Sleeping mistakes: one of the reasons for flab

Hormones are affected by fat which gives rise to ineffectiveness in the ability of losing fat. Important factors of human psychology such as craving, motivation and mood are affected by the hormones such as dopamine, melatonin and serotonin. Growth and repair of human body is essential with the balance of right natural growth hormone.  In order to regulate all these hormones, sleep is an important element that contributes. Getting better sleep is really important for individual who wishes to stay healthy and fit without getting flabby.  If your sleep is disturbed in any ways, you might end up with losing your mood, appetite and feel lazy at every event. There are some sleeping mistakes which is made by many most of the individuals sometime or the other in life.

Common sleep mistakes

Sleep mistake 1- Eating just before bedtime

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Some people have a habit of consuming means too late at night after which they simply go to sleep. This is one of the common sleep mistakes as the activity stops your body from the process of cooling down. This will give rise to rising of insulin level in individuals. Thus, when you are sleeping, less cell boosting melatonin as well as the growth hormone is released.

Solution– Just stops eating few hours before bed time

Sleeping mistake 2- Drinking too much fluid before going to sleep

It is a good habit to drink as much as water throughout the day as this will clear out toxins from your body. But, drinking too much water before going to bed will not be a good idea. This will increase the frequently of urine at night and you will be bound to go to toilet several times when you are in the bed.  This is not a good activity as waking several times at night nod moving towards the toilet will disturb your natural sleep. Some people also have the habit of turning light on while proceeding to toilet. This will also suppress melatonin production.

Solution– You must stop drinking water two hours before going to sleep. Even if you need light in the bathroom at night, use a very low power light or a red light.

Sleeping mistake 3- Viewing computer screen or TV too much before bed

It is true that human being these days cannot live without television as well as computer. One is for entertainment and another one is related to work. But, it is better to avoid viewing these two just before going to bed. Rather, this will disrupt your night sleep at night and you will feel restless even when you are in bed. These activities are responsible for stimulating your hormones and it will give rise to your ability of falling asleep.

Sleeping mistake 4- wearing tight fitting clothes in bed

You must have been wearing garments and clothes with good fitting when you are attending your official clients and going for daily work schedule. You need to make yourself presentable in front of the crowd. But, at night no one is viewing you as you at alone in bed. This is the time when you need to stay relaxed and comfortable. Wearing tight fitting clothes is not a good idea here. You cannot feel comfortable while sleeping at night. Ladies must also drop their undergarments while sleeping at night. Wearing tight clothes will raise your body temperature at night which will also reduce secretion of growth hormone.

Sleeping mistake 5 – Getting inadequate sleep

Human being must sleep for a period of 8 to 9 hours regularly to stay healthy. If you are having less sleep than this, this will be insufficient and will hamper your health. According to the American cancer association, cancer cells are likely to grow in those individuals who sleep consistently for six hours or even less than it. If you can sleep for around 7 and half hour, it will be good for health. If you wake up in the morning without alarm, it means that you had a good sleep.

Sleeping mistake 6- Sleeping with lights on

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If you sleep with your light on, there will be interference with regards to release of melatonin.  There will be impact with regards to the release in growth hormone.  You can get cortisol abnormally high as soon as you get the exposure to light. It is better to stay away from electromagnetic field that gets emitted from the electronic device. You will be left with the disruption of pineal gland which is responsible for the production of serotonin and melatonin.

Sleeping mistake 7- late night exercise

It’s true that an individual who have been exercising on a regular basis would always stay active and can sleep better at night. But, this is effective if you can do early in the morning. But, if you go for late night exercise, cardio sessions etc would increase your body temperature which will be a hindrance in the path of releasing melatonin. Thus, your ability in falling asleep will be lower.

Sleeping mistake 8- keeping bedroom too warm

Coziness is what we always want when we are at bed. But, it is important not to make the sleeping environment too warm which will interfere in the process of natural cooling which is necessary in your body when you are asleep. Thus, disruption will take place with too much warm appearance of the bedroom.  This will also give rise to disruption of growth hormone release.

Sleeping mistake 9- Not opening blinds and windows in the morning

It is important to note that melatonin will be lowest in the morning.  Once you stay in darkness, your brain will not send signal to your body that the time has come when you should leave the darkness and rise. If you get higher melatonin during the day, there will be lower of serotonin which will also give rise to craving, depression and anxiety.

You need to open the windows and outlets so that the sun rays enter inside and you can wake up early.

Sleeping mistake 10: late sleeping

A national sleep survey has been conducted in the years 2005 in which more than half of the participants had high energy during the morning by 41 of them likes to stay awake late at night.  But, those who stay awake at night have been proved to have suffered from the symptoms of sleep apnea or insomnia.  This gives rise to hormonal imbalance in people due to an increase in cortesol. This will also affect the body metabolism of individuals.  Even there will be a release of cortisol which will affect the restful period of sleep.