Top foot scrubs and foot soak recipes prepared at home

Like other several parts of your body, your feet must also be cared in order to stay healthy. The conditions like dried and cracked heels are really disgusting especially when you are visiting any social gatherings with your heels and feet skin visible. Skin health of your feel will be really important with some healthy scrubs and soaks. You might get some expensive feet soaks available in the market but getting them might not be possible always. Even some people might have allergies from the artificial scrubs available in the market. The best way will e to get some simple homemade recipes of foot soaks. Just with the simple ingredients available at home, it will be possible to get beautiful and crack free heels.

People have to work round the clock in a day in order to fulfill necessities of life. Housewives become tired by doing all household work to facilitate comfort for entire family. Working people also have to go out everyday. Walking till bus stop from office and again from the bus stop to home becomes stressful at the end of the day. There are some home remedies which can easily make your feet free from strain.

Just after walking in barefoot in the morning you need some comfort at home. A very simple way to get relaxation of foot pain is warm water. Take a wide mouth bowl and add some lukewarm water in it. Now add some salt in it. Now dip your feet in water and feel the difference. Now, you can find some homemade recipes in getting healthy feet.

Along with your face and hands, it is equally important to keep your feet look really attractive. There are some homemade scrubs and soaks that help in making your feet look attractive. Cracks and scaly appearance over your feet will be really very tough to withstand as when you are wearing the footwear that shows heels, the cracked heels will be really very hard to tolerate. You can go ahead with foot pampering remedy with advanced foot soak and soak remedy. The homemade combination is really attractive in this situation.

Homemade foot scrubs

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It is possible to make variety of scrubs based on season and individual’s skin tone. Sandal scrub can be used during the summer season when your feet sweat too much. There are many individuals who spend a lot in getting their toes professionally polished. But, you can now save some money which you have been spending so long for pedicure. When your skin gets dehydrated due to the cold weather, it becomes very important to care your feet.

Ingredients used to make foot scrub

ü  Lemon

ü  Sea salt

ü  Lemon zest

ü  Almond oil/olive oil

ü  Peppermint oil

Process of making the scrub

In order to make the foot scrub with all these above mentioned ingredients, take a small bowl made up of plastic. Add lemon, sea salt, peppermint oil, lemon zest, Almond oil / olive oil very well. Now mix all items very well. Now put these in an air tight jar and store it in refrigerator.  You can take a portion of the mixture with spoon from the jar and apply it on your feet.  Now keep the scrub for a period of 15 minutes and wash it away.

After this procedure, you can soak your feet in hot water and proceed for a milk bath.  You can also massage the scrub into the soles of your feet by using callous stone. You will get a soft and moisturizing effect of the feet. Even if your heels are shown 30 degrees outside, there will be no reason to hide them.

Peppermint foot scrub

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You can now make peppermint foot scrub easily at home. For this, you have to take one cup of granulated sugar and add the same in a bowl. Now add coconut oil, olive oil and mix them together. Mix them till they give grainy and thick consistency. Now you have to add few drops of peppermint oil in the mixture. You can apply this scrub on your foot from toe to tip really well and keep for sometime so that all the essential oils gets inside your skin through the skin pores and then wash it away.

Peppermint and rosemary foot scrubs

To make this foot scrub, the ingredients required are table salt ( a tablespoon), olive oil ( 2 table sp), Kosher salt ( 1/4th quantity), coconut oil ( 1 tsp), peppermint oil ( 3 drops), rosemary (1/2 tsp). Take a bowl and get all these ingredients in the required quantity and mix them all with a spoon. Now apply it over your feel and slowly massage it for 5 minutes where you can also get grainy appearance with the involvement of salt. This scrub will remove the dead skin from your heels and make it soft and healthy.

Sugar cookie scrub

Some very simple ingredients available at your kitchen will be appropriate in making this powerful scrub. You would require brown sugar of 2 tablespoon, olive oil – 2 tablespoon, white sugar- single spoon, and vanilla extract – half spoon. Get all these ingredients in a container and mix them all well. First of all add the brown sugar and white sugar in a container and blend them with the help of a hand blender. Now slowly add the olive oil and then the vanilla extract. In order to make a perfect mixture it will be advisable to use fork. You can make this in a good quantity and put it in a container and store it in a freezer for the future use. Apply the scrub over your heels and wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes slowly massage your heel remove the dead skin. After removing the scrub from the heels the skin around your heels will remain well moisturized and beautiful.

Strawberry and sugar scrub

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To make this homemade scrub, you would require half cut of white sugar with very thick cubes, strawberry aroma therapy oil – 2 to 3 drops, Olive oil – ½ cup. All these ingredients must be mixed in a container and applied over your heel area where cracks and disturbance is observed. This scrub needs to be kept for a period of 10 minutes at a stretch and slowly rub with the fingertips so that the cracked and dead skin and peels over your heels can be eradicated. You can slowly move your hand over your heels and entire portion of the feet for 10 minutes and leave for another 5 minutes. Then slowly wash it away by soaking your feet and heels in lukewarm water.

Lavender foot scrub

In order to make Lavender foot scrub, you would require the ingredients like lavender essential oil ( 8 drops), Epson salt or sea salt – 1 cup, dried Lavender Buds – 2 tablespoon, half cup of oil. While choosing oil, you can choose any oil starting from almond, grape seed to that of coconut oil. After combining lavender buds and salt in a container pour the essential oil slowly and then stir well. Once it is done, apply it over your feet and heels. It is important to apply this scrub over the damp feet so that your feet the hold the scrub well. You should apply this scrub much more over the portion where heels are rough and scaly.

Brown sugar foot scrub

This is a very simple food scrub where the ingredients required would include olive oil – ½ teaspoon, brown sugar – ½ teaspoon and same quantity of baking soda. Take all these ingredients in a small container and mix them well till becomes a fine paste. Apply this mixture over the heels and other parts of feet which you need to get polished and soft heels.

Olive oil with baking soda

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You must have heard about the advantages of baking soda along with the olive oil for your skin. Now, that can be effectively used when you are going to pamper your feet. This is an exfoliate as well as foot scrub that can be easily used for your feet to make it look beautiful. You need to take a teaspoon of baking soda and 1 and ½ spoon of olive oil. Mix both in a container with a spoon. Now apply it over your heels and rough knees. Use your fingertips to rub and remove the dead skin. You can also use pumice stone to make the scrub more effective. Wash after 15-20 minutes.

Tea tree foot soak recipe

Tea tree oil also has a wonderful effect of removing the unhealthy skin on your legs and replacing the same with soft and generous skin. This is an easy scrub which will make you feel really refreshed. The ingredients that you require for this will be sea salt, few drops of essential oil- tea tree oil, warm water etc. You need to take a bowl of warm water and add Epsom salt in it. Mix both the ingredients well and soak your feet in it. After 5 minutes use pumice stone to rub the portion. Now rub the water in your feet. Use the combination of te tree oil and peppermint oil in your palm and apply it over the heel and entire feet to get it well moisturized.