Summer health care tips for aged people

As people cross 50 years of their age, they must be aware of the potential health risks associated with their physical condition. It is important to take proper care of health and wellbeing once you have crossed certain age. Seniors have different health risk which must be understood by different people around the world. Especially during the summer season, variety of health risks gets associates with the well being of each individual.

Whenever there is a change in weather, senior citizens or aged people suffers a lot. They should be taken good care during the summer season. This article will speak about summer health care tips for the aged people. The potential health risks are also an important factor for the aged people. You must have heard about heat stokes taking place during summer. This is quite common among the aged people. Health care tips during summer for aged people will be discussed in this article. Let’s find out some points.

Summer health care tips for aged people

Keep yourself active

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When old age hits, the only way to fight it is by being healthy and active. You have to keep yourself in shape so that you continue to have your balance, flexibility and strength intact. This will also help to keep your heart fit and young. Any form of exercise be it walking for half an hour a day can reduce the levels of stress, prevent a wide range of illness, helps to fight insomnia and will give you a better and healthier look.

Keep an eye on your weight

Your worst enemies are high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases and diabetes. You need to keep all of them under control. And, how is it that you can control it? By keeping an open eye on your body weight. You should find out the right Body Mass Index and stick to it.

Manage your stress and anxiety levels

You can do breathing exercises and yoga everyday to take care of your stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation helps too. Your body will only stay fit and happy if you take good care of your mind and soul.

Regular visits to your doctor

If you are under the senior citizen group then you should always have a doctor to talk to about your health and the concerns you have regarding it. Ask your doctor how the rise in temperature will affect your body, if you are on some medication. Some medicines loose their impact when they are subjected to heat. To avoid aggravation of your health conditions talk to your doctor about your health.

Spend time with your friends

The best way to have an active social life is by knowing your neighbors well. Spend some time with them. Ask your neighbor to check on you, if they don’t see you for a day. Summers can cause a lot of troubles for the senior citizens. And, it is only another boon of having friends around you.

Keep your speed dial ready

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If you own and know how to operate a smartphone, then use the speed dial service to save numbers on priority list. If need comes all you will have to do is, dial one  digit. Otherwise write a few numbers on a piece of paper and also have it near you. When you need someone for help there will be no time wasted in finding the phone numbers.

Avoid Alcoholic beverage and caffeine

During the summer season, you must avoid drinking Caffeine as well as alcoholic beverage. If you are in a habit of consuming these fluids on a regular basis, it is better to reduce the amount of these beverages when summer approaches. It is better to drink flavored or plain water as this will be effective substitute of caffeine during the summer season.

Try to stay indoors

Since the scotching heat of summer is very harmful for people crossing 50 years of age, it will be better for them to stay indoors especially during the day time. You may keep your outdoor task after the sunset. Due to extreme heat as well as humidity aged people can be easily affected. If you go outside, it will be really hard to maintain normal temperature.

Proper dress

During the summer season, the dress that you wear must be appropriate. Wearing clothing made of synthetic fabric will not be appropriate. It is better to wear the cotton cloth as that will be really appropriate to beat the heat of summer climate. Light color clothes are better as its reflects the sun as well as heat rather than the dark colors which has tendency of attracting.

Air conditioning

Another important way of staying cool for seniors during the summer season is the air conditioning. It is not possible for everyone to have a air conditioning at home. You can go to some other places such as movie halls, multiplexes, office, etc to get yourself air conditioned.

Sun block

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There are different ways of blocking sun rays which can be easily availed by the seniors with age. In order to block the excess heat, you can wear hats; sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 can also be applied on skin. You can easily protect your skin from damage.

Plenty of fluids

It is better to drink plenty of liquids in order to keep yourself hydrated. At least 8 glasses or ounce of water in a day will be appropriate to stay healthy during the summer heat. You can also consume fruit juices everyday in order to stay hydrated. Along with a source of hydration, it is also quite important to drink fruit juices as it will supply enough of vitamin C in your body.

Keeping home cool

It will be better to keep your home cool instead of moving out and making yourself feel cold. You can place water cooler and maintain a cool temperature which will be not more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light dress

You must ask your grandma or grandfather to dress in very light fabric during summer. It is better to go for the clothing with loose fitting. The cotton fabrics are better than the synthetic and nylon variety. Also make your grandparents wear light color fabrics. This will reflect light instead of absorbing.

Moisturize skin

Whether it is summer or winter, getting your skin adequate moisturizer is important. This is more appropriate for elderly people. The skin tone deteriorates as people age. Thus, the skin becomes dry and scaly. You must make the elders apply a gentle moisturizer so that the skin stays healthy. This is another summer health care tips for elders.

Plenty of nutrition in diet

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It is important to have plenty of nutrition in diet of elderly people. They repeatedly keep on reducing nutrient content in their body as a natural process of aging. In order to replenish that nutrition you must consume fish like salmon, Omega 3 fatty acid, tuna etc. There are also green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach that provides good source of nutrients.

Eye protection

When elders moves out, UV rays from sun seems to affect their eyes maximum. The defensive mechanism reduces are the immunity power has widely reduced among the elders. It is important to wear a sunglass before going out in scorching sun rays so that the harmful rays from sun cannot affect those old eyes. This is again summer health care tips for the elders. Implement it today and see the result.