Tips to control hair fall in women and men

All of us dream of having lustrous and healthy hair – something that would work as a crowning glory! Unfortunately, hair fall has become a common problem these days. Even though the process is painless, it can be distressing, when hair falls on an everyday basis, especially considering the fact that women associate it with beauty.

Don’t ignore the hair loss, if you are watching a big count of hair on your comb it is necessary to become alert. Many people thought that it may be a temporary problem and would change on time. This kind of neglect leads to further heavy loss of hair. If you find the hair fall is more then 100 then are it is necessary to follow some particulars. Here are some of them.

1.A healthy lifestyle is needed

2. Care your hair

3. Stay away from the things that make bad to hair

4. Follow easy home remedies

A healthy lifestyle is needed

Foods that stops hair loss

Your hair loss represents your general health, if your health is good most probably it reflects to hair too and if the hair fall is surplus, then it is a sign of health problems. The diet you follow reverts to your hair health. So, include the diet with rich nutrient and vitamin food items like fruits, dark green leafy and other vegetables especially that are having iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B because they are linked for the hair health. Hair is made up of proteins, so ensure that you are eating protein oriented food and don’t forget drinking plenty of water is much important.

Care your hair

If the hair is not clean and the scalp has become the place of dust and bacteria, then there is no hedge to stop hair fall. Maintain the hair and scalp clean and dirt-free. Choose the good products that suits to your hair and body texture. While you shampoo concentrate on scalp and roots and it’s perfect to concentrate on hair tips when you are applying moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that protects your hair good time, if it’s becoming dry then it represents non-worthy.
For every five to six weeks trim your hair so, that the split ends will go off and it also helps to shape up your hair.

Stay away from the things that make bad to hair

Many of us practice few bad things on the name of style or trend inspite of its known counter-act. Some of them are : Wearing a tight ponytail which pulls your hair from the roots. Changing your style that protects hair is a better option, if you can change, you can note hair fall changes too. Otherwise, hair won’t grow in the places where it was pulled more.
Chemical treatments which change your hair looks takes a big role in damaging the hair. Treatments include: Styling, straightening, perming,hot-oil treatment and hot ironing.

  • Blow drying the hair: Change your blower settings to the most low or let your hair dry by its own for some time and then use blower. Blower completes the work of drying hair fast but it leads for the scalp and hair follicles damage.

Hard toweling when it is wet

Don’t comb or don’t give hard toweling affects to your hair when it is wet. In the time of wet, hair follicles are not that much strong and if you give rough toweling it leads to hair fall and breaks.

Follow easy home remedies

Onion juice for hair fall control

Homemade remedies like massaging warm oil, not washing the hair with hot water, avoiding chemical encompassed shampoos and moisturizers and washing your hair with tea decoctions are steps to follow.

No one wants to go bald early or lose so much hair that they start looking old at a young age. How many times have you seen the hair gathered on your comb and felt worried? People lose a minimum of 100 strands per day. However, if it goes beyond that, then it can be considered as severe hair fall. Here are ways to combat severe hair fall in men and women.

Apply the milk of coconut

Coconut milk can nourish the tissues of the hair and can effectively help reduce hair loss. Scrape some fresh coconut and blend the scrapings of coconut using a blender. Squeeze this paste to extract the milk of coconut. Now, apply the extracted milk of coconut to your scalp and leave it on the hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Massage your scalp with the milk of coconut. This will effectively help in reducing hair fall. Apply the milk of coconut once every week in order to control hair fall.

The juice of neem leaves

The leaves of the Neem tree are the most sought after herbs across the world and this is because it has several medicinal properties. It can also be used to curb the loss of hair in both men as well as in women. Boil fresh leaves of Neem in water until the water comes down to half its quantity. Bring this water to room temperature and then, wash your hair with the water containing the essence of the Neem leaves. Repeat this process regularly once or twice a week in order to curb the problem of hair loss.

Olive oil and honey

Add two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of honey in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients well together and to this mixture, add one tablespoon of fresh cinnamon powder and blend the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Apply this mixture to your hair and your scalp and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help effectively in the growth of new hair and in soothing your scalp. Apply this mixture regularly to your hair and your scalp to see results.

Neem and aloe vera juice paste

Stop hair loss due to dandruff

Take the powder of Neem and add it to the extract of the juice from an Aloe Vera plant. Blend them well together and add a few drops of gooseberry oil to this mixture. Now, apply this mixture to your hair and your scalp evenly, so that it can reach every nook and corner. Keep it on the scalp for thirty minutes and then, wash it off. Repeat this once a week, so that you can enjoy luxuriant hair.

Yogurt and egg white paste

Take the white of two eggs in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of fresh yogurt to it. After blending these ingredients together and add a tablespoon of Neem powder or shikakai powder that you can obtain from the market to this mixture. Apply it generously to the scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Wash it off and repeat every week till you see results.

The gel of aloe vera

The juice of Aloe Vera is said to very effective in combating hair loss. It can be a good way to nourish your scalp. You can also apply pure Aloe Vera gel or even the juicy portion of the Aloe Vera plantdirectly to your scalp. The loss of hair will be prevented due to this. Massage your scalp properly after applying the juice of Aloe Vera to your scalp. Wait for a few hours before washing off the gel with lukewarm water. Do this twice every week to see results.

Lime seeds

The combination of black pepper and lime seeds can help cover the bare patches on your head. Pulverize dried lime seeds and add this to fresh pepper powder. Blend these two powders with some water to form a smooth paste. Apply to the affected areas of the scalp. Do this twice a week in order to see results.