How to lose weight with flax seeds?

Flax seeds can make an excellent item in any weight loss diet. These seeds can be highly helpful to promote weight loss in a number of ways. However, consuming flax seeds might not be suitable for every one particularly if you have some particular ailments, and hence before you include a good dose of flax seeds in your daily diet, checking out with your doctor is vital. In this article, first we will discuss on how flax seeds can help in weight loss. Read on,

The fiber in flax seeds support weight loss

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Flax seeds have high fiber content. As little as 1 spoon of flax seeds contains around 3 grams of fiber which is sufficient to make all the difference. The high fiber content of these seeds fills your hunger quicker and promotes satiation that lasts longer. So, to put it in simple words, the high fiber content of flax seeds fills your stomach without adding to the total calorie intake and as your stomach is filled for less food, automatically your total calorie consumption is reduced which can be the key to lose weight. In addition to making you feel more satiated for eating less, the fiber in flax seeds also promotes better digestive health which can be effective in curing problems like bloating and constipation that are directly related to a bulging stomach.

Flax seeds increase insulin sensitivity in the body

Some studies have shown that flax seeds might be effective to increase insulin sensitivity in the body. People who are pre-diabetic and have lesser sensitivity for insulin are sure to have weight loss benefits due to increased insulin sensitivity. So, if you are in the pre-diabetic group or insulin insensitivity is a cause of weight gain for you, then flax seeds can be highly effective to lose the extra weight quickly.

Omega-3 of flax seeds for weight loss

Flax seeds are a great source of Omega-3-fatty acids that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by limiting the bad cholesterol in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be effective in burning more fat in the muscles during exercise. So, when you are on a mission to lose weight, including flax seeds in your diet along with a regular dose of exercise can offer the best weight loss benefits.

Lignans of flax seeds can help in boosting metabolism

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Flax seeds are one of the most significant sources of lignans. The lignans have proven antioxidant properties and in addition to that they also promote metabolism in the body which can be highly helpful for losing weight.

So, now you know why flax seeds are considered as an effective diet element for losing weight. The best thing about flax seeds is that they can be easily added to any of your dishes and moreover, you can even chew these seeds directly without having to cook or even soak them in water. Flax seeds do not taste bad, and anyone can consume them directly. However, while having flax seeds, cooked, soaked or raw, in every case ensure that you chew the seeds really well.

How to include flax seeds in your diet

When you are looking for the best weight loss benefits, you can easily munch on a handful of flax seeds in the morning right after getting out of the bed. It will also help in curing problems like constipation. You can also drink a glass of warm water mixed with finely grounded flax seeds the first thing in the morning. Soaking the flax seeds in water over night and then consuming them raw in the morning can also be good for quick weight loss. Try to munch on these seeds the first thing in the morning and 20 minutes before having your meal. This will help in controlling hunger and will promote quick weight loss.

Apart from consuming the raw seeds or the grounded seeds directly, you can also add them to a range of foods that you take during the whole day. Here we will give you some ideas to use flax seeds in your diet for losing weight,

Flax seeds with oatmeal

Oatmeal makes a perfect breakfast item particularly because it is high in fiber and other nutrients while the calorie content of oats is actually low. When you are preparing your morning oats, while adding skimmed milk, and almonds to it, also sprinkle a spoon of flax seeds on the meal. Believe us, flax seeds do not taste bad and they will taste really good with the oats.If you are using grounded flax seeds, you can use 1 spoon of the powder to garnish the oatmeal and then have it as usual.

Flax seeds with chapatti

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You can make the regular chapattis more healthy by adding flax seeds with the wheat that you use for making chapattis. Make sure that you ground the flax seeds before you mix them and then prepare the chapattis as usual. The grounded flax seeds will only add to the taste.

Flax seeds with cakes, cookies and pancakes

You can also add grounded flax seeds to cakes, pancakes and cookies to get the weight loss and other health benefits of these seeds. However, when you are including grounded flax seeds to any of the recipes always make sure that you do not eat a lot of it in one day, because consuming lots of flax seeds in a day might result into light dysentery.

Flax seeds with smoothies

You can easily add the flax seeds into your favorite smoothie to get its benefits. A smoothie made from milk, fruits like strawberries, honey and flax seeds can actually taste great. You need not to do anything special to include these seeds in your smoothie, just grind them together with the other ingredients.

Flax seeds with raita

Adding flax seeds in the raita can be another delicious way of including these highly beneficial seeds in your daily diet. Prepare the raita as you prefer and add roasted and coarsely grounded flax seeds to it. Try to mix the seeds after you have completed the application of heat to the preparation.