Workouts to get perfect bubble butts

We all see beautiful ladies in the surrounding and envy them due to their well shaped body. Few are very lucky to get a slim and attractive body from very beginning. But, others having bulk at various parts of their body need time to melt by regular exercise and diet. You may also seen moms being mother of two or three babies have well maintained body along with perfect bubble butts. Attractive butts are not only demanded in the fashion and film industry, rather people with general standard of living also have efficiency to get perfect bubble butts in no extra cost. Even if you don’t need to expose your body by wearing swimming suit, it becomes important for you to get a well shaped body. Some very simple exercise will be effective as these exercises can be well performed in any single exercise schedule. Whether you are a teenager or have crossed 40 years of age, perfect butts can be achieved through these simple exercises.

List of workout positions for perfect bubble butts

Step 1

Scissor jumps

Scissor jumps bubble butts

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You must be aware of traditional lunge jump, scissor jumps are the bouncier modification of the same. For this, you need to stand and slowly part your two legs creating ample gap in the middle. Now, by making your toes facing either sides try to sit and do not sit fully. Just stay at half way sitting position. Now sit in this posture as long as you can. Now get up and again take the same position. This is one of the effective exercises that help in making your butt fuller.

Step 2

Straight leg pulse

straight leg exercises

Stand in a walking position such that your right leg is forward and left leg stays back. Now, sit with the leg forward by taking the kneel of the left leg down touching the ground. At the same time put your two hands on your waist. Stay for around 2 to 3 minutes in the same position and get up. Continue this exercise as long as you can to get bubbler butt. In this move, you must keep your spine straight. Even your stomach must be tight in this regard.

Step 3

Wall sit

wall sit

You must take your back lead to the wall and half sit as if you are sitting over a chair. But, it is important not to take the support of chair while carrying on with this exercise or else your but will get the place to stay and you will not get bubbly butt. Even in this position, you must keep your stomach tight. Your entire weight should be on your legs. If you are used to this position and exercise and wish to get extra benefit, just extend one of the leg forward by staying in this position. In order to reduce pain of your leg, you need to switch legs in every 15 seconds.

Step 4

Dumble dead lifts

dumble building for bubble butts

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This exercise would ask you to have hand dumbbell in order to build your strength in hand. Along with toning your butt, this exercise will help building very strong hands. There you need to stand still with two dumbbells around 2-3 kgs weight in each hand. Your spine and stomach should be tight enough. Now, bend down with your hand with dumbbell touching the floor without bending the knees. Stay in this position for 1 minute and again go back to standing position. Do this 3 to 4 times initially and then increase as long as you can bear.

Step 5

Glute bridge

glute bridge for bubble butts

To start this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor with your mattress placed at your back. Now by keeping your two hands on the floor slowly lift your body by keeping your feet against the ground. Here, you are gripping the floor with the help of your two hands with a lift your body upwards. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and come back to the original position. Start lifting your body one again and continue it.

Step 6

Frog jumps

frog jumps exercise

Here you need to sit down without making your but touching ground. The position is exactly how you sit in an Indian toilet. Now keep two of your hand in parallel position and jump like a frog. Do this 10 to 12 times to get beautiful butt.