10 makeup must-haves for travel

Travelling is fun and healthy for any person. You need to take care of good looks too while travelling. Often you will find that you move to a different weather condition or the physical condition is different. You need makeup for your looks so that you do not look out of your depths. The climate changes or stress of travelling needs to be covered. There are sleep deprivation and puffy eyes that you must not show off to your friends or colleagues. Makeup becomes important in these situations. If it is a pleasure condition in which you travel, you must look your best for the snaps and videos of your outings. The professional reason of travelling demands your efficiency in your looks too and makeup becomes imperative in these situations.

There are some makeup items that you must take along with you to bring out your best game-on face. These are 10 makeup items that you must carry with you when you are travelling so that you can cover up the flaws and give the perfect side of your face to the world.

Face mask for your skin type

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These are a must to cleanse your face and to hydrate your face at any type of climatic changes. You will also find the BB creams or any other foundation suiting your skin to be helpful while you are travelling. This helps in keeping your face in great care and this will work as sunscreen for you when you are out in the sun. BB creams can be applied with fingers and hence you can keep your brush or applicator safely at home.


This covers spots and acne on your face. This is good to cover black areas under your eyes and birthmarks. The jet lag often causes puffiness or black under eye and concealers a must for your travelling kit.

Cream eye shadow

Take along the cream eye shadow to bring shine and change in the appearance of eyes. This is also good for using with your fingers and you can dab a little on the lids and smudge them to blend. A little powder should do the rest of the work.


Gel liner is good when you are travelling. This will be good to use as a pencil and will not spill on your favorite dress. The application is also easy as you need to define your eyes with the liner directly. Choose a common color as per your skin color and you are ready for the show.


This helps in showing off your eyes. You can just put on a shade and make your eyes look different. If you are going near a beach or pool then you will need waterproof mascara and you must also pack the remover for this mascara. The eyelashes will look much denser with this makeup and can bring dramatic changes to your eyes.

Lip gloss for that shine

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Your lips should not look dry and flaky. This will heal the lips and help you look healthier. The natural color is good for people who want to show off the natural color. Wear a foundation or a concealer and then apply the gloss for long lasting effect.

Lip colors in different basic colors

Take the brown shades and pink shades so that you can color the lips as per the base shade of any dress that you are wearing. You can also pack a bold color for fun and make sure these lip colors should have SPF for any type of weather.

HD powder

When you put makeup you need this powder for locking the makeup in the place for lengthy wear. The powder contains silica and you can use this to dab on your skin to keep off shine and to blend the eye shadows or the blush on your cheeks.

Bronzer or blush

This will give you the healthy glow while you are travelling or while you visit any place during your staying out. Give those extra good looks to your tired face with the touch of the blush. Bringing that extra color will give you appreciation.


This is a must when you travel. Using sprays can be for a short period and carrying bottles are cumbersome. You can use the roller on to avoid spilling. This will give you that fresh aura wherever you go while travelling.