How to get rid of itchy inner thigh skin rashes naturally?

Hate those prickly, itchy and scratchy moments where you die to scratch those rashes but could not do it in public and run for private spaces for the relief.

Inner thigh rashes – generally termed as Jock itch and scientifically Tinea Cruris – is a very common fungal infection.

It is very annoying infection commonly seen in both men and women that keeps us move uncomfortable throughout the day.

Why and how inner thigh rashes are caused?

How to get rid of inner thigh rashes

The very basic answer to this question is the humid and moisture content locked in between the thighs. Humid in there between the thighs is generally caused due to tight clothing where in the fungal gets multiplied on and on – making it hard for you even put forward a step. The rubbing of thighs against each other makes the region itchy, red and flat.


Many people tend to experience this inconvenience despite wearing loose clothes and keeping their dark regions dry and clean. Those are people suffering with diabetes and overweight.  People who are overweight and even diabetic tend to sweat a lot driving to imbalance in skin PH levels and this causes chaffing of the skin.

  • Take showers after exercises.

Post bath care

Make sure you wipe all your body parts with a clean towel after shower and dry the dark regions/skin folds especially in between thighs, pubic and genital regions, underarms, buttocks, bikini line and others where the friction is more. Let the air circulate well and avoid the accumulation of sweat and moisture to get rid of the problem.

PH balance

Do not use powders or oils to mitigate the problem, rather it augments the issue. Have very lengthy showers and rinse those skin folds we often miss to take interest. Make sure your inner wears are of cozy and snug fit and avoid wearing tight inners. The rashes between the thighs tend to trigger and spread so try not to share your inners/towels with others.

Home remedies for inner thigh rashes

Home remedies to cure the skin rashes

  • Use baking soda mixed with water to wash the dark and moist regions as it helps in bringing back the PH value of skin into balance.
  • Ice compress helps you get relief off the problem. Use a clean cloth to fill in few ice cubes to rub in between the thighs for few minutes to reduce the inflammation.
  • Aloe vera helps reduce the discomfort with its cooling effect. Massage into the skin for 15 minutes and rinse
  • Oatmeal mixed with water and soaked for a while is to be rubbed in the regions
  • Add handful of neem leaves to boiling water and take bath using the water for immediate results
  • Turmeric also helps lessen the problem with the direct application or by adding a tablespoon to the water bucket to kill the infection.
  • Best of all, apply oils like coconut, olive or sesame to the region between the thighs and leave it on for the whole night and wash next day. You will experience great comfort and relief from the problem.

Hope this article gives you a quick relief from the discomfort that we often feel shy to even discuss or express. Stay cool and dry.