How to get rid of dark inner thighs

Thighs generally remain under cover. Apart from celebrities or people belonging to show business, the inner portion of thigh remains unexposed. Yet, we all wish to get it attractive and lighter in shade. Some people have dark thighs whereas other do not. Thus, it is very important to find out the actual reason for inner dark thighs.

Proper hygiene and grooming can help in eradicating the darkening effect of thighs. Along with the other parts of your body which remains exposed to people, individuals must also take proper care of their private parts.

Causes of dark thighs

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One of the common causes of developing inner dark thighs is wearing tight fitting clothing.  Since the skin rubs against the cloth that you are wearing, it develops and friction and makes the inner portion of the thigh darker.

Also when a person is overweight, this problem becomes adverse. Another cause of skin darkening in inner thigh is hormonal changes in women.

You can find many creams available in the market that guarantees removing darkness in thigh in just few days.  If the creams really work so easily and fast, this might be effect of harmful chemicals. Thus, it will be better to get some natural treatment for removing darkness in inner thigh.

Home remedies to treat inner dark thighs

Solution of lemon

You can now get an effective solution of treating inner dark thighs with lemon juice and some bath oil.  Since lemon contains beaching properties, it will definitely help individuals to turn the thigh area of the leg lighter as compared to before.  Since the lemon juice is acidic in nature, it will easily change the color of your skin from darker to lighter.

But, it should be applied in limited amount. Here bath oil is use with the lemon juice so that, the negative effect of the lemon can get reversed. After making the solution you must rub this in your inner thigh to get wonderful effect.


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It is quite easy to create yogurt at home in a traditional way with raw milk and some lemon juice. After getting the yogurt, you must place it in a separator and add some turmeric powder, lemon juice and gram powder.

Make a paste out of it and apply it proportionately on your thigh.  As soon as it dries off, you must wash it away. You should not leave this paste for a long time as this includes lemon with acidic properties. Also the turmeric can create a stain in your skin if kept for a long time.


You will be surprised to know that, even potatoes have natural bleaching properties. But, it is good for skin as the beaching effect will be quite mild on skin.  You can now peel off few raw potatoes and cut them into slices. You can also grate them to get more juices from it. Now apply it on your thighs. Keep this for half an hour and wash away the potato extracts from your thighs.

People remains really upset when they get a dark toned skin. The inner parts of the body generally remain dark especially the under thighs, underarms etc. Now, But, we don’t feel really happy about it. Ladies with really be cautious about their thigh getting dark. Some people get the inner thigh just for the hereditary reason.

At the same time dark inner thighs can be reason behind the internal and external factors.  If you are wearing synthetic garments, this can be really dreaded as this can even get tough stains on your thigh due to friction. Another reason for the black thigh can be hormonal imbalance. Let us find out some ways to stay away from dark inner thighs.

Ways to get rid of dark inner thighs

Aloe vera

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People are really cautious about their skin as they want to stay beautiful always. Even there are ways through which you can remove darkness in your skin in a natural way.

Aloe Vera is the natural plant that is been used by number of people around the world to treat variety of skin conditions. Yes, the gel extracted from Aloe Vera can be used in a wonderful way to remove the dark spots from your skin.

Coconut oil

Getting coconut oil right at home is really easy. As this is the natural product which you are using for hair care, this is a necessity at home. Now this can be applied on your thighs so that you can get black stains free thigh. It will be better if you can add lemon juice with coconut oil and apply over your thighs. This can be a great remedy for darkening thighs.

Gram flour and turmeric

You can now make a wonderful combination of the gram flower with a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Pour some water and make a paste. Apply this right over your thigh. Wait for sometime till it is dry. It will be better if you can apply it at night before going to sleep. Wake up in the next day morning and then remove it with plain water.