Best summer travel tips for cool journey

Summer brings us relief after extreme cold climate but the rays of sun can give us trouble if you don’t take adequate protection in an advance. Summer is the time when kids gets vacation to spend holidays with their parents. This is the season to organize all types of summer camps. But while you think of travelling, it is very important to get some tips so that you can get a trouble less journey within a cooling atmosphere. The experts will give you some advice so that you can enjoy your trip during summer. If you have got your tickets ready, it’s time for a complete bag pack.

Summer brings light and energy with bright sunlight all over the area. People gets summer holidays especially the kids to spend some time away from studies. Parents also do plan a cool travel trip during summer. But, you have to take some things in mind while travelling during a hot summer day. This article will speak about the best summer travel tips. You can easily get a soothing effect and enjoy cool journey once you follow these tips.

Best summer travel tips for cool journey

Hotel with integrated kitchen room

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You may better try to find a hotel that has a teapot, fridge and an oven in its rooms. It will give you a chance of preparing meals in your room without going anywhere in the scorching hot days.

Start your days with healthy salad

While you order your breakfast or dinner, you may include salad in your menu. However, for other dishes, you have to focus more on vegetables that can be easily digested.

Know the location of markets

You are spending your vacation in an unknown place. You may not easily locate the local stores or market. While you know it, you can easily buy fruits or veggies, and put them into your fridge.

Do not get tanned

Sunburnt skin is very common problem to the travelers. Thus, buy the best quality sunscreen lotion for having protection against sun rays effect. It also prevents tan lines on your face.

Hair protection

Most of the travelers carry sunscreen lotion with them. However, they do not bring anything that protects their hair. The best thing that you can do is to use hair protectant. Put on sunglasses to have cool feeling on your eyes.

Keep the dirt out of your clothes

You may love to recline on the sea beach. However, your bath suit can get covered with dirt. Moreover, the oil of your body sticks to any dress that you wear. That is why your outfits can attract more dirt. Wash your clothes regularly to prevent the effects of dirt.

Look for higher floor

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While reserving ahotel, you may better try to find room that is on the higher floor. Lots of travelers do the mistake by booking the lower story of the hotel. The rooms in the higher floor will also give you a better view of the surrounding areas.

Avoid additional stress

If you can want to stay stress free within the journey schedule, all you have to do is plan in advance and also start your packing in an advanced so that you don’t get trouble or stress at the eleventh moment. You need to decide in an advance of what garments to take, what food to be carried and other necessary items.

Choose comfortable and stylish clothes

When you are going out to a place which is far away from yours, you must planning to look different by wearing your favorite dresses. You wish to look very different and attractive. But, along with looking good you also need to think about your comfort. Go for very light clothing made up of cotton fabrics so that you can stay comfortable throughout your journey.

No new shoes

People have tendency of wearing new things when they are out for an outing. Clothing is alright but do not go for new shoes at all as this can hurt you while you walk throughout the journey. Go for a shoe that you have worn several times and the one that makes your very comfortable while you walk. Also try to go for the slip on shoes so that you can wear it and drop whenever you wish.

Stay your body fragranced

When you are travelling for a long time, your body must be drenched with sweat after a long journey. This is the time when you might smell foul. But, you can now reduce the chance of getting unpleasant and state odor. Yes, you can use a deodorant that will make you feel fresh throughout the journey schedule. You need to carry a deodorant with you and keep on spraying whenever you face trouble of unpleasant smell.

Skin care while travelling

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As you are travelling you might not expect to get your skin the way you get it while you stay at home. When your skin faces the climatic changes outside or while you are travelling, sensitive skin can face a lot of troubles. Thus, you need to keep it moisturized by providing a layer of moisturizer over it. When the air circulation changes when you are inside a train or an airplane, this will be the time when you need to care your skin. You need to carry a spritz bottle and add some lavender oil in it. You can spray few drops of such oil from your bottle and keep your face refreshed again.

It is also important to apply a moisturizing face pack before the night while you will start travelling and after you have crossed some places, you need to wash your face and apply the moisturizing serum again. This will give you a very beautiful and fresh skin which you can carry throughout the journey.

Tissue paper/ wet tissues

If you are travelling on a hot summer day, it means you need a lot of tissue papers as this will be the time when you west too much. You can now get wet tissues in the market which you can easily get in the shops and the departmental stores. Even the wet tissue papers have great fragrances that will keep your face fresh and glowing all the time.

Comfortable hairstyle

Even when you are travelling, your hairstyle is something that needs to be considered. You should never go for a fashionable style with all types of hair pins that can hurt you. Rather go for a comfortable hairstyle that will help you stay relaxed within the journey schedule and long way.

Use a hat or head cover up

During summer, the head of sun first hits the top portion of your body. Yes, it is the head where the sun takes a major control. Summer travel tips include carrying a hat with you always. It is better to wear it throughout the journey. Indian ladies not comfortable with a hat can cover head with a cloth or an umbrella.

Choose the right destination

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Since it is all about travelling and trips, choosing destination is important. Since you are travelling during summer, you must wish to go to a place that has plenty of water and have shade with cool breeze. Explore such places and enjoy the holiday during this summer. Choosing a right summer travel destination is also a travel tip in summer.

Carry water in ample

Whether you are travelling in your private car, rail or flight, it is always desirable to have plenty of water aside. You need to stay hydrated on a summer day. Especially if it is a long journey you can get tired. Thus, one of the important summer travel tip include carrying water and drink repeatedly.

Get a bigger accommodation

If you are traveling during summer, you will require an ample place to stay and sleep. Unlike the winter days when you are comfortable with a small and cozy accommodation, summer accommodation. If you are staying in a hotel, book a double room or a suite for a family or a friend’s group or a rental, let’s say one of these apartments for rent in Miami when you’re in the city. Thus, staying in a spacious room is another summer travel tip to get a comfortable and breathable journey.