How to protect hair during summer – Summer hair care tips

Don’t let the sun, dull your shine! Summer is round the corner and the sun is ready to shower its’ wrath on you, so pick-up your armors and get ready for the upcoming battle.

You got to kick the sun in the ass and protect your hair from the cruel and merciless sun. Prevent your hair from splitting and becoming dry, damaged and dull this summer with these tips.

Tips to protect your hair during this summer

Avoid too many cosmetics

How to control hair splits during summer

The sun’s heat causes damage to your hair and makes it dry. So, it’s better to avoid any hair treatments or too much hair coloring during summer.

Apply conditioner

As the sun is already known to make the hair dry and fizzy during the summer season. So, make sure that you apply a good quality conditioner that suits your hair. If you go for swimming during summers do apply the leave-in conditioner on your hair and don’t forget to wear a cap.

Avoid dryers

You should keep your hair as natural as possible and avoid blow dryers and curlers. Do wash your hair earlier so that you get time to dry your hair in the air and not with a dryer.

As the sun’s strong heat is enough to damage your hair during summers so we suggest you not to use styling iron for your hair as they are high heating agents which can completely destroy your hair.

Trim your hair

This will help you to take care of your hair-ends as during summers the hair usually develops split ends a bit too frequently and the hair also becomes dry which does not look good.

So, to give your hair a new life you must shorten them during summers. If not shorten then keep them tied in a bun or pony to control hair damage.

Bring on those scarves and hats

You need to cover that head of yours before prancing out in the Sun. Put on that hat or cover your hair with that scarf and protect it from the harmful radiations of the Sun.

Alternate-day theory

How you want to wash your hair everyday after that bashing your hair faces from the sun but refrain yourself from doing so. When you wash your hair everyday you rob it from all the natural oils that your scalp produces.  Opt the alternate day rule where you wash your hair every alternative day or three days a week.

Let it breathe

How to keep your hair moisturized

Allow the roots of your hair to breathe. Never strangle your hair by tying it up tightly. When you do such a thing, sweat gathers on your scalp and prevents them from escaping. This results in the loss of hair and dullness.

Oil time

Yes, you need those oil massages even in summer. Gently massage your scalp with your favorite kind of oil and restore the moisture level and bring back the strength and nourishment your hair needs. Choose your oil from a wide variety of jojoba, coconut, sesame, olive and almond.

Apple cider vinegar

Convert your dizzy, dull, damaged and lifeless hair lustrous again. Apply this homemade conditioner after washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Mix some apple cider vinegar with water and pour it on your hair after every wash.

Go, Ayurveda!

Go back to Ayurveda for treating your dull hair, Indian style. Use Indian gooseberry to relax and calm your scalp after the hot and tiring day. Make a paste of Indian gooseberry powder and water and apply it on your scalp.

Keep it on for
40 minutes before you wash it off. This treatment is excellent for all your hair problems. Dandruff, hair fall, split ends and weak roots are the problems it has a solution for.

Watch what you eat

Every problem leads to one answer and that is balanced diet. Eat healthy and you will lead the life you dream of. You need more of calcium, minerals and vitamins to strengthen your roots and prevent them from falling, breaking or even splitting. Fill your plate with darker leafy veggies along with legumes, milk and eggs.


How to treat frizzy hair at home

There is no better superhero than water to fight your battles against all hair troubles. No one needs to remind you the effects of dehydration on your skin. Drink at least 4 liters of water everyday.

When you consume ample amount of water your body absorbs it and your scalp retains the moisture and strength protecting your hair follicles.

Cool, cool cucumber

Cucumber has a lot of water content and therefore is an excellent ingredient to soothe your scalp restoring the moisture and leading your way to the refreshing feel. All you got to do is extract the juice of cucumber and apply it on your scalp. Wait for 40 minutes before you wash it off.


Paying full attention to this, aren’t you? Yes, wash your hair with a can of beer to give it back the shine it deserves. It is an excellent conditioner.


Select that comb which has wide gaps rather than those fancy hair brushes. The benefit of using a wide – gaped comb is that it will untangle those stubborn knots without causing any hair fall and it will protect your delicate hair follicles from the daily bashing of the sun.

Say no to hair dyes

You heard it right, no more hair dyes this season. As it is your hair is already going through a lot and doesn’t need the harmful chemicals of your hair dyes to make conditions even worse. If you must cover those early or late signs of aging do it the natural ways and kick out your hair dyes.

Stop filling your shopping cart with all sorts of hair products that are going to take a toll on your hair in a devastating way. Try to be friends with herbal products and flaunt your curls this summer with these simple yet effective remedies.