What is Ai Chi? Benefits of Ai Chi during Pregnancy

What is Ai Chi?

Some figure of aquatic workout is termed as Ai Chi which may be used for relaxation, recreation, fitness and also may be used for physical treatment. Clinical Ai Chi is something different and it is the different specialized form of Ai Chi applied as aquatic therapy. Ai Chi applies the breathing methods and training for progressive resistance within the water to calm down as well as strengthen body parts. Actually, the technique for deep breathing is applied in Ai Chi including the elements tai chi chuan and qigong.

Benefits of Ai Chi during pregnancy

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Ai Chi is the form of martial art of Tai Chi that can be practiced in water. Tai Chi is the art carried out with slow, systematic fluid movement with low impact on the body. This sort of movement can produce low impact in the body with the easy flow of energy within the body. This is a sort of martial art with easy kicks, jumps, punching etc. Though the art involves the slow movement of the body, still the total focus remains on breathing and body sensation. The movements are linked with the reactions in the body.

The exercises involved in this art are different from ordinary nature of exercises. This involves the exercises with circular movements leading to relaxations in the body. The exercises involve the easy flowing movements in the tissue and not in forced manner. For this purpose, the Ai Chi is very useful in pregnancy. The slow movements stretch the tissues, not in the forced way, so the comfort level is achieved and relaxation may be sensed within the body. The joints are not strictly bent and not perfectly stretched in this art. The resulting effect on the body is very relaxing and helpful for the body.

Advantages of Ai Chi

During pregnancy, the boy is immersed till shoulder under water. Tai Chi is developed in Qigong. The slow movement underwater with a deep breath can settle relaxation with slow energy flow in the body. It brings peace in mind in a balanced condition of the body. Modern life only knows to earn money and provides more stress on earning. But the health is neglected. So, to overcome the health issues, they have to spend a lot. The exercises may be done like Ai Chi to avoid future health hazards.

The following advantages are found to happen after the exercises for Ai Chi:

  • Can provide relaxation to the mind and body.
  • Relieves pain in the body.
  • Core muscles can be strengthened.
  • Balance of the body increases.
  • Flexibility of the body is enhanced.
  • Enhances the circulation of blood, promotes energy in the body.
  • Reduces stiffness in joints and muscles.
  • Modify can be enhanced.
  • Range of motion is enhanced.
  • Symptoms of depression can be reduced.
  • Anxiety is reduced.
  • Fatigue may be minimized.

The people who can perform the Ai Chi

People of any age can perform Ai Chi and can achieve the benefits of the exercises. Disabled or physically challenged people can also perform the exercises. People can be relieved from pain by the help of exercises. Even pregnant women can perform the Ai Chi.

Advantages of Ai Chi in pregnancy

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The pregnant women face many problems like swelling, back pain, body pain, tight muscles, heaviness, high blood pressure, tiredness, and nausea. These pregnant women can get much relief out of Ai Chi. Practicing the exercises of Ai Chi can give oxygen intake in sufficient amount to the pregnant women and the baby. The mother and the baby will get peace and balanced state. The oxygen supply to the brain for both mother and baby will be enhanced by the help of the exercises. A sense of togetherness will be experienced by the baby and the mother. A divine peace will be achieved by the mother and baby.

A survey of the 41-year-old pregnant mother has revealed that thrice a week performance on Ai Chi has helped to consume the better amount of oxygen both in baby and mother. Cardiac stroke and volume are also enhanced in this way. The exercises may support better stress and better performance against stress. Anxiety and depression of pregnant women can be relieved to some extent. Study on pregnant women has revealed the fact. The exercises can give the measure of holistic activities. This sort of activities can result in mental peace.

The exercise of Ai Chi can lead to mental peace and holistic environment. The exercises of Ai Chi involve lots of fun, excitements, and enjoyments. Sometimes, the exercises are done in groups and the style can change the mood and environment. Exercises are always popular for the healthy body and Ai Chi is specially provided health benefits during pregnancy and is done under water. This form of art of Ai Chi can be termed as moving meditation and it is popular from ancient times. Ai Chi has been proved that health benefits may be achieved during pregnancy. The following benefits may also be achieved during pregnancy:

  • Ai Chi can promote the correction of body posture.
  • Enhances balance within the body.
  • Coordination within body function increases.
  • Blood pressure condition improves.
  • Ai Chi does not need any equipment.
  • Almost all categories of people can perform the exercises.
  • Mental condition may improve with the meditation style of Ai Chi.
  • Deep breathing techniques may help in the above problem.
  • Strength of arms and legs are improved which can carry the baby in better way.
  • The techniques of Ai Chi are easy to learn.
  • The circular motion during the exercises can build up muscle tone without stretching.

The utilities of Ai Chi can be shown in many ways in pregnancy and for this purpose as moving meditation. Ai Chi can build up the mental peace by the meditation forms of exercises. It can decrease the blood pressure, anxiety, and hypertension. These improvements can lead to happy pregnancy. If the conditions within the body during pregnancy are improved, then childbirth will also not be tough. The most important factor is the improvement of cardiac health. One of the major cause of death during pregnancy in the U.S is the heart disease. If the causes of death may be removed, then people can enhance the life in upper grade with happy birth and happy living.

The unique combination of fluid movement and deep breath may produce a great impact on the body during pregnancy. Many problems including the cardiac diseases may be reduced and the childbirth may be easier. The mobility and flexibility of the body will be increased by the adoption of Ai Chi techniques. Consumption of better amount of oxygen is possible due to the Ai Chi exercises.

Ai Chi does not offer vigorous exercises and these are very gentle in nature. Therefore, those who have not done exercises before can manage during pregnancy. Ai Chi is very much helpful in pregnancy period resulting in mental peace in mind and physical fitness within the body. This mobility, flexibility of the body is very much helpful to carry the baby. So, please adopt Ai Chi during pregnancy for happy living and happy childbirth.