Best summer health tips for parents about their children

Parents especially mothers remain very cautious about the health of their children. Kids have the tendency of falling ill in every changing season. But, parents keep no stone unturned to keep them well when there is a threat in the environment. Summer is also a season when kids get attached by the extreme heat. In order to keep them away from the scorching sun-rays parents will get some protective cover. The clothes they wear, the soap they used to take bath or the skin care elements are monitored by parents. Also they are provided to drink loads of water during summer so that they don’t feel dehydrated. Let us find out some of the important tips during summer which will keep kids healthy.

Summer is such a season that might bring you relief from the extreme cold but children normally become ill due to change in weather conditions. The health tips can help your child to stay active and stay away from all types of diseases. Let us speak about such health tips.

Best summer health tips for children

Bathe your child everyday

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As a parent you must have your child take a bath 2-3 times a day as this helps to cool down their body and keep it hydrated.

Do not go out in the afternoon

Do not let your children go out between 11am to 3pm because the heat is highest at that time. Let them play in the mornings and stay inside in the afternoons to avoid suffering heat strokes. In case of high temperature, increased breathing and dizziness, which are signs of a heat stroke, immediately report to a doctor.

Take care of skin problems

High heat and humidity causes skin problems in children. Take care of itching, rashes, and fungal infections in the underarms, groins and folds of arms. Make them change their sweaty clothes and take frequent baths to remain clean always. Also use prickly heat powder to keep them away from prickly heat.

Drink plenty of juices

Make your children drink fruit juices and lime juices as refreshments as it restores the lost fluids of the body.

Drink plenty of water

Your kids might not drink water on their own wish throughout the day. But, being parents you need to be very specific about the health of your kids and compel them to drink water throughout the day when summer approaches. This is the time when your kids sweat too much once they come back home from school or sport activity. Water will keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Light color fabrics

During summer, dressing is also an important consideration in order to stay healthy. You need to allow your kids wear very light and soft fabrics such as cotton. Also the color of cloth or dress you are asking them to wear must be light. As we know that light color reflects heat, you kids won’t feel uncomfortable or hot.

Sunscreen lotion for kids

Top summer health care tips

Like ladies, kids are also having very sensitive skin and thus cannot be allowed bare without a sunscreen especially when they will be out facing the harmful rays of sun. You must apply sunscreen on your baby’s body with SPF 15 or SPF 30. This will help your child to stay protected from UVB or UVA rays.

Hats for kids

When your kids are out for play within the sunlight or carries on with any other activities, it is the time to get their head protected and keep them away from the effect of harmful sun rays. The best thing to do is put a hat over your kids head and protects them. You can now get variety of fashionable hats which your kids will like to wear as well.

Insect repellent

Summer is the time when kids are affected with variety of insects. You need to apply insect repellent over their body to stay them protected from such insects.  Parents must be really cautious about the situation and apply insect repellent on the body of kids so that insects cannot bite them. Alternatively you can add liquidator to drive away insects.

Staying indoors

Kids must stay indoors during the summer when the scorching sunray is approaching them. Since the extreme heat can spoil their skin and other parts of body, they need to stay indoor between 11am to 4pm when the sunlight is scorching. This is the time when they need to stay indoors and avoid the sun rays that is extreme.

Light meals

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During summer people would hardly like to have very spicy meal. You must avoid all types of spicy meals and go for very light meal. Some food sour in taste such as tomatoes, tamarind, lemon etc must be included in diet. The light meals such as salads should also be considered as one of the effective meals that will keep your kids healthy during summer.

Sweets and juicy fruits

For breakfast, kids can have some juicy fruits as well as sweets so that they can stay healthy. The seasonal fruits are very essential to consume as this helps you to fight against germs and bacteria that can attack you during every changing season. Some among such fruits include peach, plumps, pears as well as melon. Parents must make kids to consume a lot of seasonal fruits.

Avoid junk foods

It is true that kids would always like to have foods that are fried as it brings a different taste. They will also ask you to buy the road side foods. But, you should totally ignore and do not allow them to have such harmful foods.

Safety from recreational illness

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There is variety of activities which kids would like to go through as a recreational activity during summer. If those activities are not done with safety, there will be a good chance that your children can suffer. Swimming is one of such activities where water sports are involved. You need to make your kids wear proper gears to stay safe inside the water.

Protection from mosquitoes

Summer is also such a season that will bring a lot of mosquitoes inside your home. This can attack your baby immediately. Variety of mosquito biting diseases such as malaria or dengue can attack your child. Thus, you must always keep mosquito repellent lid inside your home. You can also use mosquito nets over your windows during those days so that the mosquitoes cannot get inside your home.

Prevention of injuries

Your kids will play by running and can even fall down. This will create the injuries over their hands and legs. You would definitely not be happy to see your kids getting hurt. There are some factors which you need to consider. The first factor is the surface where your kid is playing. Make sure it is safe, equipped and soft for your kid to play. You should have antiseptic liquid as well as band aid ready with you. This will help you keep your baby stay away from all injuries.

Drink calories

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Make your child drink enough of calories during the summers. This is the season when your child will become totally drenched. He requires enough energy to carry on with the activities. You must provide your baby with such calories in form of drink, fruit and other food so that even after sweating away your kid will remain energetic during summer.