Best tips for good digestion

Digestion is a mandatory process that is important for every individual to comply properly in order to keep your body healthy and good in operation. The feeling of indigestion after consumption of meal is not very desirable as people hardly feel comfortable while working or even resting. Today every 6 out of 10 people are suffering from indigestion problem. Apart from taking medicine you can get much more natural ways through which you can regulate your digestion process. The lifestyle changes and the changes in habits can also give you relief from indigestion problem. Let us have a look at some of the tips through which you can get a proper regularity of indigestion problem.

These days most of the people have serious issue of digestion. Some have constipation problem due to improper digestion and others gets excessive gas over for the same. Let us find out some tips that will help us get a proper digestion for a long time.

Tips for good digestion

Eat slowly

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Some people have a habit of consuming meal in a very fast pace. But this is not a very good habit as this will hamper the process of digestion. If you are eating in a run and you are really busy and stressed out, you will rather not bite the food to break it down to pieces rather you will swallow it. This is really harmful and give rise to problem of indigestion. You must go slow and eat the meal bit by bit in order to boost up your digestion process.

Avoid supersized serve

You must avoid the supersized meal as this can over burden your digestion process. The supersized serves are really dreaded as this will be an excess portion of what you can digest. This generally happens when some good item is prepared at home and you cannot just stay away from eating more of that meal. But, do not be greedy about food. Eat less even if the food is tasty as otherwise it will strain your stomach and digestion process.

No processed food

Even the processed foods are really harmful when you are going through a digestion system. It is good to have food that are low in human intervention. They are also known as the enemy of digestion health. It is better to go for natural food and vegetables that can be prepared at home without prior processing.

Repeated meals in small sized

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You need to know about your appetite and then proceed with the food and its volume. Do not go for the foods that you cannot digest. Some people have a habit of consuming full stomach at once. But this is not a good practice as your digestive system cannot digest the entire food that you consumed the portion which is not digested is left behind and remains in your body in the form of fat. Thus it is better to have small portion of meals several times.

Peppermint tea

If you are feeling that your stomach is not up to the mark with respect to the digestion process this is the time when the peppermint tea will work really well. When you are feeling heavy stomach, avoid coffee and have peppermint tea. This will make your tummy calm and really effective with regards to digestion process. Even in normal days you can get a soothing effect with the peppermint tea.

Do not skip breakfast

Even if you want to stay slim, skipping breakfast is not a very good idea as this will affect your metabolism process and you can ideally not be in a position to have a healthy digestive system. Break fats is the meal which you will be consuming after 9-10 hours of your long fast. This helps in boosting your body metabolism. By having a heavy and healthy breakfast you are doing favor to your body digestive system.

Stay active and move

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After having your meal do not stop or stay in a place as this will make the system of digestion really slow. Instead you must stay really active such as walking, getting up through the stairs etc. Some light exercise after 1 hour of food consumption will also help in making your digestion process really smooth and effective.


Drink water after completion of your meal. But do not drink water between your meals as this can give rise to indigestion. When you are having some spicy food, drink much water as this will keep you hydrated and healthy with a boost up in your digestion process. Also try to have much water daily in order to make you digestive system well opertatable.

Hi fiber food

The food that you intake plays an important role when it comes to digestion process. Along with the normal diet, it is very important to have fibrous food. This will help initiating a good bowel movement. Even the dieticians and doctors suggest every individual to have a vegetable that include fibrous food. The roughage work extra ordinarily well to get proper digestion.

Lean meat

Some of us have a habit of consuming meat in mass. Also the red meat is one among them that makes one of the dishes in the platter. But, the meat that includes more fat will be really harmful for you. This is the time for you to have restriction on your diet. If you really wish to have a good digestive process and stay active, replace the red meat with lean meat. Those contain less fat and can be digested well.

Meals on time

You must have a proper schedule for your meal which you should follow really well. This is really an important way for you to get your digestive process balanced. You must allot a specific time for your breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. You must schedule a time and go ahead with the meal. Never delay your meals as your digestive system won’t be able to get the balance.

No smoking or alcohol intake

Smoking or alcohol intake is one of the bad habits which is carried on by many individuals. If you are among them it will be the time for you to leave such habit. This is probably one of the reasons why you don’t have a proper digestive process. If you want to stay healthy with proper bowel movement have some nutrition in your meal and not these addicts. This will help you stay sound and stable with bowel movement as well.