What do you know about several birth control methods?

Illiterate people in our past and even in some villages today are unconscious about the importance of birth control. They are continuously giving birth to babies without the potential to provide a better life and food. As a result, the social evils such as unemployment, illiteracy and child labor. It is important to give birth to 1 or 2 child till you are capable to take all his/her responsibility and provide them a better life. Medical science as well as government has carried on proactive action with several birth control methods. You can now choose any one methods of birth control that suites your requirement for birth control.

Birth control is a helpful method for all couples willing to have a proper family planning. Through this method they can make a balance between their personal relationship and responsibility towards the young ones. You must have known about the villages that have been getting child one after another without thinking about the future of each child. Whether they are capable of feeding their children and providing good future is not their concern. They think every accident during the process of intercourse is god’s gift. This superstitious attitude will make both parents and children in trouble. Thus, government has tried and still trying to make the villagers aware of its drawback and avail birth control methods. There are varieties of birth control methods from which you can choose the appropriate one.

Facts about birth control

Top best birth control pills

Today, almost all men and women have attained control over the birth control procedure.  It is now possible to decide whether you are going to give birth to a child or not. Contraceptives are the most commonly used birth control methods which is used by variety of people and the newly wedded couple. You can now learn about variety of birth control methods through which your partner can easily prevent pregnancy.

Factors to be considered before choosing the birth control method

  • Frequency of having sex
  • Facts on your overall health
  • How does each method of pregnancy control work well in the process of having control over pregnancy
  • How many sex partners do you possess?
  • How comfortable are you in using the particular method
  • Whether you have an intention to have children someday
  • About the possible side effects

You must have a watch and research over the birth control methods and then choose the best birth control method from the option displayed. Not all birth control methods work well with the individuals, rather it is important to choose the best birth control method which is really effective according to your requirement. If the birth control mechanism is effective, you will definitely get the pleasure of birth control.

Different types of birth control methods

How to delay periods using birth control pills

  • Using male condoms
  • Using female condoms
  • Contraceptive sponge
  • Natural family planning
  • Continuous abstinence
  • Hormonal methods
  • Permanent birth control methods
  • Implantable devices

You can directly speak with the doctor if you have any doubts with regards to the birth control remedial factors. Let’s go ahead with the details of the birth control methods:

Family planning method

There are some particular days during the month when women remain very fertile for conceiving. You should be firm and do not have sex in such period of time. You can use barrier method to restrict your pregnancy. Every women having regular menstrual cycle have 9 days or more when she is very likely to become pregnant. This is just 3 days after the period of ovulation, 5 days before ovulation and even the day of ovulation. If you want to successfully carry on with this method, it will be important to carefully learn your menstrual cycle.

Cervical shield, diaphragm and cervical cap

This is a method of birth control where the sperm is blocked to enter inside the cervix area and reaching the egg. With the cervical shield you can view a silicone cup which is having a one way valve which helps in creating suction and helps properly to fit specifically against the cervix area. People also call it by the name of Lea’s shield.

Male condoms

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It is quite easy for individuals to get male condoms in the market. Especially these are found in the medical stores or pharmaceuticals. These are a thin shield that covers the penis of a male partner completely. When the intercourse takes place, sperm does not fall inside the cervix area of the female, rather it falls inside the male condoms and you are restricted from being pregnant.

Contraceptive sponge

This is basically a soft device with the shape of a disc which is also having a loop through which it can be taken out. It is basically made of polyurethane foam and also contains spermicidal which is responsible for killing sperms. Before having sex, female partner should place this in the vagina with its look side down which must cover the cervix entirely before having the intercourse.

Facts on several birth control methods

Birth control pills

The easiest way to have a control on child’s birth is through the birth control pills. These days’ people are suffering from variety of diseases. Even for simple common cold people adopt medicines. Thus, consuming pills for getting birth control is quite easy. But you must take prescription from a well practiced physician. Wrong pills intake can also lead to complications.

Transdermal patch

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As we have mentioned that methods of birth control are many, transdermal patch is also one of the methods. It is a substance that looks like a plaster made up of polyester with 4 cm square. This product contains female hormones, progesterone and estrogen. After pasting it over the woman’s skin, hormones will be absorbed through the skin. It will work effectively by restricting your ovary to release eggs.

Injection method

This is probably a method that gives a very fast action. Through this method an injection is pushed into the women body which contains only the female hormone progesterone. This also have a specific dosage. You must apply this injection in every 12 weeks regularly in order to stay away from getting pregnant. You can get it once you visit your health care provider. But, you should also consult with the specialists and know whether this method will be suitable for you.