32 Makeup tips your friends wouldn’t share with you

Getting a perfect makeup will not be an easy task for ladies willing to stay beautiful at all times. makeup tips would definitely help them to stay inclined to the world of fashion and trend. Its important to have an appropriate makeup that goes with your face shape.

Only applying expensive makeup may not be enough for getting a glamorous look. The makeup should also be applied in such a way that it gives a natural look as well. Choice of perfect blush and eye shadow that goes with the individual’ skins as well as costume have importance.

Every girl is cautious about their face and beauty. Even after maintaining your skin on a day to day basis, you would certainly need to put some makeup to get boosted with your current looks.

Some tips that you know on makeup might not be known by your friends. Similarly there are tips which are confined to your friends which they are aware of. But, they just don’t want to share it with you.

Not, we are going to discuss such tips that will give more boosts to your makeup technology. After knowing the tips you will get more interest to do makeup and make yourself beautiful.

Makeup tips which remained unshared

Determination of face shape

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Before application of makeup, it is important to know your facial type. If you are not aware of your face type, just visit a beautician to find out. According to that, you need to apply the blush. Blushes are really important when you have round face. It helps in determining your cheek bones.

Under eye makeup

Some of us have very wrong concept of applying the under eye makeup such that we simply put a layer of concealer under our eye.

But, if you wish to give a highlighting and distinct look, first of all highlighting the crease is important and then application of dark shade must be done.

Mascara fixing tips

After keeping mascara for a long time, it dries out and starts forming the undesirable lump. Some people have the habit of pumping mascara.

But, this is absolutely a wrong approach. You should not pump the mascara; rather, it will be important for you to replace it in every 3-4 months.

Creating perfect eye shape

When you are using your eye shadow, perfect application of the same at the right place will be really important. Perfect position of eye shadow will easily create an illusion.

Application of liner

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You must bring in a tight lining effect juts in order to make the world know that you have not applied any makeup. But, actually you are placing the liner in such a way that it will make you look distinct.

Artificial eyelash

Very few people have dense and attractive eyelashes. If you have very thin eyelashes, it’s better to get an artificial eyelash and put on your eyes to get attractive.

Effects in lash

If you have very straight lashes, a little curl will make it attractive as well. It’s important to apply heat or pass a blower in your lash curler for around 2-3 seconds.

Trick of applying perfect mascara

While applying mascara on eyelashes you can hold a business card just at the back of it so that it does not touches your skin.  

Effect of contouring

Proper contouring is important to create a facial shape especially your cheeks. It helps in keeping your nose, cheeks and a perfect jawline. You also need to use bronze powder in this regard.

Perfect lip shape

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Very few people have perfect lip shape. Someone might have a very thick whereas other have thin. But, with the help of makeup you can also create a perfect lip shape.

First of all you need to draw the shape of your lips which can go beyond your lip lines with the help of lip liner and then fill that with your lipstick. Apply some gloss to get a natural look.

Matching eyebrows with facial shape

Our eyebrows play an important to define our facial shape. Even when you are plucking your eyebrows, your facial shape needs to be tallied with your eyebrows shape in order to get a perfect face.

Eye lift effect

Makeup sometimes creates illusion to the viewers and eye lift effect is also an illusion.

First of all you need to draw an arch with your highlighter just above your eyebrows and then blend the same with the help of your fingers. These will definitely creating an image that your eye has lifted.

Clean and clump free lashes

If you are using a mascara that is not used for a years, it will be better to avoid that mascara. It will create lump in your eyelashes.

Softness in eye

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makeup should be applied in such a way that your eye gets a soft effect. The eyeliner must be applied in such a way that it will create softness in your eye.  A metallic brown shadow will add value.

Variety of eyelashes

You must choose a perfect eyelashes to get a perfect shape and appearance of your eye. It will make your eye really distinct.

See the makeup expiry date

Like medicines, makeup kit also expires. Thus, you need to see whether the makeup has expired. Application of expired makeup will be harmful for your skin.

