Drive out arsenic from diet: note down 10 effective ways

The threat of arsenic in the body of individuals has always been a reason to upset people around the nation. Yet, some group of people keeps on consuming diet that is likely to contain arsenic. Recently, two major report has been published which has increase awareness in us with regards to minimizing the risk of arsenic.  The report said that, arsenic is of the minerals that was found in nature and was used for making murder weapons. This was also used as a medicine to kill people and other living animals. Report also said that, in some parts of the world, contamination of lead is so high that it causes epidemics, gives rise to lung cancer and creates bladder problems.  In United States, Government had worked so hard to eradicate arsenic that it could hardly be seen. But even then it is still there.

According to the estimation of national academy of sciences, human being who have drunk arsenic contaminated water in the ratio 10 per billion have a risk of developing cancer in every 1 in 300 people. Another survey also found out that it is quite usual for many Americans to consume arsenic in half cup serving in rice.

The recent two reports were published from Consumer reports magazine and US food and drug administration. Both of these reports have focus on arsenic in rice based processed food and arsenic in rice. This is an alarming fact for both adults as well as children as arsenic affect in fruit juices and other liquids are also quite dangerous. Even in drinking water, arsenic level must be measured. People can easily realize serious effect to their health due to remains of arsenic in water and food.  The federal agencies have set the health protective limits on arsenic in food but unfortunately this is not getting eradicated very quickly.

Steps to avoid arsenic exposure on family

Wash rice several times

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Before preparing rice, it will be better to wash it properly several times. When you are going to boil rice, do it in adequate quantity of water. Rather, dip the rice in more water than you usually do. This is an effective step through which amount of arsenic in rice would reduce by 30 to 40 percent. It is very much effective when you are cooking brown rice. But, white rice is having less effect.

Be careful of products with rice syrup as sweetener

We might not ever have thought rice to be a component of snacks or nutrition bar. A recent study has been conducted where scientist found level of arsenic to be very high in process foods, brown rice syrup and food sweetener. These are the places where people deem it to be natural foods market.  Since EWG has concern about the study, it also spreads and says interpretation in media to be wrong.  It will be important for every individual buyer to read the labels and avoid sweetener whenever possible.

Replace rice cereals with orange vegetables

Consuming the food like avocadoes, squash, sweet potatoes and bananas will be preferable than those for rice cereals especially when it is concerned about the health of babies.  The parents also had suggestion from experts to consume fortified rice cereals which was also regarded as nutritive and non allergic. But today, it is no more advisable. Rather, with the shift in the nutritive guidelines and rice cereals are asked to be fed with care. Instead, vegetables and soft fruits are preferable.

Limitation of fruit juices

There was a time when fruit juices were regarded to be one of the best diets through which people can stay healthy and fit. But today, experts are asking to limit it to half or a single cup for a day.  Since, the arsenic based pesticides were used on fruit orchards the fruits of those trees might get some touch of contamination.  According to the tests, the sample of pear, apple, grape and other fruits include moderate amount of arsenic. There is another reason why pediatrician recommends less juices as those have high level of sugar which might affect essential nutrients.

No rice milk as substitute for cow’s milk

According to Britain’s food safety authority, parents are asked not to use rice milk as a dairy substitute to very young babies who are within 1 to 4 and ½ months old.  The test have been conducted for rice milk where adequate quantity of arsenic was found which can be life threatening.

Limitation of rice intake

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People staying in some parts of the country have rice as their staple food. But, today it has been very important to note that amount of arsenic is quite high in rice as compared to other cereals, wheat as well as fruits. The reason behind the fact is the field where rice is grown has arsenic based pesticides. Thus, rice has the tendency of taking up the chemicals from arsenic that is available in the root of each plant. According to FDA, the rice growing areas have greater chances of contamination today

Diet variation

You must always keep on changing your diet in order to get away from the affect of arsenic.  The alternatives to rice can include rice cakes, rice flour, crackers, rice cakes etc. It is important to increase awareness in people who are really sensitive to have gluten in wheat. If you can makes changes in your diet schedule, gluten free diet will be quite easy to get. It is also quite easy to get flour mixes that does not have gluten or rice for baking completely.

Consciousness about drinking water

In many places of world remains of arsenic in drinking water is seen. Thus, many NGOs as well as government organizations have constructed arsenic free water plant. You must get water from those water sources. Getting purified water is another way of eradicating arsenic from your life.  You can also contact the local health department in order to get arsenic free water. Even if such water is expensive, it would be worth for your family and your health benefits.

Non rice baby cereals

Today, market is flooded with different types of baby cereals. Apart from rice, baby cereals can also be made from mixed grains and oatmeal. You can get the powdered cereals which can be easily used for thickening baby purees. Get the brands which are very reputed in making baby foods for long.  Even the non rice baby cereals are quite easy to be blended and mixed with milk to get a wonderful baby diet.

Avoid sweetener in food and brown rice syrup

When you are choosing the food for your baby, it will be important to avoid certain foods. The rice syrup must be avoided as arsenic is very well found there. The sweetener in non diary beverages, toddler formula and snacks bar should also be avoided when you are choosing diet for your baby.  Also the dairy and soy based products has good concentration of arsenic. But recently a particular variety of rice syrup has been found which is processed well to remove arsenic. You must be very careful while buying such products from the market especially when the kid is too small.