Spices: say yes to weight loss and health gain

Today people wishes to get some delicious taste in food that they consume during their breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, simply boiling some ingredients cannot make food tasty. Spices play an important role in making food tasty and delicious. But, it is very important to know that spices that goes with particular dishes. If you add wrong spice to an item, it might make your food taste worse. Apart from making food tasty, spices also have a wonderful capacity of maintaining your health and helping you in weight loss activities. Even the science has proved this fact.

List of spices important for weight loss and health


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Ginger is one of the important spices used in Indian kitchen to add flavor to variety of dishes. This spice has slightly hot and slightly sweet flavor. Ginger does not get spoil for months. Even if you keep fresh ginger root for several months in your vegetable basket, it can be easily used to make variety of dishes. Since ginger has a thermogenic effect, it acts wonderfully in reducing appetite of the consumer.


Apart from being a spice in many Asian kitchens, turmeric is used for years to treat the wounds. It also acts as an antiseptic element that helps in reducing inflammation. People staying in India puts turmeric powder in their dishes in order to bring out a bright color of the dish and also help the consumer in staying healthy and sound without the attack of any disease.

Red pepper flakes (chili)

Red pepper is normally used in various vegetable and non vegan dishes to add color and add a hot taste with other spices.  Apart from the taste, it also has health benefits. Since the spice is hot, people would sweat after consuming it which helps in removing toxin from the body of individuals.  This also have the property of suppressing appetite due to its thermogenic properties.  It will also help decreasing the need for salt on adding on dishes.

Mustard seeds

This spice is also really wonderful which has the thermogenic effect over the body of individuals. Due to this reason, they can burn much calorie.  You can add them in making healthy salads to burn excess fat from your body. Even these seeds are very effective in making some Bengali dishes especially fishes. It adds wonderful flavor to hilsa when it is grinded and added to the wonderful fish dish.


You have to choose between whole nut and ground powder to make your dish delicious. It is a spice which is basically used in various types of vegetarian dishes. In order to make your pastas delicious, you can also add these within your creamy pasta sauces.  Since it has high level of antioxidants, boosting immune system and helping in digestion will be quite easy with the same.

Black pepper

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People love to have the flakes of black pepper in the curries and even snacks item which they consume. It adds an extraordinary flavor to the dishes. It provides wonderful impact on oxidation, satiety as well as thermogenises. Since it also boosts the body metabolism, calorie burning capability will be really high.


It is also one of the famous spices used in Indian kitchen which has a strong flavor and have sweet taste. If you can consume it in empty mouth, diabetes will be reduced with reduction of blood glucose and bad cholesterol. You can also add this in your cornflakes in your breakfast or that of oats to get actual benefit. This is also used when meat is prepared with other variety of spices.


Cumin is one of the spices that add wonderful flavor and taste. It is one of the most wonderful spices which is found in dishes of Mexico, India and North Africa. This is a very effective seed in managing glucose level and helping in reducing diabetes and weight. Cumin also acts as a well known antiseptic and aids well in the process of digestion. You can add wonderful taste once you sprinkle cumin powder over pita bread, hummum, popcorn etc along with few drops of olive oil.


You can now get an extraordinary and very strong flavor once garlic is added in various dishes. In India, garlic is used in meat dishes, vegetables etc in order to make it very spicy and delicious.  Technically speaking, garlic is neither a herb nor a spice. But, it is quite easy to see garlic within the spices rack. Since it is one of the hot spices, it will increase the rate of metabolism in individual which will helps reducing fat and crabs more effectively. You can become a well shaped body as it reduces body fat creation.

Coriander seeds

This seed also provide us with its leaves which have a wonderful flavor and can be used in various dishes. Rather the leaves of this plant are also known as pungent leaves.  This will be really effective in managing blood glucose level and inducing the weight management techniques. Since these seeds are very high in antioxidants, it will wash away all toxin levels in your body. Various major Asian dishes and soups include powdered coriander seeds.  It tastes and smells like a wonder.

The list of spices as mentioned above are very effective in making you fit as and when you have some problem with your weight balance issue.