Best Alia Bhat hairstyles

The bubbly cute and our very girl-next-door Alia knows her style very well. Be it sporty, romantic, adventurous or professional, she is a pro at carrying herself in the best of attires with some of the most flattering hairstyles. Always giving us major hair and outfit goals, we must say if you’re looking for options to spruce up your hair this season, we have got you covered.

Without having to visit your salon, chop or style them, you can easily take notes of the best looks donned by Alia Bhat recently and try them out. Funky braids, top knots, romantic waves and hunbuns, she’s a slayer!

Throwback Braids

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One of the most summer killer looks flaunted by the charming Alia recently took all our attention. The beautifully braided hair in an inverse triangle shape gives a fresh appeal to her image, sharpens the soft features and pops out that heart-melting smile. You can easily make these by dividing your hair into two parts. Start plaiting from the hemline and take a V shape. Ditch that rubber band and instead wrap the hair strand around your braid for the lovely look.

Feminista Fatale

Heading for a quick brunch or a long drive with your date? Look no further than this amazing messy low bun updo to take you from desk to date in seconds. You can easily re-create this look by pulling back your hair and taking a braid strand to merge with the messy low bun falling on one side. It will further enhance your soft looks and lets you be the dreamy princess.

Braid Crown

Alia looked stunning in this gorgeous crown braid which is so much in trend already. As she paired this look with a navy coatdress and put on the minimal strokes of makeup to her face, it was irresistible for us to sit and stare at this beauty. The cascading locks falling down her back while the crown sits pretty on her head. Don’t you girls want to feel truly pretty like this Diva?

Summer Bummer

The latest trend hitting the town with its half top knots up do is making us go crazy. A casual sporty look which can be carried off at parties, events, work and even college. All you need to do is part your hair into two sections and take the upper layer to wrap a top knot while keeping the lower layer open. This will instantly give a kick to your look, and we bet, there are heads turning around.

Topknot Trotter

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We love how she beats the summer heat and stays in a clean minimalist topknot. Sleek pull back hair when swept off into a higher bun sitting on the crown of your head, it’s an instant glam-up quotient. Whether you’re dressed casually or workwear or even ethnic, topknots go easy with everything and everywhere. So, when bad hair day strikes, take your hair up for a ride.

Pony Pride

Alia cheerfully struts down the street in her signature style while she gleams charm and subtle innocence radiating bright in her eyes. She floors us time and again with an effervescent ponytail with a twist. A gorgeous bouffant firmly topping her hair while followed by a cute pony is what defined Alia’s eternal style.  We’re in love with her high-school sweetheart look.

Beach Bae

Nothing spells oh-so-scintillating than Alia’s straight outta beach hair. Spraying mist to her naturally wavy hair with a touch of mousse to let the slick look reflect through her darling damsel face. She absolutely nails this look in a denim, spaghetti and a cape. How can we not fall in love all over again!

Brunch Ready

Alia carries her own pocket full of sunshine as she breathes fresh as a daisy look keeping her tresses as dramatic as possible. Styled her hair with curls from the lower layer and messy open look with a pretty high-street gingham pants and tank top to steal the spotlight on-the-go. She is a sure stunner and we are stealing her look for weekend brunch.

Slick Chick

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We can’t take our eyes off of Alia in this elegant upbrow look. Side swept her natural waves to one side and talking through her thick mascara laden eyes, call us knocked out totally. You can take this look to wedding events and even friends gathering. Make sure you neatly comb out and spray some mist to add a natural texture. You can help this look work for longer hours by pinning them to the back, this way the hair won’t fall over your face, maintaining a cleaner look.

Dolled Up

Alia truly gives us all the reasons to play dress up and get out of our home on weekends. With hair done up like a dream, she is totally flaunting her voluminous wavy locks falling on her shoulders and making us go envious. Layered locks with a hint of color is what she swears for, and so do we.