How to avoid the unplanned pregnancy

It is usual to know that if you are sexually active and at the same time you are not serious in matters of taking the best care in avoiding pregnancy then it is likely that you would conceive within a year. You can become pregnant at the time of breast feeding and just after ten days of giving birth to a child there is the possibility of becoming pregnant once more.

You can even become pregnant at the time of menstruation. Normally we have the belief that if the penis is removed at the right time just before the ejaculation then there are no chances of pregnancy. This is however not the case as you can be pregnant with just one drop of the male sperm and this is also the case when you can be affected by a sexually transmitted disease.

How to avoid pregnancy and sex related diseases

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However, pregnancy can be avoided by two trusted ways. It can be avoided with total abstinence and it can even be avoided with the use of the contraceptives. In case you are all the more sexually active and you do not have the wish to become pregnant once more then it is best that you make use of contraception. However, it should be kept in mind that none of the contraception is hundred percent safe. You can only rely on the male latex condom which is perfectly used in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted disease. This way you are safe even when you are having sex with an unknown entity. However, you cannot remain protected from these diseases by means of the birth control pills, IUDs and the various implants.

Usage of diaphragm by the females

For the females various products are available in the market which can help one avoid chances of pregnancy. The women can make use of diaphragm. This is a rubber disk and it comes with a flexible rim. The rim will cover the cervix and it is being used in association with the spermicide. Diaphragm is available on prescription and the size should be perfectly determined by the health professional. You can use the diaphragm not more than six hours.

The effects of depo-provera

You have the best hormonal contraceptive and this is known as Depo-Provera. The contraceptive is injected within the muscles on the area of the arm and even the area of the buttock. The injection should be given after every three months. On having this treatment you can have irregular menstruation and at times the menstruation becomes totally absent.

The methods of Implants

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You have several implants like the Norplant or the implanon. These are made of petite rubber rod structures and these are surgically included just under the skin layer of the upper arm. These are the areas where the contraceptive steroid is released. The steroid is known as levonorgestrel. The sort of protection will last from three to five years. This comes with several side effects like the changes in the menstrual cycle, gain in weight, tenderness of the breast and even loss of the bone mass.

The process of female sterilization

You even have the process of female sterilization. This takes place surgically. There are tubes which are being artificially ligated and this way the egg cells are being prevented from coming in contact with the sperm cells and in the process there is no pregnancy in the future. This is known as the permanent method of contraception.

The emergency form of contraception in females

There is something known as the emergency form of contraception. This is the solution adopted within the time limit of 72 hours when you had sex without any sort of protection. This is the perfect way by which you can avoid a condition of unplanned pregnancy. Generally one pill is enough in this case and if you have to continue then it is best that you discuss things with a professional.

There are more things which are being used in order to avoid cases of unexpected pregnancy. However, the best thing is to have self control and self consciousness so that you do not become pregnant too often. Cases of abortion should be avoided. No one has the right to kill lives and this is the reason the precautions should taken at the right time.