How to get rid of cellulite on butt naturally at home

Cellulites are nothing but the fats that get accumulated under your skin and provide a wavy structure to your body. When small pockets of fat get crowded at a particular place in your body, cellulites develop. Due to the deficiency of space, these pockets of fats get enlarged. Cellulites tend to appear as a small pimple-shaped structure. This cellulite prevents you from wearing short skirts or dresses. Cellulites specially form in areas such as buttocks, thighs, arms and lower abdomen.

Why cellulites develop on the butt?

How to get rid of cellulite

  • There might be certain injuries that lead to the breakage of skin. These results in cellulites on buttocks.
  • Another reason behind cellulites might be the wound which has been left exposed to bone bacteria.

Home remedies to reduce cellulites

  • The first and most important step is drinking lots of water. Water serves as a great resource when it comes to beauty care. It is recommended to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Try to avoid drinking carbonated drinks. Water has the ability to remove all the toxins from your body. Drinking water can reduce the formation of cellulite. Hydrating your body is equally important to make the cellulites disappear. Adding a pinch of lemon juice to drinking water can enhance the effect.
  • Coffee scrubs are an effective way to eliminate cellulite. It not only acts as an excellent antioxidant but also helps in stimulating the blood flow to the area where the scrub is applied. You can now make your own coffee scrub at home. The technique is very simple. Take two tablespoons of coffee and mix it with a small amount of water so that it forms a thick paste. Use this paste on the affected area. After 10 minutes, wash it off with water. Apply this scrub 2 times in a week. This hydrates your skin, nourishes it and protects from damage.
  • Using tomato scrub can help to minimize the toxic fat that builds up and creates cellulite. Tomato has an element known as lycopene. The method of making tomato scrub includes crushing two tomatoes and mixing some lime juice to it. Use this scrub to massage all over the affected area. Keep massaging for 10minutes. Apply this scrub once on a day to get rid of cellulites.
  • The calcium, potassium and magnesium content of apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of cellulites on your buttocks as well as on your thighs. They help to lower the water retention capacity. It effectively removes away the toxins and reduces the chances of cellulite formation. Apple cider vinegar also helps to reduce weight and in turn, reduces the number of cellulite pockets. Add two tablespoons of water to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it thoroughly. In order to enhance the effect of the mixture, you can add some honey to it. Use this mixture to massage in the area. After 30 minutes, wash off the area with water. Besides massage, you can also make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey. If you drink this daily, it shows noticeable results.

Home remedies are effective and exercises can enhance the result. Exercise helps to tone the shape of the body. Exercises such as side leg kicks, cardio, and heel raise are some of the examples which reduce the cellulite on the butt. Given below is some of the list of exercises.

Weighted bridge

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Lie on the floor with your face up. Bent your knees and keep your feet flat. Take a heavy dumbbell and keep it horizontally on your hips with both hands. Now slowly lift your hips by pushing your knees an inward direction. Hold this position for 3 seconds.

Dumbbell curtsy lunge

Keep your feet wide apart and hold one light dumbbell in both the hands. Keep your hips and shoulders in position and bring the left leg just behind your right leg such that it makes a 90 degree. Repeat the exercise by switching sides.

Avoid eating junk foods such that fat and sugar do not accumulate in your body. Follow the above-mentioned home remedies to get of cellulites.