Top tips to boost your fertility and to get pregnant faster

When you are into a thought of baby, the most important thought that arises in your mind will be the way to get pregnant after having the intercourse. Some people gets pregnant just in a single go whereas there are many people who takes long time to get fertile.

It depends on the intensity of ejaculation and the number of sperm cells getting into the ovum to get fertilized egg. You need to know the time in the month when you stay very fertile. For around 36 hours, the egg stays alive in your reproductive tract.

It is important for you to use the physical sign of your body, pre- ovulation period in order to get prediction for the conception. During the few days preceding the fertility period, many women has a tendency of producing clear mucus discharge.

Best natural ways to boost your fertility and to get pregnant faster

Helping Fertility in a Natural way

Top foods during pregnancy

Having a baby is the one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. From the time a woman conceives until she gives birth, pregnancy is a happy and joyful journey for most couples.

But if you are having difficulties conceiving, the pregnancy journey can become fraught with complications and worries. To top all this, medication and fertility treatments are extremely off-putting and very expensive.

If you and your partner are struggling with fertility issues, you need to look into ways that you can help to improve your fertility in a Natural way.

What is Fertility?

Fertility in a layman’s language refers to a couple’s chances of becoming pregnant. If you are fertile, than there is a good chance that you will become pregnant at some point in time.

Though pregnancy may not happen right away, if both a man and a woman are fertile, they will conceive a child eventually. Certain factors play a key role in determining fertility.

In order for a woman to be fertile she must produce a viable egg during each monthly cycle. In order for a man to be fertile he must be able to produce strong and healthy sperm that can fertilize the egg produced by the woman.

Though being fertile sounds very easy but, it’s actually quite complicated. This is because so many factors play a role in contributing to fertility.

Things like diet, exercise, and overall health all have a huge impact on fertility. This is one of the reasons why so many couples in these days are facing fertility problems.

Steps to Fertility

If you are interested in improving chances your fertility, one of the most important step is to identify and monitor for when you are most fertile.

Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant because they are having intercourse at times when the woman isn’t ovulating. This can make it difficult to conceive.

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There are a number of different ways that you can monitor your fertility. It is a good idea to start by monitoring your basal body temperature.

This will help you to determine exactly when you are ovulating – your basal body temperature will increase when you are ready to release an egg.

It is important to have sexual intercourse just before an egg is released, in order to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.

Sexual Positions

If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, you and your partner should experiment with different conception positions during intercourse. In order to become pregnant, your partner must deposit his sperm as close as possible to your cervix.

Avoid having sex while standing, sitting, or with you on top, as this can cause semen to leak out of your body. Instead, try the missionary position, which allows for deeper penetration.

Rear entry intercourse is also effective, as it allows your partner to deposit semen closer to your cervix. To keep any extra semen from leaking out of you, try elevating your hips for fifteen minutes or so after your have sex

Eating Right

This might sound unfamiliar but, eating right plays an important role in your body’s fertility. A balanced diet helps regulate hormones and nourish your reproductive system. A healthy diet helps you to maintain healthy weight, which greatly impacts fertility.

Women who are underweight or overweight have a harder time becoming pregnant because body fat levels impact the production of sex hormones.


Ideal nourishment during pregnancy

Moderate exercise is a good natural fertility treatment. When combined with a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise can help you to maintain a healthy body weight. Exercise helps to burn off this excess body fat, allowing hormone levels to return to normal.

It is best not to overdo exercise though – over exercising can actually impair fertility. Try low impact aerobic workouts like walking, swimming, and cycling.

Ovulation test

If you want to go for fertility range recently, it will be important to go for an ovulation test. There are many women who solely depend on calendar for getting their perfect ovulation period. But while doing this, people might go wrong.

Thus, you must go ahead with the ovulation test kit that is available in the market. If you are having doubt about the synthetic ovulation kit in the market, it will be better to go for the organic products.

Folic acid consumption

Like other nutrients in our body folic acid is also equally important. If you don’t have adequate amount of folic acid in your food, it will be the time for you to take its supplement from a medical store.

Even the lady needs to take adequate amount of multivitamins in their diet along with the content of folic acid as this will be really essential for the spine development of the baby who is coming to see this new world.

But, you need to consume folic acid in recommended amount as suggested by your doctor.

Innovative foods

If you are not in a good mood with respect to the food you are eating your body will not respond to fertility.

Thus, it will be important to try out some new and innovative food such that you and your body like to consume it. Some of the food that can boosts your fertility include Kombucha drinks, goji berries etc.

Halt to try

Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

Some couples do keep on trying again and again for baby through various posture and sexual positions. But, even then the female does not become pregnant.

But, there are situations when a lady becomes pregnant as soon as she is tired of trying and stops trying for some time. It seems to be an unexpected pleasure but it invariably happens.

This is just due to the reason that some people are not born to take the stress of sex for a long time. As soon as the stress is reduced, her body responds and fertility stage is achieved.

An act of having orgasm

Ladies might not get orgasm always. There is certain situation when the lady becomes excited and starts orgasm. Sometimes viewing sex is much more effective to create orgasm instead of having sex.

Just after viewing such sexy scene you would have orgasm and would eventually like to have sex with your partner. If you have intercourse at that particular time, getting yourself fertile will be quite easy.

Try out missionary style

According to the research, the missionary style of having sex or love making is much more effective for the lady to get sexually arouses. Here, the male member would get up at the top of female and go ahead with the sexual intercourse.

This is one of the wonderful positions through which people can very likely achieve pregnancy. You may try this and check whether you get fertility frequently.

Regular lubrication to be avoided

It has been clinically proven that the regular lubrication can even harm the sperm and would not allow them survive for a long time which might give rise to infertility.  Thus, it will be better to avoid regular lubrication in order to stay fertile and become pregnant.