How to straighten hair at home naturally?

Straight hair looks stylish, pretty and is convenient to maintain. There are many tools to straighten hair with the help of heat and chemicals. But they are harmful for the hair in the long run.

They tend to damage hair and make them look dull and dry. There are some natural ways to straighten curly and wavy hair without damaging them. The hair will remain healthier and give a straight look with volume.

You must have spent a good amount in the parlor to make your hair straighten. This might have cost you thousands. But let us discuss about the technique that you can incorporate at home to get the straight hair naturally.

If you have curly or wavy hair you must be envying the individuals who actually have the straight hair. This type of hair is preferred by all as any hairstyle can be easily done with this type of hair. Let’s explore the ways through which hair straightening at home will be easy.

Natural ways to straighten hair at home

Homemade hair straightening tips

  • Brush wet hair every five minutes until they are completely dry. Pull small sections of hair and brush them constantly to make them straight. This can also be done in front of a fan.
  • Comb left sides of the hair to the right side and wrap them around the back of the head and keep them fixed with bobby pins. Do the same with the hair on the left side. Wrap a silk scarf and let the hair dry completely.
  • Roll sections of wet hair in large rollers and pin them tightly against the head. The curled hair will straighten as they dry.
  • Make two ponytails of wet hair at night. Put elastic bands on every inch of the ponytail to hold them together.  The hair will give a straight appearance in the morning.
  • Women with slightly straight hair can use the method of twisting wet hair into a rope and make a bun which can be secures with elastic. Brush the hair when they are completely dry.
  • A natural hair straightening mask can be made by using milk, coconut milk and honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply on the hair. Wash after one hour. Milk and egg can also be whipped together and applied on the hair. Squeeze the extra liquid after 10 minutes. Then wrap the head with a plastic cap. Wash after half an hour.
  • Milk Spray help to nourish the hair shafts and make the hair look straight and smooth. Spray milk from a spray bottle moving from the roots to the tips of the hair. Rinse well with cold water after half an hour.
  • Coconut milk is another good ingredient that can be used to straighten the hair out and make them look glossier than before.Rinse the hair with coconut milk after a hair wash. After 10 minutes rinse off the milk with cold water.
  • Hot oil massage with coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil is proven to give smooth, shiny and perfectly straight hair. Massage warm oil into the scalp. Cover the head with a towel dipped in hot water. Shampoo the head normally after thirty minutes.

Best hair straightening shampoos

  • Honey, milk & strawberry hair mask is found to be very effective in straightening hair naturally. Prepare the mask by blending strawberry milk and honey to make a paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and into the hair. Wrap the head with a towel for two hours, before washing the hair with a good shampoo. Blow dries the hair or use a wide tooth comb to straighten the hair.
  • Essential oil & Aloe Vera hair mask is another excellent hair mask to get straight hair effectively and quickly. Mix aloe Vera gel with sandalwood and rosemary essential oils and apply the mask all over the scalp. Leave it on for two hours and then rinse and shampoo with a good shampoo.
  • Bananas, yogurt & olive oil make a perfect mask to straighten hair.Mix mashed bananas with honey, yogurt and olive oil and prepare a paste. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before applying it on the hair. Wrap the head in a shower cap for an hour and then rinse the hair with cold water.

Fuller’s earth and egg mask

Although it might take quite some washing to remove fuller’s earth from your hair, the end results would be amazing. Add one cup of fuller’s earth and 5 teaspoons of rice flour in a bowl. Mix nicely.

Add an egg white to the mixture and a little bit of water to make a loose paste which can be applied on the hair. Note that you need to comb your hair nicely before applying the mixture.

Cover the roots and the tips thoroughly and wrap your hair with a towel for about 30 minutes. Keep combing your hair with a wide toothed comb at regular intervals while applying the paste.

Wash the paste off with a good quality shampoo afterwards. Follow this remedy for at least once in a month for straight and shiny hair.

Other home remedies you can try out

Take time to condition your hair

cleansersMany individuals tend to apply a conditioner and then rinse it off in a few minutes. This method may not work with every conditioner as different conditioners have different working conditions.

While some conditioners would need just 5 minutes to work on the hair, others would need at least 45 minutes to provide effective results.

The amount of time you leave the conditioner on the hair would also depend on the amount of moisture present in your scalp.

So if you don’t get desirable results within a few minutes, try keeping the conditioner on the hair for longer periods after washing it.

Always rinse with cold water

Hot water would open up the pores and remove the conditioners effect on your hair. Make it a point to rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning it as this would seal the pores and enable the hair follicles to retain the effects of the conditioner for longer periods.

Blow dry and comb properly

After washing your hair, stand under a fan or in front of a cooler. Comb your wet hair with a wide toothed comb.

Reach the tips and stop there for a moment (about 5 seconds); gently tugging at your hair to make sure it remains straight. Comb the rest of your hair the same way.

Note that you need to keep on combing your hair until it dries completely. Any amount of moisture left in the hair would lead it to curl up or look frizzy.

Ways to straighten hair at home

Brush hair before bath

How to make hair silky

An easy way of getting straight hair naturally is the brushing or combing of hair before taking bath.

If you don’t comb your hair before taking bath, the water force can create some knots and your hair will be totally messed up.

But if your comb your hair before going to shower the water will fall just over your head top and will make your hair wet in the same condition. Thus, your hair will stay straight right from the shower.

Hair boosting supplement

You can now easily get the hair boosting supplements that can make your hair straight and beautiful. Your hair also requires some nutrients just like your body.

If you are unable to provide it with such nutrients your hair will lack the strength and become extremely feeble.

This can lead to the roughness of hair and unnatural curves and waves. You can now get such supplements in the online stores.. Even the cost will be less to get from there. Get it today and experience making your hair straight and beautiful.

Avoid massive towel wrap

Some people have the tendency or the habit of wrapping hair with a big towel. They have a conception that the wet hair can be soaked in the towel and get dried.

But, this is absolutely a wrong practice. While doing so, your hair will be caught in the woven fibers. This will give rose to hair breakage and coiled hair. Thus, you can lose the chance of getting naturally straight hair.