How to protect hair during summer – Summer hair care tips

Hair during the summer season turns so dull and lusterless. It seems that the hair lacks the required nourishment. In case you have to go out for a job, then you can do nothing as the damaging rays of the sun will make the hit feel so non-fizzy and in time it will turn so perfectly unattractive.

You may live to spend time at the beach during the sunny days of the month, but this would surely not the best of treat for your hair. While your skin gets tanned your hair loses the nourishment. So, you have the trusted solutions to help the hat retain its originality.

[Hindi to protect hair during summer]

They are many people who thrive to show their hair growth, but due to the change in the season or climate there drops their effort and care. Likewise, the summer season also wreak havoc on your hair if you are not taking the right precautions while enjoying the sunny hours at our door. So here are tips to be nurtured.

Summer hair care tips

Regular hair wash to resolve hair problems

How to control hair splits during summer

Every must have to seek the special nurture while it comes to summer hair. Pollution and dust clubs with sweat and tend to accumulate the scalp which its results for hair problems. So wash your hair regularly to hold on that shine and greatness.

Shampoo regularly to remove dirt during the summer

The powerful sun rays can easily tune the hair to brittle and dry, if you really want to escape that condition using a mild shampoo will be one way. Do not use the hard one though it is proven to be best in removing the dirt from hair. Go with a mild one.

Conditioner to protect your hair from sweat

People who prefer to do a deep condition in the summer days can have the clearest route to jump from the mistake of making the hair sticky that caused due to the excessive sweating. Do deep conditioning to protect your hair and to retain it smooth and shiny.

Stay hydrated with lots of fluids in summer

Drinking plenty of water during summer season not only good for the body, but is good for the hair too. Water can easily replace the lost water from the body and its benefits for the hair as well.

Natural hair care products to moisturize your hair

How to keep your hair moisturized

Arrange your summer hours with the hair products that are completely born naturally. Using artificial color, chemical based treatments and heat treatments will wreak havoc on the hair and make them brittle and weak. Using natural products helps the hair to be moisturized and protects as well.


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Manage your hair splits by regularly trimming

Summer is just another best time for the split ends to come up because of the inevitable dryness. These splits ends simply drop the good hair looks you have polished on the hair. So manage splits through cutting them regularly when they pop out. Also make sure to apply oil like coconut oil to the hair tips after you have done with cutting the split ends.

Oil massage for textured hair in summer

Giving an oil massage to the scalp during summer is a very good tip to follow to dump the dirt and dust out of the scalp. It is also recommended to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and to strengthen the hair roots. Try to proceed this tip before rinsing off your hair to get the smooth textured hair.

Hair sunscreen protection creams

Our scalp is not less than the skin of us, it too needs the protection from the sun in the name of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen to hair is a way to reserve extra protection to the hair. The best way to get clear hair from the scorching sun is wearing a scarf. If you don’t like the scarf, then make sure that you should leave in conditioner with sunscreens. Opt for hair products that best suits to you with a good amount of SPF in the purchasing product. Make sure you wash your hair once you are at home.

How to control frizzy in summer?

How to treat frizzy hair at home

Heat during summer makes your hair extra dry, making it frizzy. So, try to control your hair from becoming too frizzy by tying it up. Use some hot months to show off your hair in different styles. Some hairstyles like braids to ponytails to updos, knots, and buns. This not only does it keep your hair protected from frizz, it also helps to reduce the sweating.

Cover it up to avoid direct sun rays

If you cannot refrain from staying in the direct rays of the sun then you are suggested to take the help of anything that can protect the hair from the sun rays. Rather, it is a scarf or  a hat you could be using make sure you are not holding for a long time until the scalp is settled with sweat. Using a cotton scarf or using a hat that is having tiny holes will helps your scalp from the sweating problem.

Stop playing with your hair in summer

Summer is the season when your hair tends to get dry and damaged. This is when you should cause restrictions in using the commercial products from the market. Please don’t color your hair during summer. This will tend to spoil the hair quality. In case you would love to make your hair a different color, please try for the same at least two months before the scorching ray of the sun can do the damage. In this case the right time of the year should be apposite for perfect hair treatment.

How to protect the hair from summer swimming?

Swimming can cause damage to the hair in summer if you are not following the rules. Summer is not the right time to dive straight into the pool. Please do not shampoo your hair before you have decided to take a plunge. This is sure to extract all the essential oil from the hair and now the hair becomes vulnerable to the salt and chemical presence in the water. After you have finished swimming you are to take a short shower and this is when you must shampoo the hair with a product containing ethyl tetra acetic acid. This is the content which helps in eliminating the effect of chlorine, which can cause damage to the hair.

Don’t use dryer much in summer

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In summer it is true that your hair is in distress due to too much effect of the hot rays of the sun. Thus, it would be best that you don’t apply additional heat to the hair to make it appear more dry and dull. When using the dryer you should blow light without putting too much stress on the hair. Make sure that you shampoo the hair much before time so that your hair gets the time to become dry naturally and then you don’t need to use a dryer for the same.

How to protect the hair from sun?

It is important that you protect the hair well from the strong rays of the sun during the summer months. For this you can use a hat for the hair. This is something which keeps the hair absolutely protected. For protection you can even use sunscreens for the hair. When you are opting for a product meant for the hair it should contain the right amount of SPF. You may even try a perfect hair mask and a suitable hair sunscreen. Once you return home it is essential that you give your hair a good wash.

A Co-washing is necessary for the hair in summer

During the summer months the hair tends to get even dirtier. This is really damaging and a matter of great concern. For this you should clean your hair on a regular basis. For this you need to Co-wash the hair. After you have shampooed your hair, make sure to use a conditioner in order to help the hair remain smooth and soft. You can just make the hair wet and use conditioner to keep it for two minutes and then wash off. On the way your hair appears so clean and smooth at the same time.

Using vinegar for extra hair treatment

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To make the hair stay extra fine during the summer season you can do one more thing. Please be sure to rinse the hair by applying vinegar and you should do this before you apply shampoo to the hair. This will undoubtedly make the hair appear cleaner and shinier. This is a good way to treat the dandruff as well. For the reason you need to arrange for organic apple cider vinegar. Use one part of vinegar and three parts of moderate hot water to wash your hair and make it appear all the more normal.

Simple DIY hair care packs during summer

Egg and mayo to remove dry and damaged hair

[Hindi to protect hair during summer]

The egg is rich in protein and helps to recover from damaged hair. Take ¼ cup of plain yogurt, ¼ cup of mayonnaise, and 1 egg white. Blend them all by mixing one after the other. Mix them well and apply it to your hair. Spread the mixture evenly all over the hair and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off with plain water.

Deep conditioning to get back shine and moisture to your hair in summer

This hair pack protects your hair from dry and damaged hair during summer. Take 1 cup of mayonnaise, half cup of olive oil, and 3 egg yolks. Mix them well in a bowl and apply it to your hair, especially the ends. You just wrap your hair in a towel and leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out using plain water. It helps to protect your hair from damage.