Travel journey tips during monsoon | rainy season

Monsoon is a unique season with its own pleasures and problems. The cloudy sky, the sweet smell of the wet soil and the music of rain drops brings a feeling of excitement in a person’s mind. The atmosphere is filled with an air of freshness. Travelling in this season requires lot of prior planning regarding the time, place and frame of mind.

Travelling can be planned by bus, train or car during monsoons. But there are greater chances of being delayed or stopped by heavy rains, traffic jams and bad roads. A lot of patience is required to face these situations. Prepare your mind to enjoy every bit of the journey by relaxing, sitting back, listening to music or chatting with friends in stuck up situation.  One can experience several amazing things happening on the route and have a very adventurous trip.

Monsoon holidays are filled with enjoyment with the splashes of water. But, little care and protection is always important. The season brings you relief. But, at the same time it also brings variety of diseases. Let us find out some self care tips which will make your travel wonderful.

Best travel tips for cool journey

The monsoon is arriving in India and hits the southern states in India by this June. Travelling in the monsoon or in rainy season is a bit difficult when compare with the other seasons. Some precautions make you comfort in the monsoon travel journey. Below are the few monsoon travel tips.

1. Do not wear the white and light colored clothes in the rainy season. The water in the streets makes your appearance dirty when street vehicles pour on you.

2. Avoid the own transport in the rainy season. Because not safe to use them in monsoon. They are damaged and become dirty.

3. Make the pre arrangements for your travelling like flight and train bookings, food in the journey, clothes in the journey etc.

4. Avoid the road side food in the journey. They are not hygienic and clean to eat.

5. Keep the raincoat and umbrella every time with you in the travel journey.

6. Not to plan the visiting tips in the monsoon. It may disturb your plans and chances in the visiting.

7. Carry home food and fruits throughout your journey.

8. Avoid the mountains, hill stations places journey in this rainy season. They are not safe places to visit in this monsoon.

Travel tips during monsoons

  • Umbrella and raincoats are a must to carry to prevent from the rains. Rain caps, wet wipes and tissues are a must during travelling in  monsoon
  • Proper rain-proof shoes like flip flops, gumboots and rubber slippers will be of help in travelling. Footwear has to be decided according to the activity of the person. Short pants and sandals are most comfortable in the rainy season.
  • First aid kit containing disinfectant scrubs, antiseptic cream and bandages is a must. Some regular pain killers and medicines for stomach problems must be included.

Best travel tips during winter

  • Long-sleeved shirts and trousers made of material that dries quickly should make a part of your packing. Expensive party clothes are not the ones for this season. The clothes during monsoon must comfortable and light.
  •  Zip lock bags are useful to prevent cameras, mobiles and spectacles from rain.
  •  Power cuts create problems in rains. A strong torch is the best guide  through the blackouts especially during heavy downpours.
  •  Mosquito borne diseases can mar the fun of the journey with several mosquito borne diseases like dengue and malaria are in the air. . Hence prevention is better than care. Keep mosquito nets and mosquito repellents to prevent the attack of mosquitoes while sleeping.
  •  Location maps are essential while travelling in unknown areas. GPS is good modern technology but there may be times there is no network which may be a result of heavy rains or the place being a no network area. Diversions may be required to take because of bad or destroyed roads.
  •   There may be places where batteries are not available; hence extra batteries must be carried for electronic devices, mobiles and laptops.
  •  Rains may force the family to remain in the rooms. Some indoor games like Ludo, card, and carom must be kept to enjoy the rains.
  •  Travelling to remote areas or other countries one must also learn the local language. This will help in being familiar with the local crowd who can be helpful if they understand the problem the traveler is facing.
  •  Books are always a person’s best friends. Whereas during rains they are the best source of entertainment if one is stuck indoors for long time. Collect good choice of   several books on varied topics.
  •  Lastly take great care in choosing the food to eat. Cold drinks and foods   sold on road sides should be avoided. Instead take hot, cooked food at proper eating joints.  Mineral water is the best option in rains. Keep homemade snacks and biscuits for kids and elderly people. Hot coffee and tea is always safe to drink. Avoid lassies, fruit juices and salads while travelling in monsoon season.

Best skin care tips for monsoon season

Monsoon is normally the off season for travelling.  Monsoon is the time when one gets good deals in hotels, airlines and tourist sightseeing spots. There is less crowds in famous spots and one can spent more time in a peaceful atmosphere. One can a have nice budget friendly trip and will be able to visit places in new dimensions. Travelling during monsoons can become thrilling adventure   if one is prepares for the unpredictable and does not follow a set program.  One must plan a trip during monsoons with a mid to stay in inns, relax in open places and enjoy the beauty of the nature with no reluctance.

People love to travel in all seasons. Every individual have preference of season when he/she has planned for a trip. There are groups of people who prefer travelling in monsoon. You can now get some travel tips for monsoon. Rainy season cannot stay restricted when it comes to travel. Journey tips for raining season are worth viewing and following. There are some cautions you need to follow while travelling during the monsoon season. Following all tips will make your trip happy and enjoyable.

Travel journey tips during monsoon

Warm water bath

When you are travelling during monsoon, there is a good change that you might get wet. The rain water can bring variety of diseases. Travel journey tips will be taking bath in hot water whenever you reach your destination like hotel accommodation or guest house. Rainy season will bring you cheers and happiness.

Visit forests

Best safety travelling tips

If you want to enjoy the real beauty of nature, forests will be the place to travel when you are travelling during monsoon. Since the leaves and greeneries will be washed with rain water, actual color will make you spellbound. Travel tips in monsoon also include this advice.

Follow weather forecast

Always follow the weather forecast when you are travelling during monsoons. Since all days during monsoons are not similar, you can even enjoy a dry day in monsoon. It will be ideal to go out on a day that has cloudy weather but no rainfall. Follow this tip during monsoon to enjoy.

Carry waterproof bag

Travelling can never be completed without a travel bag. You need to carry all your necessary items within the bag and enjoy the benefit. Journey tip during rainy season also include carrying a waterproof travel bag. This will keep all your belongings really protected from the rainwater.

Avail a crew trip

A mesmerizing trip will be acknowledged when you are travelling during monsoon in a crew. You can experience water below and water above. Journey tips during rainy season with cruise liner will be really enjoyable for all family members from elders to junior.

Synthetic clothes

Top health tips during monsoon

Clothing are something which you actually need to get for yourself when you are travelling. During monsoon there is a chance that you get wet. In order to complement and avoid this possibility, always carry extra clothes. Also go for synthetic and chiffon variety of clothing instead of cotton as those can get dry easily and can be used again.

Medical kit

Whether you are travelling with your family or with friends, diseases are quite common during monsoon. The medical box must contain all types of medicines related to common cold, fever, stomach upset and acidity. Also you can keep band aid and antiseptic liquid for minor cut. It is mandatory to carry those medicines in order to stay safe and sound.

No contaminated food

When you are travelling in rainy season, it is important to have an access to the food. The type of food you are going to intake must be checked in this regard.  Be careful as the road side restaurant and the cheap hotel authority might make the food really contaminated. It is better to choose the branded hotel and restaurant so that no adulteration can take place in the food that you are consuming.

Hair dryers

Top monsoon hair care tips

The hair dryer must be kept while you are travelling during monsoon. When you are drenched in rain or get your hair wet after the shower, there must be a source with the help of which you can make your hair dry. The sunlight or the heat in the environment might not be present. The cloudy weather will make it really difficult for your hair to dry up. The best thing which you can do is carry a hair dryer whenever you are out for a tour in monsoon. This will actually help and keep your hair dry.