Is media multitasking worth for a change in brain structure?

One of the findings of the researchers reveals that, use of media devices can make alteration in human brain. This can also be the result of anxiety and depression development among individuals.

One of the journals also revealed that, simultaneous use of various media such as laptops, notebooks, print newspapers, mobile phones as well as magazines has connection with the area of lower brain density that is connected with controlling emotional and cognitive functions.

One of the neuron scientist also said that, today multitasking is becoming much more prevalent in the lives of individual that emotional and cognitive wellbeing of individual suffers a lot. The impact also falls on social wellbeing.

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The fellow researchers proceeded with the queries to 75 adults who are having the habit of multi tasking through various gadgets and media devices. They also used MRI to carry on with the study of the brain structures.

The alteration of brain structure was proved to have link with excessive media usage within the research and study. But, the researchers were not fully satisfied. Rather, they wish to go ahead with further research about whether the lower grey matter density is a causality of a reason behind establishment of higher media multitasking.

According to Kep kee Loh, the changes associated with human brain and emotional factors are still not clear. A long and detail study will be required to find out the actual direction of its cause and without any ambiguity.

Brain structure formation depends on various factors. Multitasking is also related to the change in brain structure.  Human brain can be changes with the use of the media service. This is also noted by the researchers. It was also proved that the reckless use of gadgets such as mobiles, smart phones etc in a simultaneous fashion can even effect the density of your brain matter. This would largely affect the areas where you have both emotional and cognitive function. But in our present days life, the media multitasking is really common. We cannot just stay without this activity.

Role of digital world

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These days everywhere we go and everything we do is connected to digitalization and online world. As our profession demands, we cannot just work without the involvement of smart phones and laptops. But while doing it, we are actually creating a mess in our brain network. A research was conducted where the participants were the one who uses print media and television network and another group with no media involvement. There was further examination of their cognitive function and emotions. The result of the media showed that, individuals who are connected to the media and digital world have less grey matters in brains.

Emotional distress

The researchers studying the multitasking behavior also examine the emotional level of individuals who have experienced use of gadgets and media devices. It has been found that people with such involvement with multitasking have weak emotions with lots of outburst and disappointment. Even they are not happy with their family life. They stay highly frustrated. Patience and tolerance is what they do miss in their life. Since they get everything in jet fast speed, even in other parts of their life they wishes to experience the same. Since they don’t get it everything so fast in life, creates problem and unfair emotion.

Effect in cognitive function

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The cognitive function of human being are highly affected when individual keep on dealing with multitasking gadgets simultaneously.  They lack creativity in life. Thus they are found to have reduced common sense and intelligence. If you are still suffering with same problem, check this today.