Travel tips for pregnant women

Some pregnant lady as well as their family members becomes tensed about their state throughout entire pregnancy period. But, even the pregnant lady needs some outing and enjoyment. Thus, travelling is an important activity which every pregnant lady must look forward to. But since they are carrying a life inside their body, they must not travel just like other people. Rather, it is important for them to have a note on some tips white they take up the travelling activity.

Travelling abroad while being pregnant gives rise to a wide range of issues and concerns that are to be given a thought. Especially, when pregnant women are travelling to third world countries, it is cause for being more worried as they get exposed to bacteria and viruses which can eventually cause tummy upsets, dehydration, fever, and diarrhea. In addition, the various languages and cultural issues might cause difficulties with diagnosis of the problem.

Given below is a checklist for pregnant women who travel abroad

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  • DO NOT travel alone. Always ensure that you are accompanied by at least one person.
  • During ticket booking, remember to contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which would help you with the right information with respect to diseases that are prevalent in the places you might be visiting. The World Health Organization websites might also be a help to you in this regard.
  • Always remember to drink only water that is safe, preferably bottled mineral water from a reputed brand. Make sure that the seal of the bottle is intact and is not broken.
  • Do not consume ice cubes as most of the ice cubes are made from tap water.
  • Also, wash cups and glasses with bottled mineral water before using them.
  • If possible, carry fruit juices with you.
  • Drink only the milk that is pasteurized. In order to know whether the milk is pasteurized or not, carefully read the label on the packaged milk bottle or packet.
  • Avoid fresh fruits that are formerly peeled.
  • Avoid salads when you are at a hotel.
  • Ensure that things like veggies, meat, and fish are well cooked as partially cooked food might lead to indigestion and vomiting.
  • Prior to embarking on your travel, check out the various medical facilities that are available at the place you are visiting.
  • Check if your medical insurance card is valid or else get it renewed well in advance.

A few other important things to keep in mind when traveling whilst pregnant

Anybody would be aware of their blood group; however, it is good to check out that blood supplies are adequately available at your travel destination. Former research reveals that pregnant women are more susceptible to diseases like malaria and also extremely severe reactions. Always remember to carry mosquito repellants and mosquito wipes when you travel. There are a lot of them available and many of them are quite effective as well. However, try to avoid mosquito repellents that are DEET based as these are easily absorbed by the skin. Normally, repellants or creams that are made from lemon-eucalyptus are incidentally safe for women who are pregnant.

Remember to check with both the airlines as well as the insurance company prior to booking your ticket. Request the airlines for a seat that is either an aisle or which comes with bulkhead seat. This is because the amount of legroom in these seats is large and this increases the comfort of women who are pregnant. Quite a few budget airlines actually charge a little extra money for preferential seats, but remember money spent on this is more for your health and comfort. Also keep in mind to move out of your seat in frequent intervals as this is important to keep circulation happening.

Travel tips for pregnant women

Today, pregnant women can also get a travel trip with fun and excitement. There are several factors which you must consider while travelling when you are carrying a baby inside your womb. Some of the tips are as follows:

Choosing right destination

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You need to decide where you will be going for a trip. Also the conveyance will be another important factor while you are choosing the destination. If you are flying through aero plane, taking up the destination which will be reached within two to three hours will be ideal. Do not go for the destination that will stretch you more than this time. It will be really uncomfortable for the pregnant lady to travel in a long haul flight.

Even after reaching the airport, there must be the pickup conveyance which will take your from airport to the place of stay. You also need to visit such places nearby to which you can get medical stores and hospitals so that you can get help during emergency. Also the place you are visiting must have proper mobile network so that in case you wish to reach your doctor, you might not have any trouble.

Sensible packing for trip

When you are pregnant, staying comfortable will be an important factor. Through while you are packing your luggage for your trip, you must carry comfortable clothing shoes and accessories so that you don’t have any difficulty when you are in an unknown place. During pregnancy, little activity and light exercise is good for health. If you are planning to walk a lot when you are out in a trip, it is important to carry comfortable shoes so that your feet does not pain. Do not wear heels at all. It will be ideal to go for flat sandals or closed soft shoes or Cades.

You also need to pack up enough clothing if your stay is going to be more than a week. Take dresses for outing as well as to stay at the hotel and even night dress to wear during night.

Be stress free and relax

The main objective to go for a trip or an outing will be relaxation. So that you get some change in such a condition when you are holding a life inside you, outing or a trip must be arranged.  You must have gone ahead with lots of shopping, playing outdoor games, running etc while you were out. But, this is not the time to adopt the same activities. Here, you can go for little bit of walking in plain area and take lots of rest. You can even take a chair and sit  outside in a garden within the greeneries to feel fresh but the idea of running and jogging must be dropped. One thing which you can do always will be shopping. This is such an activity that is liked by many ladies. Even women gets a better mood or feel relax from tension after getting the activity of shopping.  You also need to take several breaks during a day when you are pregnant.

Planning ahead

You can enjoy and utilize most of your time with a little forward thinking. You also need to make a list of thing which is necessary or which you ideal wish to take with you. It is important to have a look at the pregnancy practice checklist before you are going ahead with the plan.

Enjoy the food

During pregnancy, every lady wishes to have change of taste. They might be bored of same type of food which they have been consuming at home. But, while you are out in a trip, you can easily taste food from various parts of the nation. But, you must have your meal from a branded place so that there is no adulteration.