Best natural safe alternatives for lip stick

If you glimpse a woman wearing with edge hue literally dripping from her lips, what do you state to yourself? ‘She is so loud.’

That is accurately the reaction echoed by most women when it comes to too much makeup, particularly during the day time. Most women favour to be more natural in the daylight. But that does not mean that you should proceed without makeup in the day.

Lip hue is an significant part of your makeup and sometimes you may look very fair with bare lips. The solution is to find options to lipstick that will brighten up your face.

Why do you need an alternative

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  • The lipsticks are prepared with chemicals that have heavy metals. The petroleum based lipstick and the colarants that come from coal tar also contains the metals and other ingredients. These are made artificially and can cause a lot of ailments. Lipsticks that are devoid of such metals and chemicals will be useful for your day to day makeup.
  • Titanium oxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, silica and mica are some of the minerals found in lipsticks made from natural products. These titanium oxide and zinc oxide are added as colorants and they also provide SPF protection. The shine and smooth texture are obtained from iron oxide, mica and silica.
  • The natural lipsticks contain products from petroleum like mineral oil, dyes, synthetic chemicals and fragrances. The wax, coloring and oil are most important part of non toxic lipsticks. Beeswax and carnauba forms the body of the lipsticks and the jojoba oil, chamomile oil and sunflower oil are used for the quality of spreading the lipsticks. Pigments are mostly used for coloring and herbs like turmeric, vegetables like beet and insects like carmine are used for getting the pigmentation. These are organic pigmentation and the minerals are other form of coloring for natural lipsticks.

Here are some inexpensive alternatives for lipstick that you can use throughout the day time. Lipstick Alternatives For Daytime.

  • Lip gloss: This would be the most obvious alternative to a bright lip hue. Lip gloss wrappings your lips in a shiny sheath but retains the natural hue of your lips. numerous lip glosses are tinted or have a minor haze of hue.
  • Edge balm: A edge balm is not the identical as edge gloss. As the title suggests, a lip balm is like surgery for chapped lips. They too make your lips glow but not as much as a gloss. edge balms are a wholesome alternative for lipsticks. These furthermore can be discovered in tinted diversity.

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  • Chapstick: You should have played with a chapstick as a child. It is what mature persons give little young women and assure them saying that it is a edge colour for children! Chapsticks serve the identical purpose as edge balms and give more or less the same effect as well. Only difference is that they come as twigs.
  • Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly is usually utilised in the winters to hold your skin supple. It can be utilised on the whole body. When you apply petroleum jelly on your lips, it has the identical effect as a lip balm. Only thing is that you must remember not to lick it off.
  • Homemade lipstick: You may not desire to use the above alternatives because they do not give a natural hue to your lips. So opt for the homemade lipstick rather than. Mix some kum kum or vermilion in the edge balm and apply it for natural looking red lips.
  • Olive oil: If you do not like any of these artificial options to lip hue, then go for a natural choice. Apply a bit of olive oil on your lips. It will halt your lips from drying and give it a brilliant shine.

There are easy steps that can be followed to prepare homemade lipsticks. These are safe and will not cause any harm from chemicals or metals. You can prepare this and use it if you want to enjoy healthy and no color lipsticks.


  • Beeswax pastilles – 1 teaspoon
  • Shea butter/cocoa butter – 1 teaspoon
  • Coconut oil – 1 teaspoon

Color options

  • If you want to add a little color to it then you can opt for:
  • Beetroot powder (for red hue) – 1/8th teaspoon
  • Cocoa powder (for brown hue) – 1/4th teaspoon or cinnamon/turmeric powder – a pinch


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If you want a matte texture then you can use bentonite clay – 1/4th teaspoon (you must add this with the color so that it makes the smooth matte texture with color.)


You can add any essential oil of your choice – 1 drop

Process: You must melt the beeswax, cocoa/shea butter and the oil from coconut together in a glass container. This container should be placed into a pot of simmering water. The materials will melt fast as the quantity is very small.

Remove the ingredients from the pot of water and then add the color options or perfumes if you want.

These must be added slowly so that it mixes properly with the main body of lipstick. You must keep a lip chap container ready so that you can pour the liquid mixture into it. Take a dropper and pour the liquid with it.

Now you just wait till the mixture solidifies and then start using it happily.

Replacing your lipsticks with the homemade lip hues is always a great idea that will save your skin and also your health, but if you are not ready to go into all that hassle of preparing a lipstick at home with beeswax as mentioned above, you can also follow the easy ways as mentioned below,

Use beetroot extract for natural red lips

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You can make your home lipstick even in 5 minutes right before leaving home in the morning.  Take a beetroot, grind it and squeeze out the juice. Now add it with some glycerin and apply the mixture directly onto your lips.

This will not only give your lips a natural hue of beet red, but will also keep your lips moisturized and hydrated for long.

Carrots for the orange hue

Want to get that orangish tone on your lips without opting for those coral lipsticks? Worry not. A piece of carrot can give your lips a natural orange tone without harming your skin in anyway.

Take a carrot, grate it and squeeze out the juice. Now store this juice in the fridge without a cover for 1 day, and you will find that the extract has concentrated considerably.

Now just take some of this concentrated carrot juice, add few drops of glycerin or petroleum jelly with it and apply to your lips to get the right shade.

Coffee to get a chocolate color

If you want to get a chocolate color on your lips, you can use smoothly grounded coffee mixed with petroleum jelly or glycerin on your lips.

You can always tone up or tone down the shade of the natural lip color by adjusting the percentage of the colorful and the colorless ingredients.

Pomegranate lip tint

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The red of pomegranate looks absolutely fascinating and using it on your lips in the right way can give them the right natural color. Using this lip tint will even improve the natural tone of your lips with time and prevent any damage to the lips.

Take 2 tablespoon of pomegranate seeds and crush them to collect the juice. Now heat some extra virgin coconut oil and mix it with the pomegranate juice extract. Store the mixture in a fridge, and use it directly on your lips when you are going out.

Strawberry, for pink lips

Want to get that natural tone of strawberries on your lips? Just collect a strawberry, squeeze out the juice, add it with olive oil and use it on your lips with the help of a cotton bud to get the natural pink hue.

The olive oil will keep your lips moisturized and the strawberries will add the color and the flavor to your lips.

Preparing these lip tints or lip colors at home is not difficult in anyway, but they should not be stored for long and you always have to make it a point to not to use any of them for more than a week, because as these lip tints do not include any preservatives hence they are not suitable for long storage.

You can also use a drop of an essential oil of your choice in these tints for the smell. Also make sure to scrub your lips at least twice a week with honey and grounded sugar to ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated and are not dark.