory loss and infertility.

Shop smart

You may find countless retailers in the market which will sell purses and wallets. But, if you can go for well known brands in the market that can get you purses which have very less lead content and can give you less chances of health issues.  Some of these brands are as follows:

  • Rainbow
  • Big Buddha
  • Guess
  • Tory Burch
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Forever 21
  • House of Harlow 1960
  • Lodis
  • Nine west