2019 new year decorations

Are you all prepared to welcome the New Year 2019? It is now just a few months before the New Year hits. New Year means New Year celebrations and it can never be complete without New Year parties and special gatherings. To make your New Year parties and gatherings really special giving your home the “New Look” is important.  A new paint on the wall can certainly add a lot to the overall look of your home, but even a new paint is not all to give your home the New Year ready look.

The special decorations of New Year can add a lot to the overall appearance of your home and can also make your New Year parties really special. Here we have collected some of the best 2019 new year decoration ideas for you. Check out and pick the one that you like most. You can also pick different decorations from this list for different rooms.

New year cake table decoration


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The New Year cake certainly needs special emphasize in any New Year decoration. You can easily add to your New Year decoration by making the cake table look really special. The above picture of New Year table decoration can be a good inspiration for you this year. Before we get to the table arrangement, first let us focus on the background of the table. To give the decoration a special look the wall at the back of the table has been covered with a glittery silver curtain. A Happy New Year banner with paper pieces has been hanged over the curtain. The cake table itself has a light color but a contrasting chocolate table mat has been used on it. The New Year cake and the New Year special sweets have been arranged over the table in white and decorative stands to complete the decoration.

Balloon decoration for your drawing room


This gorgeous drawing room decoration can actually add a lot to your New Year party. This decoration looks gorgeous but believe us it is neither difficult nor expensive. All you need to make this decoration work are mirrors of different sizes and shapes. Attach the mirrors in the walls at a height and then use golden color hydrogen/helium air filled balloons with laced golden long tails for tying across the room. Make sure that the balloons are placed at different lengths to get the look.

Simple new year decoration with balloons and paper lamp shades


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Want to keep your New Year 2019 decoration simple? Check out this pattern. It is easy to get and can give your home the right fresh look. For this decoration you will need some solid and transparent white balloons along with glittery golden ribbons, papers and paper lampshades of the tone that goes well with the color of the walls of the room. You can also add a few balloons matching with the wall color. First, cut the golden papers in floral shape and add them with strings of the paper lampshades. The paper lampshades should have different lengths. Now add the prepared bunches of balloons in-between the lampshades and your New Year decoration is complete.

New Year cake table decoration idea with candles


This is a royal New Year cake table decoration idea. The simplicity of this decoration makes it stand out. Here the white, decorative New Year cakes have been placed on intricately worked metal made golden cake stands and the stands have been kept at the three corners of an imaginary triangle. To complete the decoration, the whole table has been filled with small candles kept in transparent, candle bases with intricate golden work on them.

Balloon chains for home decoration in New Year 2019


Making balloon chains is simple. If you think that the simple balloon chains lack creativity you can easily make them unique by adding some glitter spray and colorful Polystyrene balls. Collect balloons of different colors but of same size and shape. Now fill these balloons with some colorful polystyrene balls. Wrap the ends with thread and then tie all the balloons in a chain with a white ribbon. Now use the glitter spray on the balloons in the chain to make different designs of your choice. Hang the chains on the doorways or around the rooms.

New Year 2019 decoration with ribbons and balloons


If you are inspired by this 2019 decoration idea the first thing you need to keep in mind before buying your stock is the color combination of your room. This decoration looks so beautiful and dreamy only because the colors of the balloons go nicely with the color of the room and the furniture in it. While mostly solid and transparent white balloons have been used for the decoration, the use of yellow colored solid balloons at strategic positions has given this decoration a complete new dimension. The balloons have been filled with Hydrogen/Helium and their ends have been tied with glittery silver ribbons to get the look.

New Year lunch table decoration


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The lunch table on the New Year gathering deserves some special decoration and this one is a nice example of how your New Year 2019 dinner table should look like. This balloon decoration has a luxurious look to it but it is not at all difficult to get. Collect large round balloons in at least 3 different colors that have parity with the color of the room and furnishing. Blow up these balloons with Hydrogen/Helium and tie a long and thick ribbon of contrasting shade at the end of each of the balloons. Now, stick few balloons, in alternate colors, together side by side. Once you have made the outer box and have made it fixed with the ceiling, you can simply arrange the other balloons fit within the box maintaining the color scheme.

Happy New Year Balloon Decoration


Before you friends arrive to enjoy the evening of the new year with a beautiful bottle of wine, arrange your room with a golden “Happy New Year” balloon decoration as shown in this picture. This type of wall hanging balloon is easily available in the market and hanging them near the place where you are going to celebrate the New Year can be a simple and effective decoration idea.

Bunched golden star New Year decoration


Decorate the walls of your rooms with bunched golden stars this New Year. This is a simple home decoration idea that can be easily tuned with the New year mood and is least expensive. Prepare the golden stars with cardboard pieces of golden color. You can also add golden paper on the cardboard pieces or use some golden spray paints.  Now use thicker thread in your sewing machine to sew in the stars together on the thread at different distances from each other. Finally make a bunch with these sewn stars and hang them on the wall in different patterns to create the look.

Golden and silver hanging star decoration


You can buy this type of decorative stars easily from your nearest supermarket for decorating your home this New Year. While purchasing the stock, make sure that you buy stars of different sizes but of the same shape and pattern. These stars usually come with hanging threads, but if they lack the thread add some from your home and hang them in the doorway or in the drawing room to give your home the New Year ready look.

Heart shaped balloon decoration for New Year


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Well, the above picture has been taken from a Valentine’s Day decoration but you can use the same idea for decorating the cake tables and beds in your room this New Year. You can also add this type of balloon decoration on the floor of the rooms to give the rooms a beautiful look.  Here the heart shaped balloons come in different gorgeous colors with wishes written on them. These are filled with light air which makes them float in the air on their own. These balloons are usually available with the attached base, or you can also attach the bases with the long laces of the balloons at home. Just make sure that the balloons are of different colors and they are placed at different heights to create the look.