Tips for best way to use mascara

Ladies are always thinking new ways that will help them to get an attractive eye along with a flawless facial makeup. Within your entire face, eyes are really important to get proper makeup as this is the most prominent part that will help you create an amazing expression while your speak or communicate with someone. Even if you don’t speak, signal of eyes helps a person to understand your mind. Mascara is n effective tool that will highlight your eyelashes. Normally people with very less eyelashes as well as medium volume eyelashes need to use mascara in order to make their eyelashes look prominent. But, only having mascara with you is not enough, rather you need to know its application procedure.

Mascara is one of the important parts of makeup especially when you want to make your eyes beautiful. It makes your eyes more prominent with the lashes long and darker in variation. But every individual are not capable of making their eyelashes as bright as ever. It is just because they lack the technique of doing so. Let us find out the techniques with the help of which using mascara will be easy and people can look beautiful by doing so.

Tip to choose mascara

Find the right mascara

Varied numbers of mascaras are available in the market from where you need to choose the one that is the most suitable for your use. You have to use the best mascara that will suit your purpose. There are waterproof mascaras available in the market which you can easily avail for any season.

Choice of color

Whether you are willing to get mascara of jet black color or any other one right from the market is totally dependent upon you. But, the market is flooded with variety of mascaras that comes with different colors. If you want to give a fuller effect to your eye, black mascara must be applied. If your hair color is brownish, black mascara might look odd, you can choose brown as well.

Tips to apply mascara

No pumping wand

In order to use mascara, you need to get some effective tips as well as precautions which will make the application procedure smoother. This will push the air into the tube and your mascara will become dry very easily. This will also create clumps and flakes while you apply it over your lashes. If you want to get the clean eyeliner for lashes gently twist the bottle twisting and back.

Start the process

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It’s the time to start the process of applying mascara over your eyes. You can either take the mascara from the top of the wand or that of the bottom. If you are using the mascara that is almost about to complete, take the mascara very carefully as it can form clamp over your eyelashes.

Application over the top lash

When you are applying mascara over the top eyelid, it is important to look straight and then apply. Do not just close your eyes in applying the same or else you can end up with stick of mascara drops over your skin around your eyes. You need to open your eyes wide in order to get a perfect application of eyelash over your upper lid.

Give time to dry lash

Once you have applied mascara over your top eyelid, you need to wait for sometime so that it dries. In many cases ladies close eyes or blinks eyelids quite frequently that they give rise to splitting of the mascara over the white skin and the whole procedure gets disrupted. Thus, you must apply eyelashes in such a way that it does not touch your skin in wet condition.

Lower eyelid application

There is also a procedure of applying the mascara over your lower eyelash. Even over here you need to place your eyes open wide and apply it over the lower lash so that there is no chance of sticking it at the top and bottom. Even do not close your eyes and blink in between application procedure.

Thicker eyelid

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Some people wishes to get thicker eyelashes and thus applies the black color mascara twice in order to get a prominent look. You can apply it at the top of inner water lines across your eyes and get a wonderful volumizing look. People with blonde hair many not have black color eyelashes but if you can paint it black with mascara, getting an attractive and pretty look will be easier.

Since mascaras are applied to make your eyes look attractive with thicker views, you can easily apply the dark color mascaras that can help you get your face look attractive.

Tips for using mascara in best way

Bending the brush

The mascara brush is normally in the same line with the stick. While using the brush as it is, there might be some difficulties in your way. But, if you mend the brush little so that it becomes an angle, application of mascara over your eyelashes won’t be a trouble. You don’t have to stress your elbow by keeping it up for several times rather you can put it down and apply the mascara comfortably.

Wipe excess mascara

Once you insert the mascara brush inside the bottle where mascara is present you might get mascaras in volume. Sometimes excess mascaras comes up which is not required for a single application. All you have to do over here is take a tissue and wipe off the mascara which is present in an excess within the brush. Then you can apply the mascara to avoid unnecessary clump over your eyelashes.

Two layer of mascara

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In order to make the application of mascara and presentation much prominent, it is important to make the use of mascaras in two layers. Yes, you heard it right. You have to use the regular mascara at first in the base. There after once it is dried, use the waterproof mascara above it. This method will make the mascara on your eyelash last for a long time. Try this technique whenever you are willing to get brighter toned makeup. For a reception party or a marriage this step will be really amazing. If you have not tried it yet, do it now and enjoy staying beautiful for long.