Amazing health benefits of green garlic / leeks

Green garlic is the younger form of the real garlic and this is collected before the cloves start to mature. The formation looks like a scallion and the vegetable has a deep green stalk and there is the bulb of the pale colour at the end. The farmers bring the green garlic directly to the market and these are in great demand these days as the green garlic comes with innumerable health benefits these days.

The form of garlic is often recommended by the physicians as they know that on the regular intake of the same you are sure to stay in the best of health ever.

The green garlic can reduce chances of cancer

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It is said that green garlic has the anti-cancer element and it is known to cause the protection of the blood vessel lining and in the way the same is protected from being damaged. This happens as there is an increased production of the nitric oxide and this helps in the relaxation and the dilating of the blood vessels. If you take leeks in the right amount you are sure not to suffer from gastric cancer so make sure to have the vegetable in your daily diet. The sort of vegetable has the capacity to fight against several ailments. This is the best component to reduce chances of stomach and colorectal cancers. This is the reason the intake of the same is sure to help you stay safe and less endangered.

Strengthens you at the time of pregnancy

Green garlic contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins. Leeks are rich in Vitamin A and K. The vegetable has the right amount of folic acid and it also contains riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, magnesium and the rest. If you have leeks at the time of pregnancy you can really get rid of the neural defects in case of the newborn babies. Leeks will help the heart stay in the best of condition as it keeps levels of the homocysteine in the right order. Now, you are sure to have reduced chances of heart diseases, stroke and blood clots.

Leek is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

Leek is the perfect antiseptic and the anti-inflammatory compound and it is great for people who are suffering from arthritis. In case you have severe pain due to arthritis you can use the juice of leek to stay well during those painful days. It also helps in treating conditions of gout and even when there is inflammation in the area of the urinary tract.

Leek has aphrodisiac effects

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Leek or the green garlic is known for the sort of aphrodisiac effects. You can prepare a juice of leek and celery and very soon you can notice the difference. You can feel the goodness of the vegetable and in the process it hikes the general goodness of the human body. This is the reason it is best that you have the garlic in the fresh form directly from the market and a preparation with the same is sure to help you have the perfect health status.

The balsamic action of leek

Leek is also known to have the right Balsamic action. Leek has the right content of the volatile oil and this is the reason the juice of the green garlic is considered to be beneficial for the respiratory tract. This is the reason one can use leek in relieving the symptoms having connection with cold, flu, and the condition of hay fever. However, it is important that you buy leek at the right state so that it can benefit the health in number of ways. On the intake of the vegetable it is true that your general health condition will be improved.

Cures high blood pressure and high cholesterol

The vegetable helps in curing conditions of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Leeks have the right content of potassium and this helps in the promotion of diuresis and in the process the blood pressure is well regulated and it gets lowered at the right time. So, if you are suffering from hypertension the leek juice is just perfect for you. Leek also promotes anti cholesterol action. It helps in the reduction of the cholesterol absorption from the intestine and also prevents the oxidation of the LDL-cholesterol in the content of the blood.