Beautiful bangle henna designs with images

Bangle designs include flowers, motifs, lines and curves. Some bangle designs are made just on the wrist while others spread through the length of the arm. Mehndi generally leaves behind a reddish brown color, but with new technology there are new kinds of mehndi designs that have been developed. These include colored, glittery forms of mehndi which are as attractive as the plain henna designs. Mehndi designs vary based on occasion, age and personal liking. Some of the designs are very elaborate while some are very simple.

Indian girls are fond of bangles and are equally fond of mehndi. When the two placed together with mehndi deigns in the form of bangles and bracelet, the charm and beauty of the hand increases considerably. Mehndi designs in the form of bangles have become more popular in the recent years. More and more women choose to have the mehndi design in the form of bangles and bracelet. The bangles enhance the beauty of both the hands and the artwork that is made on both sides of the hand. Women want exemplary mehndi bangles to be designed on their wrists.

The Arabic taste in Bangles

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Bangles are pretty items of jewelry that make a simple hand look good, similarly a Mehendi design makes a simple hand look so beautiful. Make bangles out of patterns of diamonds and lines on both the wrists. The Arabic taste falls on this Mehendi design since it uses so many patterns all at once to make for a great design.  

Wedding Jewelry Pattern

No wedding is complete with the right choice of jewelry on your hands wherein bangles are a must. This one is a simple Mehendi design which stretches the bangle design in a basic yet fancy way. The fingers share a same pattern with strings that familiarize additional pieces of jewelry attached to the two knuckles of your finger.

Flowers and just Flowers

A Mehendi Design looks incomplete without a flower on it, make it for a big one or a little one but do make one. This Mehendi design is all about flowers and floral lines that make for a bangle on the wrists as well as on the fingers while a big flower occupies the space of the palm.

The Paisley Print Mehendi Design

Some round flowers made from semi-circles and paisley print on your hands make for a gorgeous Mehendi design. If finely drawn on the wrist with a thick border with semi-circular flowers in between, and paisley prints outside the border going further till the knuckles will give your hands the jewelry taste.

Chequered and Paisley Patterns

Best mehndi designs for legs

Two patterns if mixed together by someone who has an artistic taste make for a very beautiful look. So, this Mehendi design is all about the mixture of some Chequered pattern on the wrist that has little dots by the corner of every chequered box resembling a real bangle. Paisley pattern on the rest of your hand with some flowers will just add to the beauty.

It is all about the Swirl

A swirl pattern always gives an “Oh! So beautiful.” look to the hands and a bangle that has swirl by the end along with some swirl type small patterns on the border is so unique. Get your hands draped in this Mehendi design which is yet again basic but very pretty.

Bangle henna designs

Simple bangle mehndi design for hands

This is a traditional bangle mehndi design with a lot of detailed work. A unique touch is given to the design by giving different shapes and widths to the bangle designs. This designis a great option for the brides.

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This design also looks very pretty and covers the whole hand including the wrist area. The design is different for both hands. Also these kinds of designs can be applied on all occasions.

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Best flower mehndi designs for legs

It is an extremely well designed bangle mehndi, done up in the form of two broad bangles combined together with chain The design is put on the backside of the palm in the form of the two beautifully designed bangles, unique textures are made on both sides of them to give it an entire exquisite look. The two semi-flowers are designed on both the sides on a lighter tone.

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 This bangle mehndi design is continued along with the texture done on the palms. The theme of the design is floral and intense work has been done on the fingers. The bangle designhere is on the front side and a semi-floral design is attached to the lower portion of the bangle

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This design reflects a complete bridal look. It consists of blend of eight exquisitely designed mehndi bangles that looks absolutely stunning and bewitching. Note the intense detailing done on each bangle

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Here is a mehndi design with bangles along the length of the arm. It is a typical design where floral patterns are drawn in lines from the beginning of the palm to the end of the elbow. It gives the appearance of several colored bangles worn in the arms…

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Easy circle mehndi designs

This is a simple unusual mehndi pattern with just a ring and a single elaborate bangle on the wrist. The entire palm and fingers are kept empty. It is an out of the normal ordinary mehndi designsthat are extremely ornamental and gaudy, but it still has merits to its character and stands apart in an elegant manner.

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This is an elaborate elbow length mehndi design that is common during marriage. In some countries the bride and bridegroom are made to wear such complicated designs. Note the fineness of lines and intrinsic detailing which gives the design an elaborate look.

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Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Here is a simple net mehndi bangles mehndi design. The intricate flower patterns on the sides make the design look like net bangles wound around the wrist.

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This is a smart bangle mehndi design for the hands. It looks like simple bangles around the wrists with large plain curve. It is design that requires less time and can be easily made.

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New mehndi designs for feet

This is an unusual colored bangle mehndi design that is eye catching. Usually mehndi leaves a red brownish color on the hands but today many people mehndi with certain colors and make it glittery and colorfulinstead of leaving it plain old brown. The colored bangles look pretty and alluring. The soft intricate pattern on the fingers adds beauty to the hand.