Ways to get rid of unwanted hair from bikini line

For many people, facial hair can be a nightmare until their body hair grows out of control. Many of us are having little body hair under our arms, legs, hands and under our genitals. Sometimes the thought of wearing a bikini can turn out to a dreadful task that has excess hair along their bikini line. You can wax and use depilatories to get rid of hair, but the chemicals inside them can only leave your skin behind with lot of rashes and irritation. There are some of the hair removal methods that prevent you from unwanted rashes and are gentle to your skin. Given below are few of the techniques that are safe and works well for your bikini area.

Sugar waxing

This method basically originated in the Middle East. In this method, you use a sticky paste. This sticky paste helps to grab and pull out hair at the roots from your bikini line. Waxing tends to stick to the hair as well to your skin, but sugar wax only adheres to your hair. Hence, this method is less painful and creates less irritation. This method turns out to be a cost-effective method.

Tips for leg waxing at home

All you need to do is make a mixture of sugar and lemon juice and heat the mixture on low. Keep stirring continuously until the mixture turns into a thick paste. After your sugar wax is ready, clean your bikini area with some antibacterial soap. Dry the area thoroughly and apply powder in order to absorb any extra moisture. Spread the sugar wax with the help of your palms and then press a cotton strip. Immediately pull out in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This method is less painful when compared to waxing. Make sure that the ingredients are in proper quantity.

Laser hair removal

How to remove unwanted hair

This method is considered as one of the best methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair. They are completely safe but you need a medical expert so that the whole process is done in a correct manner. In laser treatment, a laser beam is used which burns the hair follicle. When carried out over a period of sessions, you end up permanently removing your hair. When you undergo a laser treatment for your bikini area, you might experience a little pain due to the sensitivity around the region. Make sure you trim the area before any laser treatment session.


This method is better than the laser treatment method. It makes use of electric current and aims at removing one hair at a time. Each and every hair is removed from its follicle precisely and since the focus remains on that particular hair the results are bound to be more accurate. Permanent removal of all the unwanted hairs from the bikini lines can be obtained if you attend multiple sittings similar to laser treatment.


Home remedies for facial hair

The most orthodox method of hair removal which has been practiced since ages is waxing. People generally use this age-old method to get rid of the hairs from leg, hands and armpits yet it has also proved to be effective when removing hairs from bikini lines. The method begins with applying wax on the surface of the skin followed by ripping it off with the help of a rough piece of cloth or waxing sheets. Care must be taken to rip it off in the direction opposite to the growth of hair. Waxing relieves your bikini lines of hair for a period of 4-8 weeks and then it starts to come back. Although a good method to get rid of bikini line hair it can become a bit painful while performing.


The most genuine method of getting rid of hairs from the bikini lines with minimal fuss is shaving. It is neither painful nor difficult. One can sit comfortably in their homes and get rid of all their hairs by just shaving them off their skin surface.


Epilators are quite useful for getting rid of unwanted body hairs. A large range of epilators are available in the market from simple tweezers to sophisticated ones. Long lasting results can be obtained through epilation as it removes the hairs from their roots.