How to make hair straight for one day

Straight sleek glossy hair is never out of fashion.  This   hairstyle can be achieved by using the right products and right appliances.  Straightening of hair can be done properly on few strands at a time give a smooth beautiful look.

Steps to straighten the hair

1st step

Shampoo and condition the hair

How to straighten hair at home

Hair straightening tools must be used after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Deep conditioning is essential for extremely dry hair. It is advisable to use shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients. Products containing sulphate and silicon free keep the hair healthy and prevent them from getting damaged.

2nd step


Give the last rinse to the hair with cold water. This will help to close the shafts of the hair and prevent them from curling up. The cold water rinse also gives a shine to the hair when they are dry. This is an important step which not only makes your hair clean but also move forward to give it a straight look.

3rd step

Towel dry the hair

The scalp and hair must be wrapped and patted with a towel to dry to remove the excess water after shampooing the hair. While drying your hair with towel do it very carefully. You need to be very soft towards your hair. If you rub the towel against the hair roughly this can be very rough and that can lead to hair breakage. You need to do that softly. 

4th step

Comb the hair

How to make hair straight & silky

Wet hair need to be combed with a wide tooth comb in order to remove the tangles. Brushing must be avoided as it damages the hair and causes breakage of hair. When your hair is wet, avoid combing hair as when your hair is wet the root is very soft and can easily be extracted. If you decide to comb your hair when it is wet, your hair strands will fall out. Its better to comb your hair once it is dry. 

5th step

Straightening balm or spray

A good quality straightening balm or spray must be applied on the hair which must cover all areas of the hair, particularly the ends. This balm will also protect the hair from split ends. You can now get those straightening balm or spray in the market or you can get it online without any trouble. Order it today and enjoy healthy hair.

Other methods to straighten hair

Flat iron

It is a ceramic plated iron which straightens strands of hair by passing them through two heated flat irons. This method straightens the hair quickly and efficiently. It does not damage the hair. Flat iron must be used on scions of hair at a time to straighten them.

Blow dryer

Hair can be efficiently straightened by using the blow dryer on the coolest setting. It will make the hair smooth and keep them straight for the whole day. A few drops of smoothing serum or protecting spray can be applied after straightening the hair with the blow dryer.

Blow drying must be done on damp hair and not when the hair are soaking wet, as this can cause damage to the and lead to damage of hair. Blow drying should be done by working on sections of hair with a paddle brush starting from the roots to the tip. A light hair sprayed with a spray laminator can be used to keep the hair straight for the whole day.

Tips to keep the hair straight after straightening them

Any method can be used to straighten the hair   but some special care is required to keep them straight. Hair sprays or hair serums containing silicone and sulphate must be applied on the hair to keep them in position for the day. The hair must be protected from warm and humid atmosphere, as this can make the hair revert back to the curly and wavy hair.

Straightening of hair should not be done regularly. There must be a break given at times because the regular use of straightening tools can damage the hair. Hair will remain straightened till water is applied on them or they are shampooed. Combing should always be done with a wide tooth comb after straightening them.