How to lose fat at arms and shoulders

Fats on the upper arms and shoulders can be difficult to lose, but if you are ready to put in the extra effort, there is nothing that can stop you. If you follow the right diet and exercise plan as mentioned in this article, you can start seeing results within a month. If you are overweight you are most expected to have more fat on your arms and shoulders. However, there are a lot of people who are not overweight but have more than normal arm fats. In such cases, what you need is to increase the movement of the muscles of your arms to get rid of the fat. The best things that you can do to get rid of lose fat at arms and shoulders include,

Skipping for losing arm and shoulder fat

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One of the easiest and most effective exercises that you can do to get effective results in toning the upper arms and shoulders is skipping the rope, the same that you used to do as a child. In rope skipping you jump continuously which gives the benefits of cardio exercises and as you move your arms and shoulders repeatedly for moving the rope in motion it also helps in toning your arm and shoulder muscles. So, start skipping from today. Complete at least 100 counts at one go and you should do it for 3-4 times in a day. Once it becomes easier for you to skip more, increase the count. However, keep in mind to get the best results of cardio exercises from skipping, make sure that you do it really first.

Swimming, the best exercise to tone your arms and shoulders

If you know how to swim, losing fat at the arms and shoulders should not be your headache. Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do to get rid of excess arm and shoulder fat quickly. Swimming needs you to use your hands as well as your legs to cover the water stress and can effectively work to give you all the benefits of cardiovascular exercises as well as toning of the arm and shoulder muscles. Just 1 hour of daily swimming for 2 weeks can give you the toned up arms and shoulders you are looking for.

Basketball/Volleyball for losing arm and shoulder fat

Basketball/Volleyball is the sport other than swimming that can work to give you a complete solution for losing extra fat from arms and shoulders. Basketball/Volleyball includes extreme movement of your hands and shoulders. They also offer all the benefits of cardio exercises. If you have a knack for active sports but you do not prefer swimming, then basketball can be your pick.


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These are the other games that give you the combined effects of cardio workouts along with toning effects on your arms and shoulders. So, if you are a sporty person, the options for losing fat at arms and shoulders are actually plenty. You can pick any of the active sports mentioned above to experience the changes in your arm and shoulder shape quickly.

However, if you are not that sporty, or if you do not have the scope to join any of these active sports, make a regular exercise regime that should include 15-20 minutes of skipping, along with the stretching and exercises mentioned below,

Stretching for losing arm and shoulder fat

The best part about stretching is that you can do them at any place at any time. Even if you are in your office, you can easily do a few stretching without disturbing anything. It will not only help you to lose the arm and shoulder fat more quickly but will also make sure that you are able to focus better when you get back at work. Some of the simple stretching exercises that can be helpful to tone up the upper arm and shoulders and can be done even in the office include,

Standing side stretching

Standing side stretching

Take your hands behind your head and interlock the fingers. Now stretch your arms upwards to reach their full length. You must be feeling the strain of the stretching on your upper arms and shoulders. Your elbows should remain behind your head. Now bend to the right from your waist while keeping the arms straight and stretched. Hold the bent position for a fraction of second and then get back to the middle position and repeat to the left side. Do, it for 2-3 times intercepted with the next stretching exercise.


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Back stretching

Back stretching

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Take your arms to the back and hold them together below your waist by interlocking the fingers. Now stretch the arms backwards and downwards, while keeping them attached. Your chest should come forward as the hands will be pushed backwards. Hold the maximum stretched position for few seconds and then relax. Repeat for few more times.

Arm rotation with dumbbells

Arm rotation with dumbbells

Arm rotation can be targeted and effective exercise to tone up your arms and shoulders. Performing this exercise with dumbbells in your hands will make it more effective, giving you quick results. If you are familiar with dumbbells start with 1.5Kg or 2kg ones, otherwise start with 1 Kg dumbbell. If you do not have a dumbbell at home, you can simply do this exercise with a 1 litter filled bottle of water.

Hold two dumbbells in two of your hands and stand straight on the floor with your legs shoulder width apart. Now extend your arms forwards to reach a full stretched position. In the next step move your right hand with the dumbbell upwards to make your hand reach a straight line with your shoulder. Once you reach the top position, hold it for few moments and then trace back. Repeat with the other arm to complete one set. You need to do at least 10 sets of 5 reps to start with.

Pull ups

Girl training on chin-up bar outdoor

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Pulling your body up with the help of your hands while hanging on a rod is one of the best and most effective exercises to tone up your arms and shoulders along with the back. Pull ups are not easy for many women, and you might opt for a few variations of it to start with, if you find pull ups extremely straining.

Push ups and single hand push ups

Push ups and single hand push ups

Start with normal push ups and once it becomes simpler for you, introduce the single hand push up as well to maintain variation and also to get the best effects in toning up the upper arm muscles. Keep your palms on the floor beside your shoulders and your toes should be balancing the weight of the lower body. Now with the help of your arms push your body up and then lower it down, but do not touch the floor. While doing single hand push ups, keep one of your hands folded at the back and change the hands in every turn.

Lateral plank walk

Lateral plank walk

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Lateral plank walk can be effective to give you toned up arms and shoulders. Get into the plank position by placing your hands beside your shoulders and taking the body weight on your hands and legs. Keep your feet and legs joined together and fully stretched at the back. Now push your body up, just like you did in case of push ups. Now, take your right hand up and place it to the left while moving your right leg towards extreme right. Take your left hand up and place it to the right, crossing the right hand, while extending the left leg to extreme left. Take your hands back to the starting position and this time start with your left hand. You need to do this exercise quickly to make it work.

Chair tricep dips

Chair tricep dips

Tricep dips with a chair can effectively tone up your upper arm and shoulders. Take a wooden chair or bench of 2 feet height and make sure that it is strong enough to take your body weight. Place the chair or the bench against a wall to ensure the best safety. Stand 2 feet away from the chair, turning your back to it. Now bend your knees to hold the chair by your hands as shown in the picture above. Now bend the elbows and your body will lower towards the ground. Stop before touching the ground and get back to the straight elbow position. You need to do at least 3 sets of 20 reps of this exercise for good results.

Use the rowing machine

Use the rowing machine

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Rowing can be highly effective to tone up the arm and the shoulder muscles. If you want to target the lose arm and shoulder fat particularly, the rowing machine can give you the best results. Use it in the right way avoiding the common mistakes at least for 15 minutes daily to get the best results.

Bicep curls with dumbbells

Bicep curls with dumbbells

Three types of Bicep curls, including regular curls, opposite curls and the hammer curls can be most effective to tone the muscles of the arms. To do the regular bicep curls hold two dumbbells in each of the hands with your hands bent at the elbow and parallel to the floor. The palms should be facing forward while doing the regular bicep curls. While doing the opposite curls the palms should be facing backwards and while doing the hammer curls your palms should be facing inwards.

The above exercises can give the best toning effects to your arms and shoulders helping you to lose the extra fat of this area. However, in order to make it easier to lose that fat also keep a check on your diet as mentioned below,

The right diet

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Opt for a diet that is high in nutrition, filling for the stomach but low in calorie. Check out the amount of fat, carbs and sweets you take in daily and keep them to a minimum. Make sure to stay away from junk foods and extra calories that you take in with sodas, chips, chocolates and pastries. Also keep a check on your total red meat content as that adds directly to the body fat. Drink lots of water to make sure that the metabolism rate of your body is at its peak.