How to look beautiful during occasions and festivals?

People might not care about their looks when they stay at home. But, as soon as they are knocked with a special occasion, there lies variety of option through which you can look beautiful. When you are going for a wedding party, you cannot just dress up and keep your face as it is as you stay at home. When festive season arrives, all ladies are in their toes to look beautiful. They always need to look good among the crowd when the festive season arrives. You may find variety of makeups that is suitable for every occasion.

If you are belonging to Bengali community, durga puja is the famous festival that is celebrated by the people staying in west Bengal and other parts of India. You can now arrange your entire beauty package along with matching dress and accessories to be worn each day. You can now get some wonderful tips for looking beautiful during the occasion.

Most women are careless about their looks when they stay at home. But, as soon as they are knocked with a special occasion, they try variety of options to improve their looks. An invitation for a wedding party or arrival of the festive season all ladies are on their toes to look beautiful. Different occasions and festivals are times when most women want to be attractive as it is the place where they gain maximum attention.

Most of women try to look different than usual on occasions and festivals. They try different types of makeup to look beautiful.

Tips to look beautiful during occasions

From tip to toe

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Some women give more importance to face for looking beautiful. Not only face alone would help you look ravishing. So, it is better to take care from top to toe and present yourself in a neat and gorgeous manner. Here are some tips to look beautiful.

Comb your hair properly

Hairstyle gets more attention among the crowd. Comb your hair gracefully and wisely during festivals to look beautiful. You can also choose based on the nature of a festival you celebrate. Shampoo your hair and leave it free, if you are going to get together or any formal occasion. If it is a traditional festival, you can choose a braided hairstyle. Avoid applying oil to your hair during festival time, as it makes you look dull.

Select perfect clothes for perfect attire

Choose a dress that makes you look beautiful for occasions. You just focus on the type of dress you choose for different occasion. You can also try saris with grand designer work, if you feel comfortable. Try something new with extra care when you are about to experiment. You should not face to be the culprit in showing that you are uncomfortable with your clothes. Select colors that compliment your skin tone.

Charming face

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Face is a major role in uplifting your beauty. Give equal importance to the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and cheeks. Apply proper makeup to your face. Keep your eyes look fresh and avoid crying and rubbing your eyes. Wash your eyes with cold water, which helps you to keep your eyes look beautiful. Shape your eyebrows, brush your brows in an upward direction to get the perfect shape. Use petroleum jelly to cover any bags around your eyes. Use branded concealer. Mascara makes you look beautiful with gorgeous eyes. For lips, you can use natural beet-root juice around your lips or give a lustrous shade or ghee. Moisturize your lips to protect from sun and cold.

Smoothness of skin with raw milk

If your skin becomes rough and the best way to eradicate the roughness is through the aid of raw milk. You can simply apply raw milk in such area or make a paste of raw milk, sandalwood powder and cucumber juice and apply in those areas where the dark spot and roughness has occurred.  Even the dryness of your skin will be eradicated once you apply it twice in a day and make your skin soft and supple.

Orange peels to remove acne

If you have oily skin, acne will be one of the problems which you are suffering from. If you can apply mask of orange peel off, this will work as a wonder to remove acne from your skin. You can now get many branded products in the market that include orange peel off mask. You can either get one of those products from the market or simply make it at home. You can arrange some dry, peel of orange and powder it by using the grinder. You can add some drops of honey and cucumber extract in it and apply the same on your skin.

Urad dal (Vigna mugo)

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Most of the women have dark elbows and knees even if the complexion is fair. It looks really odd when dark elbows and knees can be seen in white complexion of skin. But, you can easily get a remedy exclusively at home. You can get some Urad dal overnight and grind the same into a paste. You can now add some papaya paste to the same. After the mixture is prepared, you are now free to apply the same on the back side of your hand, i.e., elbow and in the knees so that the uneven darkness and patches can be removed.

Treatment for shiny hair

When you are dressing up during the day of the festival, healthy and beautiful fair is also needed to complete your total beauty.  Soak some henna and Mehandi for your hair and add some amla powder in the solution. Applying lemon juice with the same will be another wonderful idea. Apply the pack of henna or Mehandi to your hair and see the shine of your hair.

Preventing skin tone

During the festive season, it will be obvious that you will be visiting a variety of places. Sunlight will always be a factor if you move out during the day. Thus, you are given a good chance to the UV rays to get penetrated into your skin. This gives rise to the tanning of your skin. Some people also get skin irritation, patches, redness and blotches on the skin.

Hands and legs

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Take care of your hands and legs to look healthier. Apply proper moisturizer and sunscreen lotion and proper waxing. Shape your nails with pedicure and manicure. Choose proper and branded nail polish that suits the dress you wear. Apply two coatings to your nails to give a classy look.

Start from head to toe

Getting ready for an occasion does not mean giving importance to the face only.  The aim of dressing up at these times must be to present oneself in a neat and gorgeous manner from head to toe.


Select the perfect dress for the occasion or festival. The dress should be chosen by keeping the age, occasion and body of the woman. Indian saris are the best choice to be worn on weddings and festivals. The colour of the dress must also compliment with the skin tone of the wearer.

Charming Face

Face plays a major role in enhancing the beauty of a person. Equal importance must be given to the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Care of the eyes must be started a few days before the occasion.  Eyebrows must be given a perfect shape by brushing it upwards.  Lips must be kept soft and shining by applying butter or ghee a week before the festival to keep it moisturized.

It is advisable to go for a homemade facial to bring glow on the paste. A perfect face mask can be made by making a paste using besan, turmeric, milk cream and honey. Apply it on the face and neck, leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Hands and Legs

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A proper pedicure and manicure will enhance the beauty of the hands and feet. The nails need to be shaped properly and a branded nail polish should be chosen that would match the colour of the dress. A classy look can be given to the nails by applying two coats of the nail paint. Hands and feet can also be traditionally decorated with mehndi, depending on the festival or occasion. Foot wear is another important part of dressing which must be selected by keeping in mind the weather, dress, and occasion. Always chose a comfortable footwear for any occasion.  Studded and bright chappals and sandals go well on weddings and festivals.


Hand bags and jewellery is another part of to be given importance.  They play an important role in adding charm and grace to the personality of a person. Heavy and traditional jewellery are a part of dressing for festivals and wedding ceremonies. On the other hand light delicate jewellery will go better on other formal occasions.


Makeup is an art that gives an instant makeover to the woman in a unique way.A tired, acne-filled or dry face can be easily transformed into fresh, radiant one in a matter of minutes with a proper makeup. This can be done at home or by an expert in a salon just before the occasion or festival.

Other important factors to beautify yourself naturally

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Along with external maintenance of skin, it is also equally important to maintain yourself from inside. Water is an important factor which maintains balance in your body and provides a wonderful glow in your skin.  You need to consume at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in a day in order to look beautiful and get skin glow naturally.

Weight gain can be another problem that can come as a hindrance in your path. You must consume balance diet which is filled with all types of vegetables as well as fruits. Your weight cannot increase with appropriate bowel movement and fiber content in your diet.

You can carry on with little bit of stretching exercise so that your skin does not become saggy during the festive season. If you do not have enough time to carry on with 30 minutes of regular exercise, its times to take things in a different way with health benefits.

Festival brings lots of joy and happiness in your life. You might be waiting for the whole year to embrace the occasion. Looking good among the crowd will be another important factor. The above mentioned natural treatment will make you beautiful whatever and however you dress up during the festive season.