Sunglasses/shades styles for men according to face shape guide in 2019

Since men tend to be simpler creatures and do not often adorn themselves, every single item a man puts on will impact his look a whole lot more. Sunglasses are no exception to the rule.

Being one of the first features on the face to be noticed, they will make or break a man´s appearance. This is why we are going to show you which kinds of shades are trending right now and ensure that you look fashionable for the entire year.

Rounded Frames




Brand: Ray-Ban
Model: Clubmaster Round-framed Acetate and Gold-tone Polarised

Spectacles according to face shape guide for men & women

This is a round-framed version shades of the famous Ray-Bans Clubmaster sunglasses. The brand is frequently worn by celebrities such as David Beckham and Robert Pattinson and are now found in this round framed version.

David Beckham


So for the men who always liked these shades but didn’t have the suitable face shape to be able to wear them, it’s your turn to have a blast.

Monokel Eyewear


Brand: Monokel Eyewear
Model: Barstow Round in Crystal with keyhole detail
Ideal for: Square, diamond and maybe oval shaped faces

Sunglasses styles for women

It just so happens that the most exclusive shape of sunglasses is trending right now. While it isn´t suitable for everyone, those that pull these off will look very fashionable this season.


These shades are made by hand from the company known as Monokel Eyewear in Sweden. It’s cool design comes from its premium acetate and top-notch keyhole detail that is highly classic. The lenses are Carl Zeiss, and they are 100% UV shielded.

Geometrical Sunglasses

AJ Morgan octagon sunglasses

Brand: AJ Morgan
Model: Octagon Round Sunglasses

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

These glasses are in the shape of an octagon and can be found for a very accessible price. They are especially suitable for people with square and diamond shaped faces as well. Oval faces can probably rock these as well.

Oliver Peoples

Brand: Oliver Peoples
Model: Alland

These are made by Oliver Peoples in Japan. It has refined titanium frame and classic features. It is vintage style with a colorful take on it. For men with baby or rounded faces, as well as heart shaped and maybe even rectangle faces can rock these.

Ray Ban

Brand: Ray Ban
Model: RB3548N Polarized Hexagonal Flat Lens Sunglasses

With very fine arms and crystal lenses that 100% UV shielded, this ageless design came to stay. The polarized feature will ensure a clear vision at all times while preventing glares. They are ideal for men with round and oval faces.

Colorful Sunglasses


Brand: Chimi
Model: ACAI #004 MIRROR

Chimi sunglasses

Sunglasses for round shaped faces

Okay. Now who doesn’t want this piece as a part of their wardrobe¿ These navy blue square-framed Chimi sunglasses are modern, stylish and sure to draw pleasant looks. They have a minimalistic design and are extremely cool. These will go great in round, oval, diamond and heart shaped faces.

Note: Chimi has plenty more color options.

Ace and Tate Monty Caramel

Brand: Ace and Tate
Model: Monty Caramel


Ace and Tate promised a combination of tradition and modernity for these sunglasses. Surely enough, they nailed it with this Caramel version. But if you don´t like the color of this frame there are plenty others. Square, rectangle and heart shaped faces will look great in these.

Ace and Tate Monty Bananas

Brand: Ace and Tate
Model: Monty Bananas


Aviators don’t seem to get out of style and some say they never will. Therefore, below are some new versions that are trending right now. Men with square, rectangle and heart shaped faces will look their best in Aviators.

Ray-Ban 55 Original Aviator Sunglasses

Brand: Ray-Ban
Model: 55 Original Aviator Sunglasses

These original aviators look elegant with a gold toned brow bar and frame. Ray Ban also offers a variety of colored lenses to suit all tastes.

Weekday Tour Aviator sunglasses

Brand: Weekday
Model: Tour Aviator sunglasses

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

Very minimalistic all black metal framed sunglasses with brow bar. The men to wear will look like he means business. It’s no wonder they never go out of style.

90´S Sunglasses

Topman Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses

Brand: Topman
Model: Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses

Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses

These old fashioned sunglasses from the nineties are now brought back and men all over are indulging themselves. They are minimal and exuberate class and style. They are best for square, heart, diamond and oval shaped faces as well.

Quick Face Shape Guide

Oval Face

Sunglasses for triangular shaped face

This face usually has a small forehead, cheekbones that widen and then jawlines that narrows down again with a pointy chin.

Oval faces are very versatile. The only thing to watch out for here are sunglasses that are wider than the width of your face.

Round Face

The jaws are softly angled with similar sized cheekbones and length of face that is also bigger than both jawline and forehead. So here we want to stay away from rounded shades to better balance out the facial features.

Square Face

These guys have wider foreheads, prominent features and sharp jawline angles. To balance out the harshness and squareness of this face, rounded shades are ideal.

Rectangle Face

These men have equal sized jawlines, cheekbones and forehead as well as a long face. For this type of face, it is important to find larger glasses than the size of your face. Square and rounded frames will look ideal.

Heart Face

Men with pointed chins, larger foreheads and a tapering of the jawlines and cheekbones. These men have stronger chins and smaller faces than usual.

This is a trickier face to find frames for since, ideally, we want to take the attention away from the top of the face that is already larger than usual and balance out the narrow jawline and chin. A difficult ordeal, therefore in this case, rounded frames are the best option.

The Takeaway

The only concern you must be aware of after reading this article is the extra attention you’ll be getting from the opposite sex once you start using these trendy shades.

We wish you great luck. Thanks for sticking around and see ya next time!