How to get long, thick and healthy hair

Hair problems can take place due to variety of reasons related to styling, lack of maintenance and change in lifestyle. But some people can also get such hair related problems from their ancestors or family members. But, even after facing such problem, every woman has a desire to get long and healthy hair. If you too are among the category of people, who wishes to get healthy and long hair, you can easily follow some healthy natural home remedies. People have a miscommunication that keeping hair untrimmed for years can give rise to growth of hair with its increasing length. But, this conception is totally wrong; in order make your hair grow long and healthy, it is really important to trim your hair. You need to trim your hair around half inch in every alternative month. It will be a stupidity to wait for a long time in the process of cutting hair as your hair ends will start splitting.

Whenever you see a lady with very long and thick hair while you pass through a way, you might be really inquisitive about how did she get such a lovely and beautiful hair. In this article we will discuss about such secrets which you have not known about the long and thick hair.

Top secrets for healthy long hair

Cleaning scalp

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The most important consideration before making your hair look long and healthy will be cleaning of scalp. Choose a shampoo which does not have harmful chemicals but can washes your hair really well. It is now important to rub your scalp vigorously so that the scales can wash away making your scalp clean and cozy. You can also use some natural treatments to keep your hair and scalp clean. You can use lemon to remove the scales and dandruff from your hair naturally.

Condition your hair

Just using shampoo to clean your hair is not enough; rather you should use a conditioner after washing away the shampoo from your hair. You can get good conditioners in the market made by well known cosmetic companies. You need to choose the best conditioner that suites your hair. It will be effective if you can use the conditioner of the same brand and company for which you are using the shampoo. But there are many natural remedies too one among the effective treatment can be done with raw egg.

Proper sleep

You will be surprised to learn that even due to lack of sleeping tools people can get damage their long hair. You need to choose the pillow color of satin or silk instead of cotton pillow as when you are sleeping in a cotton pillow, the chance of hair break is maximum as the hair tends to stick with the cotton fabric which gives rise to split ends. But, the pillow case made up of silk and satin are very useful and healthy as the hair never stays over the pillow.


How to make hair silky

In order to grow your hair long, it is important to provide good moisture to the root of each hair follicle. This can be done if you can start massaging your hair with oil. Coconut oil being one of the age old and effective remedy for dry hair and all types of hair problems can now be used in massaging the hair. If you think the normal coconut oil is thick enough that is making your hair very oily and greasy, there are ways to move out from this circumstance. You can now use the virgin coconut oil instead of normal coconut oil which will not only keep your hair moisturized but will leave your hair look smooth and non sticky.


In the olden days shikakai was used to wash hair as people did not have the shampoos to use. But, that was the time when your hair used to remain really healthy and thick in nature. Since this is a natural cleansing agent, there won’t be any side effects on your hair. Even this helps in growing your hair longer. Previously people had to use the shikakai sticks soaked in water for a night but today, shikakai are available in powdered form that can be easy diluted in water and applied in hair just like shampoo. These are the most natural remedies to keep your hair free from damages and initiate hair growth. If you have long hair and wish to maintain it throughout your life, using shikakai and other natural treatment procedure will be ideal for your hair to stay maintained.

Henna to your hair

You must have known about henna that is made up of natural organic plants. Yes, the dried form of mehndi leaves along with other organic variety makes henna a complete deal. You can get this natural henna from the market. There is also a procedure to use it. Soak 2-3 spoons of henna powder in lukewarm water and keep it for entire night. Get up in the morning and apply it all over your hair and scalp. Wait for 1 hour and wash away.

No styling tool

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The styling tools such as hair straightening iron as well as corning irons can be one of the reasons for not getting healthy hair. This will damage your hair and also restrict its hair growth. If you really wish to get a long, strong and healthy hair, you actually need to avoid using the styling iron. If you want to make curls use the rollers that is manual and does not have any heat connection. Just brush your hair before washing and get the straight hair as you demand.

Amla for hair

If you have issues with your hair health, the reason behind it can be due to hair fall on a continuous fashion. This can easily be restricted with the help of apply care. The amla which is an organic fruit can be available anywhere. You can get the fruit from the market, dry it after cutting into pieces. Now take it in a grinder and make powder out of it. Now soak this powder in water and make a paste. Apply this paste over your hair and let it stay for 20- 30 minutes. This will work in making your hair look healthy with a great strength covered in it.