Top cord blood banks in india

Today, Tran-scell has created a revolutionary effect in the medical industry. This has becomes a wonderful ailments with regards to the treatments of various diseases. It is basically having a large reserve of the cord blood stem cells which is equipped with rich source of powerful blood stems which also have the capability of developing and regeneration of cells as well as tissues.  Generally, the cord bloods are collected from the placenta after a child’s birth.

Individuals suffering from variety of genetic disorders as well as hematopoietic can get wonderful ailments and treatment process through these cord bloods. The stem cells are very effective in treating the diseases such as anemia, leukemia and lymphoma.

You must have heard about the blood banks where human blood belonging to different groups is stored. Whenever there is a requirement of specific blood group in hospitals or the heath care sector for saving a patient, the blood is taken from such blood bank. But, what are cord blood banks? You must have heard this term for the first time. But, it is an interesting subject which you must know by now. The Cord blood banks are the places where the umbilical cord blood is stored at the time of stem cell therapy.

Since people are accepting the stem cell therapy these days, this treatment has become quite popular. You can now get Cord blood banks in India both in private and public ownership.

List of top cord blood banks in India

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It may be easy to get attached to the companies that supplies stem cells. But, it is good to avail the services from the accredited companies. Some of them are as follows

  • Cryobanks International India private Ltd  ( city of establishment – Gurgaon)
  • Reliance life science ( city –Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Life cell international private Ltd ( Chennai)
  • Stemcyte India Therapeutics Pvt Ltd (Gujrat)
  • Cord Life science India Pvt Ltd ( south 24 parganas)

Benefits of top cord blood banks in India

Today, the top cord blood banks in India are offering variety of stem cells that can be utilized according to the particular treatment requirements. The stem cell treatment provided by the cord blood banks in India has helped carving the distinct niches in the medical industry. Here, you can find an experienced team of medical professional that helps increasing the span of the stem cell.  You can now bank the cord bank in two ways : private banks ( here the recipient would be only the recipient of the child who has donated) and in public bank ( anyone can use who has their cell type matching).  Your child will be in a position to get a treatment of very serious diseases such as traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and tumors.

Worthiness of cord blood banking

Many people who are not aware of the benefits provided by stem cell therapy would question their medical practitioner about whether the cord blood banking is worth. Also the parents of the babies who require chord would become really emotional and would say money is not an important fact when it is about the life and death of a child. Even if they are ready to pay good sum to the donor, no donor might be available. But, the top chord banks in India have the solution always. Thus, the cord blood banks are really important for the patient parties and patients suffering from various diseases.

Cost of the cord blood banking

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Since, the cord blood banks in India are not very few in number today quoting the exact price will not be really easy. More banks are sprouting in the recent years.  The private cord blood banking will be little expensive as compared to those of the public cord blood banking.

The private organizations with the reserve of cord blood stem cells are equipped with experienced pediatric hematopoietic cell transplantation physician. The public cord blood bank transfers the collected cord blood to the University of Colorado where the processing of cord blood stem cells takes place. The laboratory will scrutinize the blood cells and find out whether it is suitable for transplantation. Once they have realized that it is suitable, it is tissue typed and then frozen. The representative stores it in a liquid nitrogen freezer. Till date, the promotion of the family directed cord blood banking are not so much promoted like those of public cord blood banking. Some private banks do not meet the necessary criteria needed to open and avail the service of the cord banking.

Flaws of private cell blood banking

The physicians practicing and dealing with the stem cells in the private cord blood banking must be familiar with regards to rationality of the cord blood banking service. Even various NGOs and authors have stood against the practices in private cord blood banking where HCT is likely indicated in the family. The effects of marketing for the cord blood banking would create an emotional effect at the time of the child birth. Thus, they will always look for the physician’s advice at this particular point of time. Government is also intervening into the matters of private cord banking in order to provide better services to the families. These organizations should also meet the minimum standard.  The investigation team would closely monitor the same with the common standard.

Endorsement of private cord banking

There are few pediatric hematopoietic cell transplantation physicians who make endorsement for the private cord blood banking. There are also done in absence of the identified recipient. The children with mixed ethnicity where suitable match is not present have a problem in surviving. The private cord banking is really important in this regard. But, sometimes the private cord blood banking organizations cannot make the accurate estimates for the need of the autologous transplantation. It is discourage to have biological insurance of the private storage cord blood. There must be national accreditation of the cord banks.

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Some countries have low usage rate of the sibling cord blood units with regards to the cell transplantation for child and the hematological malignancies. The concern authority says that, parents do not have to pay for their child’s accessibility of the umbilical cord to thousands of people in need. It is now important to make the capitalization on synergy which exists between the models of private and public cord banking. The physicians, who are using the cord bank units which are owned privately, are specifically asked to provide stem cell blood banking with authenticity. The stem cells must be laboratory tested with the best standard to supply the patient parties needing for variety of medication and treatment purposes. The organizations must have quality assurance with the appropriate cord track certification as well as enactment

Top cord blood banks in india

Lifeforce cryobanks

The Lifeforce Cryobanks from the makers Cryobanks International Inc is the first Cord bank in India that has the set up of cord blood. The organization also provides donation through their various programs such as private cord banks or public cord blood donation. The Cord blood bank in India also has the international ventures to be set up in Africa and Thailand.

Life cell

Life cell is one of the well known and most popular Cord blood banks in India that has its laboratories in the cities Gurgaon and Chennai. It was one at the time of its inception. But today it has managed to form several branches throughout various parts of India. It has many products such as cord blood banking, menstrual blood stem cell banking, cord tissue stem cell banking, etc.

Baby cell

This is another among the Cord blood banks in India that have been helping end number of people in getting treatment of the critical problems. The storage techniques of cord blood in this bank are known to be the best in the market. The location of this well known stem blood cell bank is Maharashtra. Till date the bank has preserved the cord blood of more than 10,000 families around the nation. The organization has the facility to give shipping arrangement in any part of India.