Best men’s latest hairstyle & haircut trends 2019

Going for a haircut? Before you head to the saloon here are some of the latest ideas for the ways you can style your hair. This year go for a makeover and give yourself a bewitching look that is cool and trendy. Below listed are some of the hairstyle trends that are going to rock this year. Be on top of your fashion game with these sassy hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for men

15Brush up with skin fade

Curly hairstyles for men

Short hair is undoubtedly in fashion. It is sassy and chic. You can style your short hair in numerous ways, and one such style is to brush it up on top and let it taper down for a clean and refined look. The spikey look can add in a sophisticated and flirty touch.

14Short hair with a cropped fringe and medium fade

The cropped fringe with medium fade is a “keep-it-simple” look which is simultaneously chic and drool-worthy. The cropped front fringe is the unique element of the style. So groom yourself and flaunt the sassy style that will make girls swoon over you.

13Casual hand brush up for wavy hair

If you do not have time to go that stylish and glamorous and favor a casual style, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Loosely brush up your hair or run fingers to style it. Get an eye-catchy look in seconds without any hassle.

12Stylish Fohawk

Face shape guide for men hairstyles

Fawhawk is the ultimate style for rogue men. It is edgy, classy and essentially cool. If you haven’t tried a fohawk yet, then now is the opportunity. Go for a fohawk with high fade and complete your look with a well-groomed beard.

11Fringes with French Cropped with side fade and a hard part

Add a twist to your regular style with French crop with medium fade and tousled top. Make head turns with your experimental look that stands out. To further spice up things add in a striking detail of a hard part. It is nothing ordinary that you would find around.

Medium length hairstyles for men

10Medium length hair with side part and comb over

Side parted medium length hair with an edgy fringe goes perfect for young guys who want a clean and trendy look. Style the hair with your fingers for a textured look. You can pair it up with a clean-shaven look or a light stubble.

9Loose Quiff

Best men’s haircuts

A trendier update to the traditional quiff, a loose quiff is easier to maintain and style, giving you a classy and sophisticated look. Sides of any length can go with the quiff. You can go for clean sides,  textured fade or blunt cut whatever you may like.

8Brushed up top with spikes and side fringe

Spikes have been in fashion for long and lend you the quintessential charm. If you want a high volume hairstyle then instead of going for sharp spikes try brushed up volume hairstyle. Give it a more artsy look with a short side fringe coming over the forehead.

7Textured wavy top


The way you style your hair can give you a distinct look. This textured wavy hairstyle is one of the best ones if you wish to grab attention. Perfect for the unconventional and rebellious men, the colored, edgy hair gives you a dapper look which is as unique as you.

6Medium Length textured hair

Make girls swoon over you with this edgy textured hairstyle which is classy and at the same time sophisticated and stylish. The slight look of unkempt hair adds in a casual vibe and gives you effortless style. It works best for men with thick hair and want to switch to sexy styling.

Long hairstyles for men

5High fade with a side part and long curly fringe

Hairstyles for men according to face shape

High fades are particularly in trend nowadays. Go a bit experimental by combining fades with long hair. This side parted hair with a long fringe is best-suited for men with curly hair. It adds an artsy touch to your style. Go for a long, well-kept beard to complete your look.

4Messy long hair with a long fringe

Long hair has again gained popularity and if you have thick stands then try the messy long hairstyle which is edgy and cool. Add in a long side fringe which is contemporary and stylish giving you a classy rogue look. Pair this unkempt look with a beard.

3Topknot with undercut

Top knots of every kind are quite in fashion and quite favored by the rebellious men. For a more refined and clean look, go for an undercut and tie your hair in a neat top knot. It is perfect for a casual look. Complete your style with light stubble.

2Long mid-parted hair up to shoulder

Embrace your long hair by keeping it loose. The long tresses falling on your face look cool and stylish. This style is perfect for those with thick, textured hair. You can go for a funkier look by tying up thin loose braids in front.

1Bun with Beard

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Though buns have been in trend for quite some time, the craze for them hasn’t yet waned out. So, if you have finally reached your goal of long hair that can be styled into a bun, then go for it. A bun with a cool beard is something that you must try for a mature look.

So, these were some of the hairstyles that will be trending this year. Experiment with these styles and flaunt your cool fashion sense. Groom yourself and try some of these contemporary hairstyles that are trendy and sophisticated.