How to reduce thigh fat – diet and exercises

You can find some places in the body of both male and female which is quite susceptible to fat deposit. These places include buttocks, thighs, buttocks etc. These are also known as the sex specific fat deposit places.

Fat deposition can also vary from one gender to another. Many people have tried a lot with regards to the shift of fats that is collected in thighs but, once the fats gets accumulated, it becomes really difficult to extract the fat from that particular place. Those are known as the stubborn fat which is really difficult to get rid.

Reducing thigh fat is not a very easy task. Yet, you need to have a control on your diet in order to reduce your thigh fat. There are some effective ways in which you get a control on thighs and hips.

The fiber content in your diet is really essential. Development of cellulite in skin can take place due to number of reasons. You can easily get a way to remove cellulite in your body.

There is a chance for the women’s body for storing excessive fat. Thus, there must be ways through which you can reduce fat in your body.


How to get rid of cellulite on legs

The word cellulite seems to be new but it is nothing more than the normal fat present beneath the skin. It is not too dangerous for a person but it looks odd and gives a different shape in body.

So people would like to get rid of it soon. Effected with cellulite doesn’t mean that you are overweight. It is very common in women than men. Some of the causes of cellulite are fad dieting, hormone changes, dehydration, slow metabolism, poor diet, total body fat and lack of physical activity.

Even the high stress may cause cellulite. Follow some tips and exercise regularly to avoid frustrating bumps. Fat in thigh of an individual also affects the body shape of an individual.

Women with pear shape will be in a great difficulty. Women with cone shaped body generally have slim thighs and legs in comparison with other parts of the body. Women with pear shaped body needs to work harder in order to get their thighs and inner part of thighs slimmer.

Ways to reduce thigh fat

Healthy diet

There are some diet schedules which will be ideal for reducing fat in certain area of the body. Among which thigh is an important area. If you can get the healthy eating program, reducing thighs will be really easy.

You can also find some magic food which will reduce total amount of fat in your body that is formed by consuming various saturated fats in the food stuff. People with pear shaped body have a tendency of getting more fat in thigh and butt.

You must avoid high calorie food such as meats, ice-cream, cheese etc. Rather, it is good to consume green leafy vegetables, lean fat as well as high fiber food.

Keep on moving

How to get rid of cellulite on thighs

The reason behind accumulation of excess fat in thigh is due to excessive stagnancy or sitting for one place for a long time. You can now try some cardio exercise which will be effective in raising your heart rate and easily burn fat in your body.

Since it work over every parts of your body, your thigh muscles as well as butts will be more effective. If you can practice running, it will prove to be one of the wonderful cardiac exercises.

By now, we are aware of the fact that no other exercise is as good as that of running.  Apart from running, you can also jog and climb up to the stairs to reduce excess thigh muscles from your body.

Cycling can also be effective to reduce thigh fat as you will be constantly moving your leg in this particular type of exercise.

Increasing metabolism

You must consume some food that will lose some fat stored in your butt as well as muscles. This will be effective if you can make a good combination of right exercise and low calorie diet.

You will get an increase in your body metabolism with the help of these foods. You can now get some tips of consuming the food items that is effective in increasing metabolism of your body.

Green tea is one of the excellent ingredients which can increase the metabolism of your body and initiate reducing fat from your thigh. Metabolism of your body can also be increased if you can consume hot and spicy food items.

When you are preparing some curries, it will be important to add chilies and spices such as ginger and garlic to increase body metabolism. You can also exchange soy in place of meat.

Resistant exercise

There are some categories of exercises which are known as resistant exercise. When you are starting the exercise, it is important to make a consideration of own body weight as resistance.

Some of these exercises include raising of legs, lunges, squats etc. Even if you make a workout schedule during alternate day, overall fat loss in your body will occur effectively.

Seat hand push workout

Seat hand push workout

How to get rid of dark inner thighs

This is a wonderful exercise that helps reducing your thigh fat. All you have to do is choose a sturdy chair to sit. Now you are required to rest your feet on floors.

Now, you need to bend your knees in such a way that it forms a 90 degree angle. Now, you need to make a placement of your palm just outside of knees.

Now you need to keep your arms as well as palm intact and make a push of your knees outward. Then again push inward. Do these several times and get your thigh reduced.

Seated leg raise

Seated leg raise

You also need to get an exercise that will raise your knees upward. You need to sit on a sturdy chair and lift one leg up such that it is parallel to the ground. Another leg must be perpendicular to the ground.

Do the same thing with your other legs vice versa. But remember to breathe in while lifting your legs for 30 seconds. When you are releasing, breathe out will be initiated.

Bridge exercise

Bridge exercise

Another exercise which will be effective for you will be the bridge exercise. This will easily help you get your fat layer over your thigh reduced. Get a sturdy chair and stand just in front of the chair with your back portion facing your chair.

Now act yourself as if you are sitting without taking the support of chair. At the same time take your hands at the back and hold the chair tightly. Your palm and feet will be a support to hold your body. You need to do this continuously and see how well your thigh fats are reduced.