3 D effect on lips

You can also create a 3d effect on your lips with the correct makeup. You just need to apply an eye shadow or frosted blush and rub with your fingers at the centre and top of lips to give a 3d effect.

Lasting lip color

Application of lipstick means you need to make it stay for a long time. Thus, you must choose a lipstick from a reputed brand. It will stay for long. 

Removal of blemishes

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Some people originally have pimple spots and blemishes which can be removed with the help of perfect makeup. Yes, concealer is the particular ingredient that will easily cover your blemishes.

Washing winds

You can use variety of mascara brushes to create different effect to your eyelashes. But, it is also equally important to wash the brushes and keep them safely.

Natural look foundation

You might not wish to apply foundation always as this is a heavy makeup. You can now get a BB+ to get a natural look on your face without any makeup.

Proper strokes

When you are applying the makeup in form of moisturizer or foundation go for the strokes in the upward direction which will lift your face and keep you away from saggy skin.

Save your liner

The liner should also be kept in perfect place without any chance of smudging. There are variety of smudge free liners in the market availing which will be absolutely perfect.

Eye lifting secret

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You must use a light color highlighter below your eyebrow with a little dark eye shadow to lift your eye and create an illusion.

Perfect match of foundation

When you are buying a foundation for your face, it will be important to match it with your skin tone otherwise your foundation can even make you look ugly.

Curling effect of eyelashes

You can also give a different look to your eye with the help of an eyelash curler. It will be perfect if you go about with a double curl sequence. Even the double curl lasts for a long time.

Popping effect of eye shadow

Only applying the eye shadow will not be all, rather you need to make it look visible. It is very important to apply a white base to the eye shadow so that the vibrant color looks visible.

Bigger eyes view

Getting a bigger eye is natural for many ladies. But think about those people who do not have bigger eye.

But today even they can get a bigger eye view with the help of makeup.  After applying the eyeliner just use white liner in the lines inside to give a bigger look to your eye.

Lip exfoliation

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Your lips might not be always ready to put lipstick. There might be scaly skin over your lips. Exfoliation is important which can be done with the help of a baby brush.

Eye highlighter

One of the important places where makeup should b expressive is the eye. You need to add perfect highlighter to your eyes corners, below the eyebrows etc to give a highlighting effect to your eye.

Use tape to avoid wrong strokes

When you are applying eyeliner or mascara it should not spread to other parts of your skin. You must place a tape below to stop getting it outside and spreading.

Use plastic spoon

In order to apply the mascara use a plastic spoon below which will help you get a very well accomplish and a thick eyelash and eyeliner.  Get a thicker coat and enjoy the trendy makeup.

Makeup tips your friends wouldn’t share

Create a gel liner

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The eyebrow pencil that you are using must be really hard and thus create a disturbance when you use it. But, you can easily make it soft by making gel liner just at home. All you have to do is put the kohl pencil under a flame such that the pointed portion touches the flame.

Then let it go off. Now keep it for 15 seconds so that it cools down. Now, use your kohl that has turned out to be a gel liner. It is really soft and smooth to apply and make your eyes beautiful.

Tips to make your eyes wider

Apart from the usual way of using eyeliners and Kajal to make our eyes look wider, we also have other tips that will boost your eyes with glamorous look. You need to use mascara. Most of us have mascara but we hardly know how to use it.

In order to make your eye look wider, all you have to do is use your mascara brush from inside portion of the eyes and bring it towards the nose. This helps in making your eyes look fuller.

More liquid makeup

Some of us have a tendency of throwing away the makeup that is remained back in the makeup tube. But that makeup which is left behind in your old makeup tube can be used. Get it after cutting the tube and make it liquid before using it.

The more liquid your makeup is, task of blending will be perfect. You can create different shapes in your face by using contouring and makeup techniques. Thus, liquid makeup plays an important role for the makeup artist while putting makeup.